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[Health] Which country has the best health care system?
I am happy to hear you weren't hit with an 800K bill!
It's good to hear, just a few years ago you probably would have been in a situation where you
would be unable to walk.
The 3K is funny though as I have spent more this year on sleep treatment after ins. deductibles.
(Sleep study, Aircurve 10 Vauto, etc.)

I personally think most of it is:
1. Insurance knowing how to work the gov.
2. The gov being as corrupt as possible. (There has to be a reason people enter congress with a net worth less than a million and leave with a net worth of millions when their salary is under 200K.)
3. The public in general being endlessly used politically to benefit those people because they either can't, won't, or are incapable of dealing with the reality of the situation.
4. Extremely high pricing because we are paying for all the care that is given that is not paid for by others. People will receive a lot of care due to the law, but it STILL has to be paid for. Hospitals and clinics have to have a lot of money to stay open and it has to come from somewhere.

Unfortunately it still comes down to just plain facts that the best care and technologically cutting edge care is expensive and always will be. You get what you pay for. We have to quit lying to ourselves and believing that somehow healthcare is some cheap item that we can just give away to everyone without paying for it. There will never be a good solution until we acknowledge the reality of the situation.

Once we decide how much healthcare we are willing to pay for we can then make educated decisions about how to pay it. That does involve hard questions like, should we pay a million dollars on person x who's only going to live 3 more months, or, administer an inexpensive but important treatment to a few thousand?

These questions are now being answered by either the gov, the ins. or by default of the situation, not us. They are questions that will always default to a certain place due to inaction whether we like it or not.
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It's hard to say it's working, when you have to crowd fund through churches to pay for it.
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We can all learn something from Scandinavian countries, they pay more tax but they're most happiest 
Denmark have the best health care system,
Finland have the best schools and no private schools whatsoever 
Half of the cars in oil rich Norway are electric cars

Anyone for Danish pastry and  Coffee
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There is a lot to be picked up there and admired.
They are definitely pleasant countries to visit.

I doubt any of those systems are going to survive the current onslaught.
They are used to high standards that cost a lot in taxes and that tax base will be
gone in the next 30 years or so.
Very sad.
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On a macro-economic level, sustainability over time has to be considered when determining the "best" health care system.

Apnea Board Administrator


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Absolutely agree that sustainability should be part of the equation. What good is free healthcare if 20 years later because of free health care the previous 20 years, current health care costs are quadruple and the government piggy bank is too broke to do anything about it.  Scandinavian countries have a system that seems to work for them... right now... but wait until they run out of money. Also their systems can't really be used in the U.S. Those countres are smaller than some U.S. States in both population and land size.
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The Scandinavian countries had huge advantages to make this work.
Their societies were 95% or more:
Same religion (Generally all some some flavor of Christianity.)
Same ethnicity 
Same race
The population size does not matter if you have a smart, well-educated, hard working population
that is willing to contribute to the common good.
Almost any political or economic system will work ok for a group like that.

Those advantages are rapidly disappearing. 

The health care system in the UK used to be something lots of folks here (in US) referred to as a great system we needed to emulate. Canada used to be in that class as well. Those systems are failing fast. The UK's system is already far down the chute, Canada not there yet but showing the signs. The Scandinavian countries are in the last couple years of denial.

Good healthcare is expensive. Adding larger loads while subtracting taxable income = failure.
Too many people see healthcare as a magical goody that the government or insurance companies create. It has to be bought and paid for like anything else.

A vast amount of people in the gen pop are:
Unrealistic and clueless about what it really costs.
Unable to contribute a share anywhere near their own care costs.
Unwilling to contribute more as they feel it's a "right" and somehow the government creates it like it does other "rights." 
Unwilling to contribute more to contribute to the general good.

These people vote and are easily used by politicians and insurance companies.
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