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Health Care Trends
Health Care Trends and where it may be headed over the next 5-10 years:   This topic is just to get us to start thinking where we are headed and I may be venting a bit, but as you read it, I just wanted to get to see and look into the ideas that I bring up, investigate, research, ask questions and see what view point you develop,  and I HOPE YOU ALL PROVE ME WRONG.  But this may not be an easy challenge and it is not meant to be, but it is meant to get you thinking.

Dear Forum,  I am 63 living in the US,  now and I have been working for 42 years and have had a pretty good health care plan over those years.  I have watch the costs rising out of control, benefits cut, co-pays and deductible climb through the roof with no end it sight.  Right!  No the end is in clear sight. 

My view point only:   Medical companies , Drug Manufacturers, Insurances, Lobbyist, Politicians  need to stop now and do something to stop and think where this is all going and how it may effect you and your professions.

The problems are not the Plan you have (Obamacare, Trumpcare, Nobodycare)  it's the uncontrolled COSTS  If all the professions do not listen to what I am saying you better be getting trained now for a different career, if you are younger or better be able to retire now.   As you will not see anyone coming to see you, health care will be non affordable to the point people will not get the care and treatment,  they will do the best they can any way they can and the end result is everyone will be worse off.  It is not the buzz words we hear about the Unaffordable health care act.    It too late for that now,  it is not going to every become affordable with Medical costs rising 10-15% a year and your job income maybe 2% increase.   Do the math people.   So if I have missed anything or you feel I am way off base tell me your take on this but please show me with data how you feel health care will get better, cheaper, and affordable again.    As I am concerned it is not going to so everyone take a good look today because this will be the best it can be so look quick.     Lobbyist and Politicians  stay out of this and all the other Medical groups, Drug Manufacturers, Hospitals, Medical staffers   think very hard to not doing what you can do now to slow this trend way down as it is a train wreck coming very soon.

EVERYONE WILL LOSE and NO ONE WILL BE WINNING except the Wealthy and the Politicians.     If you do not believe me asked them what their health care plan covers and compare it you yours.    PS you only have to work 10 years in my state to get life time beneifits.
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Sorry that last statement may not be clear you only have to work as a State employee for 10 years to retire with full medical benefits.
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C2 I agree totally, while the politicos fight and rant about who pays, the real issue is how much has to be paid, especially if you compare the U.S. to other countries our spending per capita is way higher than others. Municipalities have damn good insurance and retirement too btw.
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On this topic I came across an video clip where CBS was interviewing Sen. Bernie Sanders talking about something I talked about in my posting.  I can not post the link for you as it has ads, but you can search for it as it seemed to be recent as I seen the video to day posted on a news sight. 

Pharmaceutical company's are now raising rates for Insulin products and the three companies just happen to all at the same time raise the rates all about the same amount, but they are not talking to each other and planning this together.

The six million or so diabetics in the US that can not LIVE with out this drug that have to take it daily they have NO OPTIONs ... well they do but I was not including dying as a real option.  But these company's seem to think that GREED and PROFITS are much better option the compassion.   One option is for people to travel to Canada and purchase the exact same brand and drug for up to 60 percent less.  So you may wonder why  good question !  But I believe you would have to ask the LOBBYIST (1000) of them that are employed by the 5 Pharmaceutical companies that sole purpose in life is to buy votes in the House and Senate for BILLS that these companies want passed.   So if you still feel that these companies care about you, think again.  Insulin is just one of many drugs you and insurance companies are paying through the nose for.  This tread will continue with all prescription drugs. 

At this point not sure what you can do but to keep writing you Reps and Senators and hope we can find enough of them to stop some of the bills that allow them to do what the do best add to their GREED and PROFITS.
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