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HELP Me_ Cpap program has run out in ontario.
HELP Me_ Cpap program has run out in ontario.
please help, im using sleep apnea machine since 2018. I have gotten sick in september of 2020. I stopped working out due to covid 19 things were all closed. weight gain.  I have also started a new diet LOW FODMAP. was hurting when i breath or eat certain foods. Now im  using cpap machine for about 4 hours at night, then sleeping in day for 2 hours no cpap...on couch. when my wife comes home from work i sleep at around 6pm for another hour.  every day is the same almost. 
I want to get up with my wife and workout and stay awake until shes home from work.  i have been laid off due to covid 19...but never had covid 19.
I always had the highest energy until now. feels like im dieing or been poisoned or something.  i have used the ontario sleep program for the full run 2years. I have no money to go back into a program.  any advice for me?  i want to stay awake all day until night time.  Kevin

also i have had every blood work you can think of, colonoscopy/endoscopy , heart doctor with stress test , i have been to a hospital emergency and found out about the low fodmap diet, must lose weight for sure.
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RE: HELP Me_ Cpap program has run out in ontario.
If your machine has an SD card in it, you can download OSCAR. It is free to download and use as is everything on this site. You would use OSCAR and download a screenshot to a post in a post and we can see if we can help.
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RE: HELP Me_ Cpap program has run out in ontario.
Welcome Kevin,

I'd like you to get OSCAR our free report tool so we can see how the therapy is going. One pointer right now is that when I would sleep with PAP for a few hours and then sleep without, I felt I had undone what good the PAP was trying to do by that sleep without it. Try not to sleep without the PAP.

I have a feeling that your pressure set isn't ideal, almost nobodys is when they first start PAP. The doctors that set these up mostly get it wrong. Tell us what settings you're on now and get OSCAR with an SD Card. The SD is needed to save your PAP data, and needs to be in the PAP before you sleep. The SD can be any brand, 2-32 GB size, SD or SDHC and formatted to FAT32.

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RE: HELP Me_ Cpap program has run out in ontario.
welcome to the forum

First 4 hours is not enough, use your CPAP when you nap.

Which machine do you have? the name is on the front. Elite, "CPAP", or AutoSet. "CPAP" has np detailed data, all the other models do.

Download OSCAR onto your PC

Finally post a copy of your daily charts. This is what provides the best day with which to advise you.
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RE: HELP Me_ Cpap program has run out in ontario.
I'm not sure which Ontario sleep program you are referring to. The Assistive Devices Program for respiratory devices is still active, but it does only assist in buying the machine and first mask and hose. Replacement parts are on you (or your insurance, if any). A replacement machine requires a new sleep test at an approved lab by a registered doctor. Fortunately the sleep test is covered by OHIP.

As long as you have the machine, hose and mask, I would suggest you download OSCAR from the link in the menu bar above, and get an SD card if you don't have one. Any size from 2 GB to 32 GB will be fine. Then you can post your sleep data here so that you can get suggestions that will improve your sleeping.
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RE: HELP Me_ Cpap program has run out in ontario.
Like you with this pandemic I stoped exercise gained a couple of pounds and so forth.
I started back geting a little exercise even i fit's just a walk in the park. Then after having
my DNA analized this program told me that just having some fiber with a lot of protein for 
your first meal might reduce my hunger. And that got me back on track.
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