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Headgear for Closing Mouth?
I use a Swift Nasal mask have been for years the only way I can keep my mouth shut is with tape use it every night without a problem
Have tried FF masks don't like them and chin straps never worked for me .
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(08-21-2013, 09:01 AM)jacko Wrote: I use a Swift Nasal mask have been for years the only way I can keep my mouth shut is with tape use it every night without a problem
Have tried FF masks don't like them and chin straps never worked for me .

I use a nasal mask and use a snorban device and tape every night without problems. I have used cpap for 28 years and have taped for the last 5 to 10 years or so. When I started out I had problems and was told that it did not matter if you breathed thru your mouth and that it did not effect treatment. I finally did the math and engineering calculations and figured out that they were wrong. I have had good results ever since. There are always some ups and downs but I have always figured out on my own what changes to make. Some people on the forum do not think taping is a good idea and they think it is dangerous so I do not normally mention that I tape which is my own decision and risk.
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The ruby mask has been the answer for me. Far and away the best design and most comfortable. Some are just one strip with Velcro that is designed as a strap? Are you kidding with that design? Never will stay put. Another I tried was cutting my ears off. The ruby solved both problems.
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I'm a newbie - last night was night 2 with a FFM. The new therapist is going to talk to me about nasal pillows and learning to keep my mouth closed. Not sure how that will work. So I would like to understand more how I will be affected if I switch to nasal pillows and sleep on my back and my mouth comes open and I start to snore. Will my AHI be correct on the cpap machine? Sounds like I may be startled awake if pressures change. I'm just trying to find the right mask for me. Last night with the FFM I had 2 episodes of feeling like I was choking and then coughing or something abruptly woke me with breathing etc. but that was on my side and on my back. I'm exhausted today and will be trying my FFM tonight, Sat and Sun before switching for something else on Monday. Maybe if I go with the nasal pillows I should find a chin strap? If so do the home medical companies supply those or is that something best ordered online.
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Hi angeltam,
When you try the pillows, if you decide to try a chinstrap, your DME should have them.
You might take a look at chinstraps from some of the suppliers on the suppliers list here on the board, to give you an idea of how they work, what they look like, ETC.
Hope this works for you. The mask can be the most difficult part of the therapy.
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Hi angletam,

I have been using a cpap for 3weeks now. The mask does take awhile to get use to and get the straps setup. I use nasal mask and even I did not mouth breath I found I would open up and wind up with dry mouth. I started using a 3" ace bandage. It wraps around my head 3x and is secured with saftey pins. I put it on under the mask straps and it stays put. The 3" width helps it stay on my head better. Also the width covers my chin and lips. I just got a ruby chin strap off amazon but it will take a few nights to get it set right before I can comment on it. It took a week for my DME to tell me I needed a RX so I gave up waiting an ordered it myself.
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Mark - The Ruby Red is my favorite color. Maybe I will try that one if I switch to a nasal pillow.

Genes - The snorban device looks interesting. I've been known to grind my teeth at night and I guess it would possibly help with that as well. Just curious why you would need taping or a chin strap along with that device. I don't understand how I grind and snore all in one night LOL

trish6hundred - Thank you again! I'll get it all figured out and find the right solution. The benefits are worth taking the time to find the solution.

BreathlessTom - Let me know how the Ruby works out for you. I like the color!


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The Respironics headgear with the built-in chin strap is called an Optilife - I've been using it for several years and really like it. The company does not ID the bottom strap as for keeping your mouth closed, but for positioning the pillows. But it does help keep the mouth closed:[Image: optilife.jpg]
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PollCat - That looks interesting. I will mention that as an option to the RT on Monday. Thank you for your suggestion. I'm originally from Indiana too :-)
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