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Having many "Spontaneous Arousals?" Help?
Having many "Spontaneous Arousals?" Help?
On my titration study report and interpretation, its saying my CSA is being treated by the machine/meds, but my PLMS are not. Its saying I have a PLM index of 7.7, I believe this is myoclonus. Could a vet on here look at my results here and give me their analysis of what these spontaneous arousals could be? Could it be UARS? Could it be myoclonus?

It won't let me attach a link but you can copy these links into your browser:



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RE: Having many "Spontaneous Arousals?" Help?
It isn't UARS because they checked for that (scored RERAs and you really only had one flurry of them probably due to a momentary poor sleep position). You had some PLM but the arousals associated with them are low so that doesn't seem to be an obvious issue that would cause symptoms.

Spontaneous arousals mean the reason is not known. Spontaneous arousals are frustrating, it is also what I appear to suffer from with 54 arousals/hr during my first sleep study and 34/hr during my titration study. I haven't found any way to help determine the cause or improve them and all my doctors have offered is to try different sleep medications to see if they help. In your case I see other health issues of ADD, anxiety, depression and alopecia universalis. If I had to guess these spontaneous arousals along with your central apnea is caused by an underlying health/autoimmune sort of issue. I too have anxiety, depression and have had two bouts of alopecia areata and I believe some of my symptoms are autoimmune related because of how my symptoms come and go in sort of flares (and because family has a history of autoimmune diseases).

The results from this sleep study were promising considering a lot of your original sleep study apnea were centrals. I am curious if your AHI is usually this good (confirm in OSCAR data)?

Btw you might want to reupload a redacted version of your reports. We don't recommend posting personal information.
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RE: Having many "Spontaneous Arousals?" Help?
Well, I went to the neurologist and was diagnosed with facial and digital myoclonus, in my face and hands. They could only see it if I do a half smile, and put my hands out and stretch out my fingers as well. It was an amazing find because I knew there was something going on since birth that had something to do with my alopecia. The doc doesn't think its GFAP autoimmune astrocytopathy, but I think it is. Or at least a mild version of it. As well as the sleep jerks which drive me crazy.

But anyway, yes the doc recommended that I take Clonazapam to my sleep doctor, so we'll see what he says. But I am happy. A lot of people are nay sayers against clonazapam, but I definitely think I need it. I'm sure its also connected to the CSA as well somehow. We just don't know yet scientifically.

But anyway, thanks for your comment, it prompted me to research GFAP autoimmune astrocytopathy in the first place!
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RE: Having many "Spontaneous Arousals?" Help?
I just started reading a very interesting book today that I think has nailed some of my own digestive and autoimmune issues. I am yet to finish the book let alone implement its effects but figure you might be interested.

It is called The Plant Paradox by Dr. Stephen Gundry and it theorizes how some of the natural defenses of plants as well as changes in diets can affect people predisposed to these issues and cause things like autoimmune diseases. I have already been a big proponent about food intolerances being an issue since I found the removal of dairy and gluten helped myself more than anything else and I feel like I might have finally found some logical explanations as to why this helped and what other steps may help.
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