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Graph History
Graph History
Since I've been using this software, I wanted to be able to see the trend on the graphs over time to see if I'm "training" myself to not open my mouth and loose my airway containment.

It looks like from my last night's graph that I am starting to get that done.  I had about 2.5 hours from midnight to about 2:30 that the AHI was close to zero.  

I trying to look at the trend over time I started looking at past days and discovered that the graphs for Sunday May 27 back to May 8 were not there and only showing the pie chart and it says Summary Only.  

Is there a way to recreate them?  I backed up the data to my network and tried the "Rebuild CPAP Data" option.  Still no graphs...

Please advise...
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RE: Graph History
Did you have an SD card in your machine the entire time? If not, then it will only show summary data.

If you tried rebuilding the data, then I’m not sure what else it could be.
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RE: Graph History
If there is only "summary" data, your SD card was either not in the machine or the detail) data may have been corrupted (unlikely due to the use of hashtags that would show corruption).

Since you have both ResScan and Sleepyhead -- both should agree if there is no detail data available on the SD card.

There is no detail data captured by the device itself so the data is lost.

Unfortunately, I accidentally left my SD card in the computer and lost a few days of detail data. I solved the issue by placing a dot over my SD drive to remind me to remove the card and place it back in my device.
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RE: Graph History
To my knowledge, I didn't leave it out any night.  I agree there is probably corruption in the files.  I've been an IT Geek for ever and was hoping there was a way to recreate it from the data in the files.  I don't understand if the pie charts shows information, the data should be there somewhere.

I've backed up the data to my disk array and I'll see if I can look at it.  Not sure what database they use to store it.  Will do some investigation and see what I can find...
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RE: Graph History
You can try purging the data for the days in question, then re-importing. If the data is there, it should show up.
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RE: Graph History
Just tried purging a day or two and re-importing, no joy...

On a positive note, last night I had several hours where the AHI was close to zero and no leakage above allowable.  Looks like the trick you talked about is working.  

I was at my brothers today and I looked at his CPAP AHI and settings.  His are very similar to what mine is set on.  He does not have the bi-level option.  His AHI was 1.31.  Mine ranges from .45 on the best day to 2.6 last night, but like I said, several hours of no excessive leakage and AHI almost 0.

The Pressure support last night was 380.  My doctor wanted 400 on the vent.  

I'm still having some soreness in my nose early in the morning.  It is so much better than when I was on the vent, so I can live with that. Dry mouth every night is pretty common.

Here is last night's charts...

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RE: Graph History
I had to refer back to your other thread to see this magic trick. Since we increased the TiMin your pressure support as shown in the mask pressure is working a lot better and you are getting the full pressure support intended rather than that freakish decapitated double peak. http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-...age?page=5

I'm still seeing a fairly short inspiration time and would like to see your median inspiration over 1-second. We can review that in the other thread or here, but let's bump up TiMin just a bit more and move PS to 4.4.

The best history we have to work on your therapy is to keep the data in one thread rather then working across several. You are making progress, but your issues are a bit more complex than most, and I'd like to keep it together for my sake if not yours.
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RE: Graph History
I had not heard from you in a while and thought I might have worn out my welcome ;-)

I will do that tonight and see how it goes...

I'll send up the results tomorrow...

Thanks you...
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RE: Graph History
Your therapy time has improved as well as your leaks. I'm not sure what you have tried to deal with the leaks, but different cushion sizes, mask styles and soft cervical collar to stabilize the jaw, are among the more effective ones I'm aware of.
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RE: Graph History
Last night was not as comfortable and I did have some interrupted sleep, so maybe tonight will be better.  Changes were a little noticeable but not too bad.

I am using the neck collar and it seems to be helping...

I did bump the TiMin up and the PS also.

Scans attached...

I await your analysis...

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