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[Health] Trying to understand my therapy better.
(08-06-2014, 01:42 PM)tcarmen Wrote:
(08-06-2014, 11:02 AM)Ghandi Wrote: I called the technician talk about how long my OA are. And that they should be treated. She said it's normal as long as my AHI is under 5. She told me that the machine still fixes most of the apneas.

That's a very dismissive attitude and is unfortunately pretty widespread. Make sure you tell them you're still not happy.

5 might be OK for you, on the other hand there are a lot of other factors involved and it might just as easily be horrible. It's almost unfortunate that the AHI measurement became popular because it's not a really good rating for how well you're doing. It's mostly a number that seems to be used by insurance companies to determine who they'll pay for.

It's like someone telling you that you should be happy because your average bedroom temperature is 68F, when in it's actually 118°F all day and 18°F at night. The average is 68, but that's not useful information.

You're entitled to a good night's sleep and I wouldn't settle for less.


I could't agree more.

They do dismiss almost any information i provide them. I'm a very pacific guy but i'll find my way around to get good nights of sleep, because like you said we diserve this.

I'll probably have to bypass them and adress this with the doctor. They'll have no choice to do what the doctor will say in the end.
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robysue here are a couple of flows of my hi first the ca then the oa.
[attachment=981] hi1

Oups, i can only join one file and i reached my quota. Is there another way to make it available? I have like 7 files.
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I had a very good night. 1.48 ahi

Hypopnea 1.21
Obstructive Apnea 0.00
Clear Airway Apnea 0.27
Vibratory Snore 0.54

I didt have OA. I think OA can be scored as HI when they are caught? This may explain why i have that many HI.
Also i had a couple of CA but almost of them did't last long. So they most likely did't disrupt my sleep.

Today i feel like a champ. I wonder what made the OA dissapear. I was able to sleep on the rigth side all nigth. i breath better by the left nostril so that helps.

I still dont understand why sometimes my OA are fixed and sometimes not.
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Finally i will be able to post the screenshots of my OA CA and HI.

Can anyone help with this please. I get this error message
Please correct the following errors before continuing:
You are not allowed to post images in this forum.
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That's because you're still new Ghandi-Ji

For the moment, how about just summarizing the important stuff for us:





...and your min/max/avg pressures and leaks.


Edit.......... Oh, you already did that!!

Good job.
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Those are very good results Ghandi. Sleeping on your side probably helps in reducing/eliminating the OA's. As you progress, you may well be able to sleep on your right side, left side, back side, top side, or bottom side. The key word is SLEEP!

Good job.
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Well thank you retired_guy.
When i grow up i want to be normal just like you Smile (refering to another post)

There was this sleepyhead expert (robysue) who gave me really good information on how some event would not be scored in sleep lab. I have been through her whole guide now and i think i'm getting closer. But i double check with the screenshots would have prevented me from false assertions.

So maybe when i grow older on this board.

Nice to meet you retired_guy
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So here are my files. Any help on understanding if hy HI and CA are real events and if my OA are obviously wrong and should be checked. Thank you

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Yes, Robysue's the man around here....

Thanks for the graphs. It will be interesting to see what Robysue thinks.

Me? I figure the CA's will calm down as you continue the therapy.

I think the hypop's are nothing more than OA's that never had the chance to grow up.

Basically, a hypop is a "reduction" in air flow, where an OA is a "cessation" of airflow. So to my uneducated brain, as I do better, the OA's will ease off into hypop's, then hopefully just go away. In watching my own graphs that seemed to be the way it worked. Now I can expand the view in the graph and see little baby air restrictions that never get to be classified as anything. Almost makes me feel sorry for them.

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Thanks a lot for that information retired_guy.
It all makes sense to me.
Cant wait for my my event to be so small i feel sorry for them Smile
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