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Hans Rudolph Full Face Mask
Since I am a newbie here I thought i would contribute a users perspective of my full face mask in the event there is someone out there wondering if there is a comfortable full face mask out there.

I have been using the Hans Rudolph V2 Full Face mask for sixteen months.

I can tell you this after going through two nasal masks, and then told i needed to wear a full face because my mouth opens in the night, I found this gem. One thing I will tell you is this, if you choose this mask, follow the directions for sizing steps in the proper sequence and if will feel as if it has always been a part of your face. The inside of the mask is very soft and conforming. As i am a side sleeper once in a great while i may break the seal as i am a side sleeper, but i just wiggle my head a bit and it seals back up no problems.

It took me about one week to get used to it, and it stays pretty secure even on nights where i flip flop sides alot.

The mask comes with a quick disconnect for your air hose so if you have to get up in the night for whatever reason, you do not have to remove the mask, just unclip the hose, then re-clip when you get back in bed.

As for sizing, most adults will take a small in this mask. There is a sizing guide you can print out (just make sure you print it in 100%, dont reduce the size of the document).

I love my mask, and I love the fact even more that I can breath and sleep at night.
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forgot to mention, this only covers the nose and the mouth, not the entire face to the forehead
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Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this mask. It seems that mask issues is our greatest bane! Sadly, what works great for one, does not always work great for another.
*I* am not a DOCTOR or any type of Health Care Professional.  My thoughts/suggestions/ideas are strictly only my opinions.

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If you can use the petite size there is an online supplier (not on our list) that has one on sale for US $69.95, plus shipping. Otherwise it ranges upwards of $100, depending on supplier.

And who the heck is Hans Rudolph?
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Hans Rudolph is the company that manufactures the mask. depending on who you order it from it can have slight variations in the name (e.g. DeVilbiss V2...same mask, but DeVilbiss wanted to put their name on it)
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I hadn't seen this mask before. Thanks for posting. One question: Is it quiet?
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Yes, it is quiet, once your face heat has been in contact with it for a few moments it softens up even more, I think that is why it hardly ever leaks. It may have one or two instances a week where it leaks, but like I said before i wiggle my head just a little bit and it seals right up. I use a standard pillow, not one of the ones that have the fancy cut-outs in it, and it works just fine with that.
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glad it works for you. Think I will stick with my nasal mask and chin strap. Not so much on my face or what is on my face is different than ffm are. As always, what masks work for some doesn't always work for others. Masks are the hardest part of CPAP therapy
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Well, I'm giving a HR 6600 V2 a whirl (it is the thermoplastic version of the same mask). With an official sizing guide, I'm fairly close to the cut-off between the med and small. I was fortunate to meet the sales rep for their Canadian distributor, so I'm trying a small 6600 right now...but I'll be getting the 7600 v2 in a medium when I order as a few nights trial have shown me that I will need the medium mask. (So take the comments in stride, knowing that I've been trying an undersized mask).

First, HR is proud of their seal and I can certainly see why. Even trying a slightly undersized version, there is no hiccup when it comes to pressure. The mask feels the same at 8 cm H2O (my usual pressure) as it does at 20 cm H2O (the S9's "mask fit" pressure). I've never experienced that before...with the other ff masks I've tried (the newer designs with softer seals) it is apparent if you've got a higher pressure going on as they bulge and (sometimes) face fart at the higher pressures.

The thremoplastic version is a bit stiffer / less pliable than the silicone one, so I have had a few leaks associated with moving around...more so than my "usual" mask. I'm not going to say much more before I get a chance to try the "real" one, but I will say that in spite of those leaks, my leak rate was far lower than my usual mask.

Venting is louder than the "new generation" masks like the Quattro Air and Simplus, but that's to be expected as the V2 use a vent on the swivel. Your bed partner might not like the venting as it could be a blast of air if you face them and it is noisier on the pillow of you side / tummy sleep at all. Supine, it is a little louder than the newest masks, but it is on par with other masks using the less diffuse venting.

A couple positives....first, the entire mask itself is pliable (thremoplastic for the 6600, silicone for the 7600) with a couple of plastic bands for the clip attachments. I like the idea as it means no hard frame to get pushed into your face...a good thing for my big schnoz. Second, I understand that the 7600 is steam autoclavable and dishwasher safe...so if you want to do a cleaning, it is possible with the 7600 to slip off the headgear and throw it in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Other items: The 6600 / 7600 are "fighter pilot" style masks, so there is no forehead piece. This can be a positive if you like to read or are prone to a bit of claustrophobia, but it also means the mask is a bit less stable than those with a forehead piece. I haven't found any issue there myself, but YMMV. It does have an inlet for if you're on O2 therapy. The 6600 / 7600 have a quick disconnect so should nature call, you don't have to fiddle with the mask.

Other than the quick review, I'll post more when I get a chance to try the medium 7600.
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I originally ordered the mask in a small and after three weeks of using it thought it may be the wrong size so I ordered the medium. Once i tried the medium i realized the small was the right size because is started to have more leaks, some that would wake me up and others i found out about on my machine. According to the manufacturer most adults will take a small. just food for thought.
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