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[Health] Dry eyes!
I've suffered with dry eyes for a long time now.

However, I think my eyes may be a bit drier now with cpap, though I don't think I'm getting a lot of leaks around the eyes...?

I did have flaky skin on my eyelid this morning and that never happened prior to cpap.

Eyedrops I use currently are OTC allergy drops (up to twice a day) and moisturizing RHOTO? drops (once or twice a day).

Neither does a fabulous job though. Eyes still are always bloodshot and burn often.

Anyone else have dry eye problem? Have you found an incredible product that truly helps?
~ Tigerlily ~
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Eye irritation is often caused by air leaks from your mask
You want the mask to seal well around the nose and cheeks and not leaking your into your eyes

I don,t use your mask but this might be some help to you, True Blue, finding the right fit

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Hi Tigerlily,
It seems to me like there is something called artificial tears or something like that, you could "google" it and see what you come up with.
Hope this helps.
Hang in there for more suggestions, I'm sure someone will be able to help soon.
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I've used drops for dry eyes but best get examined by optometrist to make sure there is no underlying condition
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Outside of the eyes being exposed to a steady stream leak from the mask, there is no conceivable reason that using a CPAP could cause the condition you describe. If there isn't a strong leak (and you would feel that, surely, since it would have to be a pretty sizeable amount of steady leakage for it to do such a thing) and your exhaust ports aren't blowing up at your eyes, then you have to look at other possible causes, and seeing an ophthalmologist would be a first step (second being a dermatologist). There are a number of conditions that would fit your symptoms, and once air leakage is eliminated, you must look at those possibilities.
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I have dry eyes as well and use Systane eye lubrication drops. I love that stuff.

And air into my eyes is why I could not find a nasal mask that worked for me. They all leaked there and I got an eye infection.

Wilorg, I didn't feel the leaks, it was the noise that would wake me and then I'd feel it.

Still, see your eye doc. He/she could help determine what the cause. Eye lubrication drops will NOT help if the mask is leaking into your eyes.
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Thanks. I do plan on seeing an eye Dr. in the next few months. I think allergies could be contributing as well as my eyes are just killing me right now!
~ Tigerlily ~
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There are some neurological links between the nose and the eyes. Think of how your eyes water when you need to sneeze. Maybe the changes in your nose have an effect on how your eyes water.

There's also a nasolacrimal duct that runs from your eye to your nose. It helps tears drain out of your eyes. Pressure in the nose might effect the operation of this duct and affect your eyes. However, it would seem that, if anything, it would stop the tears from draining out of your eyes and cause your eyes to be watery.

Unfortunately, these ideas don't give me a good idea how to fix the problem.
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(03-07-2013, 11:20 PM)Tigerlily Wrote: ... my eyes are just killing me right now!

Hi Tigerlily,

In your other thread "Use of facial lotions etc" you mentioned,

"At night I usually will put on an exfoliant cream and moisturizer."

It may be a good idea to completely stop the exfoliant cream for two weeks, to see if that is a major contributor to the problem. (Not even touch the bottle.) And to wash the mask well with soap daily so any exfoliant it has absorbed will be removed and not transferred back onto your face.

Maybe extremely minute amounts of exfoliant are managing to somehow migrate to your eyes, contributing to the irritation.

Another thing may be to always wash our fingers very well with soap and water before touching our eyes. Our fingers gather millions of bacteria every time we touch a door knob or most anything at all.

I've slowly learned that, whenever possible, I need to completely avoid touching my eyes at all, except to gently wash and rinse well the outsides of the eyelids before putting in eye drops. (If the eyelids are not clean, drops can get on the eyelids and wash stuff into my eyes.)

Take care,
--- Vaughn
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I've had the same problem with dry/burning eyes and brought it up at my annual eye exam last week. The optometrist was able to determine that my eyes were dry, but it wasn't severe enough for a prescription (thank God!). He gave me samples of Systane drops: gel drops for use at bed time and regular drops for mornings. One week later, they seem to be working well.

Something else to consider is that while your mask would seem the likely culprit, other things can contribute to your dry eyes. For me, it was a move to a different office with horrible flourescent lighting over my four computer monitors. We tend to stare at computer monitors and learning to blink more often can help.

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