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Hate my CPAP!
what I have found out over the month of being on cpap is that alot of my centrals ( clear apnea, I regulary have more centrals per night than os ones  ) have been down to positional changes in bed, it seems alot of people hold their breath when shifting position and if you go from one side to the other it can be more than 10 sec to do so. I also did test breathing at the start of some nights to see what would throw a central and its quite easy, shifting position, yawning, sleep talking ect. They tend to happen at the start and the end of the night for me and are quite consistent from night to night, which is were the cosistent data comes in handy. I know its uncomfortable to start with and alot has to do with mask fit and type but once you have these factors sorted out abit better then you can build on making your treatment work for you better. There is no fast fix for this and it will change over time, you just have to do the work. Hope this helps ease your concerns alittle Mrs Brando, we are all hear together for the same reasons and the amount I have learned, very quickly, from my fellow aflicted has been experdential. bless you all.
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Thank you all for the info and reassurance. I'm still a bit dizzy this morning, but not as bad as yesterday. Yesterday I fell over. Today just a bit "swimmy. My AHI is still not great, and leaks are bad. I'm wondering, though, if the leaks are being caused by my teeth grinding.
Anyway, I feel a bit more energetic than I did 3 days ago, even though I'm yawning up a storm, sp I'm grateful for that!
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I just noticed- I only had one periodic breathing event, but it last 2 minutes and 20 seconds! I breathed shallow that long and the machine didn't do anything?
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(02-13-2017, 10:32 AM)Sleeprider Wrote: You are still adapting to the therapy, and for some of us, it takes longer than others.  I think you may add 1-cm to your minimum pressure, but you should feel free to stay with current settings for a week before making any changes.  Be assured at least half of the events you experienced last night will just go away on their own as you adapt.  Dizziness may be the need to adapt to the higher pressure (inner ear), or just a bit of over-ventilation.  Again, I would avoid changes and see if this is a continuing problem or not. Limiting maximum pressure to 11.0 may also be acceptable.

As you first go to bed, I notice you are using ramp, and this is causing you to breath deeply until the pressure catches up to your needs.  Look at your flow chart and how large in amplitude the breathing is.  I would increase the minimum ramp pressure so you are more comfortable and get the air you need as you first go to bed.

Sleeprider - for my own understanding how can you tell this, ie ramp, from the screenshot?. Fascinates me how this info can be interpreted and applied.

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(02-14-2017, 08:41 AM)Johnboy Wrote: Sleeprider - for my own understanding how can you tell this, ie ramp, from the screenshot?. Fascinates me how this info can be interpreted and applied.


JB, the posted image clearly shows a ramp is used in starting the therapy, and there are wide amplitude breathing spikes at the same time.  The breathing spikes are recovery breaths that we usually see when anyone is not getting enough air.  All of this ends when the therapy pressure is reached. It's normal to breath more deeply just as you get into bed as your activity level and heart rate are still elevated, but it should come down pretty quickly.  It is common to see some deep breaths during the night, and even periods where breathing amplitude changes with sleep stage, but when I see it during ramp, it's easy to say, give yourself a bit more air.  You can also see some pretty marked recovery breaths following events, including in this case the events marked as CA. This makes me suspect that many of the events being marked as CA are actually obstructive in this case (most true CA events do not terminate with an inspiratory recovery breath).

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3189]
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Sleeprider, thanks for that great explanation. I still can't get over how helpful everyone on this board is and the amazing amount of knowledge that can be gained. I do regret that more people don't get involved in their therapy and many end up quitting.

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