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[Health] About to take test for Apnea

Today I met my doctor for results of annual tests and such. She suspects I have sleep apnea and says it would explain why I can't lose weight and why my blood pressure doesn't go down at night.

She gave me the prescription for a home test which I'm about to do soon. 

I may be jumping the gun by coming here so early in the process but I'm curious about people's experiences with sleep apnea, specifically with weight loss. Did you find that getting the CPAP helped you finally lose weight? I exercise 3-4 times a week and am on a diet where I count my calories very strictly, can't lose the weight.

Is it possible I'm in a catch 22 about weight loss because of the apnea (meaning, can't lose the apnea because of the weight, can't lose the weight because of the apnea)?

Any thoughts are much appreciated.
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Well, I am a newbie, so I don't yet know about the weight loss. But I'm hoping I get that positive side effect!

But I can totally see it as a possibility. Without restorative sleep, how can our bodies work to their potential?

And no, you are not at all jumping the gun finding this forum so early in the process. I'm sure we *all* wish we'd found this forum sooner than we did. :-)

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You're not jumping the gun at all. It's important to educate yourself about sleep apnea, the medical system and durable medical equipment suppliers (DMEs), and especially what machines and masks might work best.

To find out if you have additional risk factors for sleep apnea, take the Epworth Sleepiness Test https://www.slhn.org/docs/pdf/neuro-epwo...pscale.pdf It's a brief questionnaire, that has a surprising level of accuracy for identifying people that may have sleep apnea. Weight and hypertension are indicators and risk factors for obstructive apnea. Snoring is a big one. I think most of us know we have a problem long before seeking help.
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Welcome to the forum snorax! Great forum name by the way! Smile I think in fact, that it was quite smart of you to come here and do some research ahead of time to educate yourself. Less chances of bumps in the road ahead if you understand how the whole process works and what you can do to make the ride smoother for yourself.

I too wish I had been diagnosed sooner and come to this forum sooner but I am here now (as are you!) so that is what matters!
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Hi iamthesnorax,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
It’s great that you came here to ask questions before you have your sleep study.
I wish you good luck as you get started on your sleep apnea journey.
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Thanks everyone, much appreciated. I took that test and scored 12. I'm really not surprised, I had suspected it for a while since I really snore loud and sometimes wake up out of breath.

Just need to rent this machine (hopefully this weekend) and take the test. I just really hope it helps me lose the weight.
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As far as the weight goes, your mileage may vary. Mine hasn't gone down a bit.
Please organize your SleeyHead screenshots like this.
I'm an epidemiologist, not a medical provider. 
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I would cut the Sugars: including fruit/juice. Cut Starches: including breads, pasta, rice, potato etc. Eat lots of low carb vegetables, salad, moderate protein and add healthy fats.. Use a home blood test meter, to see what will work.

This gives a simple overview to how it works for me. The more carbs I eat, the more carbs I want. They don’t give up easy and it’s biochemical

more info on low carb

what to expect the first week, besides being hungry for the first 2 days, then it stops
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I think by treating your OSA you'll find you'll have more energy which will then allow you to workout more. Also by correcting the oxygen levels in you body all of your internal organs will operate more efficiently and your muscles will have greater strength. Will still take work to get the weight off but you'll at least have all the tools you need now.

Good luck with your journey and please keep us posted. There are an incredible number of really smart people on this board (I'm not one of them) who will be able to help you get the most out of your therapy.

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Update: I finally called the company for tests. This initial test is going to cost $500 and my group insurance won't cover it. I have an appointment but looking for government services to see if I can get it without private care.

I've been looking up some of the treatments. I'm aware of the CPAP machine and I've been looking at some youtube videos about surgical options. There aren't really a lot of videos out there.

Is it really better than the CPAP machine? Anyone here found it successful?
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