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[Health] Is this CSR? How much should i panic?
RE: Is this CSR? How much should i panic?
Madcat207, I use a PR machine also and had worries about the PB figures. PR machines are known to over-rate PB's--a true CSR wave form looks like an oval with a straight line (a CA or occasionally an OA I think) in between. I found assurance here on the forum that events with a "sort of" oval separated by slow breathing were not CSR events and my sleep doctor agreed with that. In over two years I've only had two or three events that did look like CSR and they did not continue in the same night. I do have heart problems to I watch that figure. In the last three weeks I have averaged 3+ CSR (PB) reports per night on Sleephead--none showed a true representation. My CA figure was high at first, but few and far between now--3 in the past 3 weeks.
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RE: Is this CSR? How much should i panic?
No change from whats been said. I don't think that last chart recorded two CA's correctly. I don't think they were CA's. But maybe I'm wrong.
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RE: Is this CSR? How much should i panic?
You may want to adjust your machine more slowly. If they were my charts I'd raise the min pressure to 15, which is just under the MED/median pressure. It may clean up some other stuff, I doubt if it will have any effect on the PB. At this stage it isn't that bad and it is normal to have some PB. Different sleep stages can also trigger PB. They may well be just your body getting use to cpap and disappear over time, as Mogy said.

I'd work on things that you can change, like the leaks and any mouth breathing. Fine tuning your pressure range.
new http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...re_success
mask fit http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...ask_Primer
From machine or charts for auto-cpap, set the min 1cm below median pressure, or 2cm below 90/95%. max at 20cm for now. Forum will help you fine tune settings
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RE: Is this CSR? How much should i panic?
First off, thank you all again guys; it really means a lot that people take the time to give a thought out answer to a guy they don't know from Adam, and not just roll their eyes at his paranoia (I hear that gets better with more sleep.. here is hoping.. Wink).

Ajack - Perhaps great minds think alike.  I was going to aim for 15.5 tonight, and try it longer term to see how it goes. I will pick a new doc in the future, but right now the situation requires trial and error, and keeping an eagle eye on my data. My worst night was a few nights ago where I hit over an 8 AHI, and I was crestfallen.  But that is when I installed sleepyhead and looked at my data, and saw that my old pressure just really wasn't working, hence the bump; seeing the next night fall to 3.5, and last night hut under 3 has renewed my spirits, and keeps my hopeful to get on track.  I want to be here to watch my daughter grow.. I just kick my butt for waiting this long to do something about it (but that rant is just getting OT...)
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RE: Is this CSR? How much should i panic?
Hi Madcat207,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
I wish you good luck with CPAP therapy.
It sounds like you are off to a pretty good start, just hang in there.
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RE: Is this CSR? How much should i panic?
Can I suggest you turn off the calendar and pie chart in your SH charts - that allows some more useful statistics to show up.

If you look at the majority of your periodic breathing episodes you will see that the apnea or hypopnea is followed by a sharp recovery breath - this indicates that it is an obstructive apnea, not central. The machines do a pretty good job of diagnosing the difference but sometimes they just get it wrong. In any case, your numbers are so small it doesn't really matter. As far as I can see from these charts your sleep breathing is in pretty good shape. The main thing now is just to get used to the machine, let your body adapt. Don't go making any major pressure changes without having a specific goal in mind. If you do change anything, give it a few nights to settle down before reviewing.

I normally tell people to check SleepyHead daily, but sometimes that's counter-productive. Just enjoy your sleep, check SleepyHead maybe every 3rd night and in the meantime don't worry about it.
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RE: Is this CSR? How much should i panic?
I have not had periodic breathing flagged in a long time, but here is an example...The thing is, we have periodic breathing, and no events.  You don't have centrals, and therefore you don't have Cheyne-Stokes.  This too will pass.  Note this was on a Philips Respironics machine. If you never want to see periodic breathing, get a Resmed.

[Image: j8L37m7.png?1]

Let's talk Cheyne-Stokes...if you ever see this, get to your doctor ASAP

[Image: EQz81TP.png]

[Image: oER7a4n.png]
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RE: Is this CSR? How much should i panic?
I appreciate the graphs, thankfully I don't see anything quiet like that (I posted my closest to CSR I could find). Like I said.. I worry way too easily.. 

As it was, I am elated, as last night I had an AHI of 1.2, 0% periodic. I sure would like seeing that again
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RE: Is this CSR? How much should i panic?
Madcat207, you are doing great for just starting.  Go with the good!   Cool
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RE: Is this CSR? How much should i panic?
It figures.. I have two nights in a row with my AHI at <2, with no PB, and then last night throws me for a curve - AHI over 5, and with 6% PB with crap like this:

[Image: jhLRO5p.jpg]

I still feel like I worry for nothing, but it kills the spirit to feel like I am making progress only to see it flag again so soon.  Still trying not to worry myself too much, but I am afraid its in my nature... sigh..
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