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(02-05-2015, 01:43 AM)TyroneShoes Wrote: What is your pressure? Having too little pressure might be behind this.

Your profile lists your pressure as "NONE". I think we all would have to agree that this is the wrong pressure, for anyone, and also too little pressure, for anyone. Sleeping with an xPAP that has no pressure has all of the drawbacks and none of the advantages.

I did not know pressure and when signing up to forum it says put none if pressure unknown
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It would be helpful if you would edit your profile to give your new pressure of 9-15 and also if you could find out what brand and model of full face mask you are using.

You said that your mask leaks had improved but looking at the machine report that you provided the time at high leak rate was higher for the last day than any of the previous averages. Also the percent of time at high leak increases steadily as you go from left to right on the table indicating a definite trend toward higher leaks. This could be affecting your therapy adversely.

The changes that you make look good to me. Unless you run into a catastrophic problem (doubtful), stick with the new settings for a while to give your body time to adjust.

Sleep well,


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PaytonA passed away in September 2017
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Dizzy, you can edit your profile by clicking on "User Control Panel" at the top of any page.
They go to Edit Profile.

Just too add -- you are not using your machine enough. 58% compliance. You have to use it to feel better.

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JustMongo passed away in August 2017
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Hi dizzy1,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Hopefully, you can get to where you are wearing your mask and using your machine "EVERY" time you go to sleep. This will help you acclimate (get used to,) the therapy.
Hang in there for more suggestions and much success to you as you continue your CPAP therapy.
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Dizzy1, Hang in there. It can take a good while even at compliance, to reach the sweet spot where one feels all is good.

If NHS is getting you the Resmed Autosense type machine, you will find it much to your liking I expect, and it takes a lot of the guesswork out and enables one to make informed decisions about settings etc.

The board has helped me a lot both directly and indirectly by learning from advice given to others and stories shared by others.
Studies show that those who have a support network on CPap are much more likely to gain benefit from their machine.

Susan AKA The Manse HEn
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Thanks all for your advice. I slept much better and longer last night than I had for ages. Only woke once for 20 mins.
I found with pressure higher I could breath more easily and I feel more refreshed and less dizzy than usual upon waking.
That said I always wake feeling a bit better and after an hour or two I start to feel more dizzy and fatigued quite rapidly so it's too early to say right now as I have only been up for 30 mins.

I did fall asleep watching tv for 40 mins last night before going to bed with cpap. In total I slept 9 hrs. I usually sleep around 4-5 hrs. Sometime much less like 2 hrs, once in a while 6.5 hours after staying awake 24 hrs..
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Just remembered that I woke to go to toilet last night and I had removed my mask during the night.
Last nights cpap report says I used cpap for 5.1 hours and my AHI was 5.5.
The past 90 report I had and average AHI of 6.5 and 2 nights ago it was 8 so things look better with higher pressure.
I may up the pressure form 9-15 to 12-15 tonight and see if my AHI comes down below 5.
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I also tightened mask last night and had no leaks.

Last nights report below:

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After reading other posts on here I think I will keep pressure at 9-15 to give me time to get used to new pressure. If nothing improves after time I will increase pressure.
Been up over an hour and getting dizzier and more fatigued.
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Thought I should add that I had a full sleep study as I had been suffering with vertigo for a few months and the ENT specialist thought that my extreme fatigue may been down to other issues making my symptoms worse (my current diagnosis is Vestibuloar Neuritis)
After finding out I am a heavy snorer and have a deviated septum he suggested a full sleep study and correction of my septum in future.. That is when I found out I had severe sleep apnea with AHI 38.2.
I bought the cpap myself as the waiting list to bee seen on the NHS here was at least 9 months .
I have seen a specialist now a few months ago on NHS and they insisted on doing a basic sleep study (oximetry test) before they would consider me for cpap therapy.
All my doctors feel most of my problems are down to sleep apnea and they are hoping that a cpap with help things. They are not aware that I have been using cpap for 3 months.
I know it does not sound sensible not telling doctors about me already having cpap but I am feeling very ill and could not wait for the NHS and with NHS cpap I would be monitored and recieve further help. Also I would not have to purchase my own mask spares every 3 to 6 months.
I have had the results a month ago from the basic NHS sleep study and I will have a 2 week trial of cpap starting 04/03/15.
They did not state in letter any results just said that I have been exepted for a cpap trial.
I now know this may interfere with my therapy as I will be changing from one machine to another.
I think the cpap they will provide will be the RESMED S9 as this is what 2 friends of mine have on the NHS.
I am wandering if I can change setting on it without the NHS knowing, putting their setting back when they ask for machine back.
I think they just take the reports from SD card. Will the readings show the settings of the machine ?
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