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[Health] Newbie - how long before tiredness goes?
Just wondering how long does it take before all this tiredness and soreness in the body goes... I have started using CPAP Machine 2 mths ago..

I must have been "sleep deprived" for a few years now but only from late last year when my blood test showed my oxygen level (I think) around 89% mark and the constant tiredness n lack of energy prompted me to seek a second opinion.

I was very active and I still am but due to lack of energy have not been able to walk up hills these days with my dogs where previously it was a breeze...

I know it is early days but for all those experienced people out there in this Forum, how long (on average) does it take for this lack of energy/stamina and tiredness to go?

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Welcome to the forum BearLee,
As far as how long it takes for the tired feeling to subside is different from one person to another.
I know for myself, I was into the fourth month before I started to feel less zombie like.
Others feel the difference the first week!

I would like to see you download Sleepyhead software and start to monitor your own therapy, as that is the only way to see the makeup of your apnea events.

You are using an Auto CPAP in CPAP mode, why not try the Auto mode?
Do you know your AHI and your 90% pressure readings? It could be just a minor adjustment of settings could help you feel better.

Also, if I were you, I would purchase an overnight oximeter to make sure your oxygen levels are in check. They are rather cheap and can be bought from any one of the suppliers from the supplier list above or from Amazon.

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(08-02-2015, 02:40 AM)BearLee Wrote: I know it is early days but for all those experienced people out there in this Forum, how long (on average) does it take for this lack of energy/stamina and tiredness to go?

I see this kind of question a lot on this forum. It seems a lot of people assume that sleep apnea is the ONLY thing that is making them feel bad. Lack of sleep can cause tiredness, but it is by no means the only source of fatigue, sluggishness, and sleepiness. For those where it was the only source of problem, it may very well do the trick. It may take those folks a day, a month, a few months, for it to fully work for them.

For others, it may never work to fully "cure" the tiredness issue. There may be dozens of causes for that tired feeling. I kind of fall into this category. Ten years ago, even though I was having problems sleeping, I was an Energizer bunny that could just keep going and going and going. Now? I am usually tired and sluggish feeling a lot of the time. I am still on the CPAP/APAP and I wouldn't do without it because it allows me to have restful, uninterrupted sleep when I can sleep. But there are other issues that disturb my sleep (early waking insomnia and occasional bouts of pain from an arthritic knee and hip). And there are probably other things that are making me feel tired and sluggish (blood sugar swings can do that to me).

I wish it was as simple as addressing the apnea. That remains an important part of it, but it is not always the only thing. I fret sometimes because some folks on here try CPAP and do not get the full results they hoped for and quit. They may have had three things going on and apnea was one of them. CPAP got them 33% "fixed" but they chose to go back to 100% "broken" since treating the 33% didn't get them all the way "fixed".

For me, CPAP is the only way I can go to sleep comfortably and it allows me to relieve some of the other things going on (it will allow me to sleep in a supine position which make my back feel better and can sometimes help relieve the positional strain off my knees and hip).

I hope you see improved results, but if you don't get 100% of what you hope for, don't give up on CPAP.

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Hi BearLee,
Some people notice improvements right away and for others, it can take quite a while, I want to encourage you to just stick with it.
Hang in there for more responses to your post.
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I don't really have anything to add since OpalRose and OMMOHY did a fantastic job except to say Welcome

Using FlashAir W-03 SD card in machine. Access through wifi with FlashPAP or Sleep Master utilities.

I wanted to learn Binary so I enrolled in Binary 101. I seemed to have missed the first four courses. Big Grinnie

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BearLee: We're you given a pressure of 6.5 after an in-lab titration? If not, then you may be on a suboptimal pressure.

You should setup sleepyhead software on your computer, download your data into it and post your results (with AHI and leak rate visible in the screenshot). Maybe we can give you suggestion to tweak your therapy settings then.

Your first goal should be to minimize the leak rate to acceptable levels. You have a great mask so it should be easier than any other mask.

Then, your pressure and pressure relief settings should be dialed in properly. Once we have these things in place, it's just a matter of time (2 weeks - many months) before you feel well rested.

Started APAP 4-20, Closed range to 7.5-14, then straight 8.0 w/ Aflex 3
RDI always below 1. But sleep much much better at straight pressure.
Started on F10, Tried Quattro Air successfully. Finally settled on P10.
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I'm with OpalRose and AshSF.

Get the SleepyHead going, that is the only way you'll really know how well your therapy is working.

Best of luck and stay tuned!


"With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable." - Thomas Foxwell Buxton

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(08-02-2015, 02:40 AM)BearLee Wrote: Just wondering how long does it take before all this tiredness and soreness in the body goes... I have started using CPAP Machine 2 mths ago..

I'll second everything AshSF said.

If the pressure in your profile is right, your machine is currently set to less than the minimum pressure used by pretty much everybody.

Until you get the pressure right, the "time to feel better" could be "forever".

Just for comparison, if you took a soda straw, stuck the last 2.5 inches into a water glass and blew into it with your machine's set pressure of 6.5cm, you couldn't even blow bubbles.

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Thanks everyone... I am getting my CPAP Machine today (Mon Aust time) from the US ... I have had to return my rental/loan machine last week ... I was meant to get my machine n mask last week but due to backlog, it was delayed, hence I did not have the machine for 5 days now!

I love the therapy and yes, I was on "auto' but mistakenly put in "CPAP" in my profile. My sleep specialist recommended a 6-16 pressure (sorry I am still getting used to all the terms associated with sleep apnea)..

I agree with OMMOHY - I do have Osteo-Arthiritis and Fibromyalgia and yes I agree, this will solve 1/3 of the symptoms and perhaps more but it will not eliminate the pain... I too was like the "energiser" bunny ... I could do a zillion things in one day and not feel this tiredness I feel today and the lack of energy to climb hills I used to tackle as if it was just another flat surface. I must say it might have something to do with age (I am coming close to being in my mid-50's) and I suppose I will have to slow down eventually ...doesn't the energiser bunny's battery run out after some time? LOL.

I will download that software and will track progress and will read what you guys have said and seek advice if I don't know what the hell I am looking at!...

I am so glad I joined this Forum ... I was reading and following since I got the machine 2 mths ago but wanted to see how I got on before I joined.

From the last download the lady gave me when I returned my loan machine, the seems to be from 6.5 to 12 so might try to set the machine to that reading and try and see how I go...

with the "RAMP" function, shd I turn that on...with the loan machine, it was all set up and I believe the "ramp" function was on..


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The ramp function isn't needed with a low starting pressure as you have. Thanks for clarifying that you were using auto mode. Just update your profile with your pressure range.
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