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HELP - Switched from S9 to DS and had massive attack
I think it is a brilliant idea if you guys could help me out and look thru the data off of the DS from the night of my severe event where I woke not breathing. More specifically, the date is Tue Feb 21, and the time it happened was sometime between 11:15-11:45 PM.

Now I am not sure what I should post here, the exported CSV file, or some snips of the charts. I will start with the snips and you guys can guide me as to what you want to see. From my general knowledge, I don't see any drastic spikes in pressure during the time mentioned, or anything that jumps off the screen to signal a problem in breathing. But maybe you guys will see something that I don't, with your trained eye.

Thanks for helping out with this !!
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Neils, please read the first link in my signature on how to organize the Sleepyhead Detail graphs. Showing this information piecemeal is not nearly as useful as seeing it in its whole.
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I tried to attach the CSV file but looks like it is not allowed as a format to attach. So will attach some more snips here. Let me know what you guys usually post here in terms of data files, or is images of the data enough...

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(02-23-2017, 10:00 PM)Sleeprider Wrote: Neils, please read the first link in my signature on how to organize the Sleepyhead Detail graphs.  Showing this information piecemeal is not nearly as useful as seeing it in its whole.

Apologies, should have read the forum rules and suggestions for posts, willl look at that now and try to get all this formatter properly for review.

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Tried to go back and delete my previous posts but that option was not available. I had to delete my previous attachments because I reached my daily quota, which then allowed me to post a summary graph here.

Thanks to those who will look over this data. As mentioned in a previous post, my major event/attack took place on the 21st between 11:15-11:45 PM, with high heart rate and inability to breath upon sudden awakening.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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Im just a noob at this, but to me, it looks like your pressure settings are min-6 and max-8. It also shows it spent 95% of the time maxed out at 8. To me, that seems like 8 may not be a high enough max setting. Also, the period you mention looks like it failed to register any data. The same way it looks when you unplug the hose for a bathroom break. I will let others who know better respond.
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If you looik at the bottom left of the chart, you will see the machine's min and max setting, with the max showing as 16. You are correct that the average pressure @ 95% is 8, and the machine did not seem to want to go any higher, which is my concern with my attack I had. Now one thing to note for everyone, when my attack happened, I jumped out of bed to try and start breathing again, and to try and slow down my heart that was pounding thru my ribcage. I think I ripped my mask off of my head, I do not recall if I stopped the machine at that point, but I think I put the mask back on right away, then out of concern, stopped the machine again, to be able to download data and figure out what happened. In a state of panic, and high heart rate, it took me a while to want to put the mask back on and go back to sleep. Which is why you see a gap there in the graphs.

Now, oddly enough, I fell on an article that was talking about panic attacks tied to sleep apnea, where a higher amount of CO2 is released during therapy, and breathingi in that CO2 can affect the brain somehow, and cause it to trigger a panic attack. So what may feel like a lack of air due to an OA, CA, RERA, HYP, or machine issue (slow reaction time to treat an event) etc, might in fact be a reaction in the brain and the onset of panic.

I guess more data is needed over time to come to this conclusion, but has anyone ever heard of such a thing ?? Too much CO2 during therapy causing the brain to react like this ??
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The 95% pressure is not an average. It is simply a number. What it tells you is that your pressure was at or below that number for the time period in question.

First the auto machines from Resmed and PR raise pressure when they see precursors to apneas. That would be snore or flow limitations in the case of Resmed. They will not raise the pressure during an apnea and they will not raise the pressure after the apnea, if the machine determines that the airway was open.

I felt that your "attack" was potentially a panic attack or possibly some heart involved problem or maybe a combination of both. A while ago I went to the emergency room for what I thought was a heart related problem. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling a lot of pressure on my chest. I really got panicky when the pressure did not get any better after 3 nitro pills. After a while they gave me an anti-anxiety drug and everything got better rather quickly. After 2 days in the hospital they could find nothing wrong with my heart other than my A fib. Most of what went on the first night was panic reaction.

As far as sleep professionals are concerned, many of the people on this forum have a bad taste in their mouth because they have been treated by some professionals that were not that knowledgeable of sleep apnea and its treatment. People that were given no or misleading information until they got to this forum. I got very little help until I reached this forum. I am very thankful for the existence of this forum and the knowledge that I gained from it. Some people have gotten badly screwed over by the system and have a right to feel somewhat angry about it.

Best Regards,


Admin Note:
PaytonA passed away in September 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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Actually a PR Machine will raise the pressure after Two OAs or HYpops that occur within x number of minutes. Came protocol as a live tech would do at titration.

They will raise pressure at every FL or audible snore.

My opinion the min is set to low as well as the max.

I'd still be having a visit to a cardiologist and a stress test.
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I think that there is some validity in Mark 71s comment about maximum setting. The pressure goes up to 8 and then plateaus. I've been back through all my graphs and have never seen anything like this, unless it's where the machine hits max pressure. So is your machine faulty? Has it ever gone above that pressure of 8?

The one thing about your data that stood out for me was what is happening on expiration. Your wake ups corresponded to your EPAP pressure dropping below four. Were these your attacks? When pressure gets this low it can cause a feeling of suffocation which would correspond with the description you've given us of an attack. I've had these myself (usually caused by one blocked nostril). They are not pleasant.

I don't see a reason to run EPR (or Aflex as it's called with PR) at such a low inhalation pressure. Turn it off and see what happens.
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