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Having trouble with new mask
I am new to cpap and may not have given it all enough of a try

I rented a s9 with the full mask for a couple of weeks and found I did get used to the mask f&p simplus

I bought my own machine a couple of days ago , an s10 which came with a new mask
Same type - f&p simplus

I am having lots of trouble with this new mask, my average ahi is under 2 but looking at sleepyhead it did spike to 9 for a short time.

I reckon the reason my average ahi looks good is because I am up most of the night adjusting the mask to stop leaks.

I am finding that at a pressure of 15 I have to do the straps up very tight which causes neck pains.

So my questions are
Is ahi effected because I am not sleeping
Is the mask I have the best one for me, i.e. Has anyone else has this issue and moved to another mask
Do you have to do the straps up tight, I know they say you don't but I just does not work for me.

Please note when I bought the new machine they did not fit the mask for me so it is possible I have done it wrong

i am also finding the s10 noisier than the s9

My scores in Myair are 98 and 99, which seems wrong


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is the mask the same size as the one which worked?
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That was my first thought too, the Simplus comes in at least three sizes. Size makes a big difference in fit.
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Same size, medium.

I just can't seem to get it to go this time.

I had troubles with the other one at first but managed to get an acceptable level of comfort after some help from the place I rented the machine. Unfortunately I didn't get any this time when I bought the new machine.

I had a bit of a play earlier, the S10 has a nice fit the mask feature which lets you do this.

What I did is
Fit the mask loosely
Turned on the fit my mask option
Tighten the straps till no leaks while sitting up
Layed on my back and fixed leaks again
Then repeated while laying on my sides

I noted the straps are not even but neither is my head I reckon so will give this combination ago.

This is the only mask I have tried. I would like to try others but need to keep at this for a couple of weeks I guess and/or go get some help from the place I bought it from.

Sorry to bother people with this and there probably is no easy answer but I will keep trying or try another mask.

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I find that if I tighten the upper straps tighter than anything less than a thumb's width between the upper brace and the forehead, I'll get leakage into my eyes. The lower straps appear to control leakage and the upper ones are for maintaining placement. Also, the Simplus seems to work better when it is worn lower than what you would expect.

Also after applying pressure, pull the mask slightly away from your face to allow the seal to inflate, then release it.

Since the headgear will work for both the medium and large mask, I tried the large and fell in love with it.

I hope you get it working.
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I had to tighten the upper straps to get my leaking into the eyes to stop. Darn these non-standard faces!

Also make sure that you wash your face with soap before bed and wash the mask with soap when you get up.
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Hi rich2905,
I hope you can get your mask to work for you.
Have you thoughtabout trying mask liners, such as RemZZZs or padacheek or an old teeshirt cut into triangles, cutting out the center for your nose to go through it? There is a pattern here on the board that shows you how to make them.
Good luck to you through this rough patch on your CPAP journey and keep trying.
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Thanks all

Last night was better after spending a bit more time setting it up. The straps are a bit tight but bearable.

I still had leakage according to sleepyhead stats, one big one that hit 24 , but overall it was not as bad/annoying as the other night.
My ahi was 1.4 but it did spike to 6 at one time so I maybe over reacting s bit.

I guess leakage is a fact of life and ok if they don't annoy you or effect your cpap

Finding that balance and in particular the knowledge to find it is very difficult for new people like me

So many thanks to you guys for input

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The big leak was probably you mashing your face into the pillow while asleep. I do that sometimes. A CPAP pillow with cutout edges or a buckwheat pillow might help, or might not. Best thing is to give it some more time.
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Tried the pillow but not comfortable but could be right about how t happens

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