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Maybe they will sell CPAP kits. Wouldn't that be fun??
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It can't be harder than the colour TV with triple-gun CRT that I built in the late 70s. Maybe the control software will be open source, too.
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(12-30-2015, 11:08 PM)pholynyk Wrote: It can't be harder than the colour TV with triple-gun CRT that I built in the late 70s. Maybe the control software will be open source, too.
I built one too as part of a bell and howell color tv correspondence school i took. Bought the cabinet and all. Thing worked like amchamp. I still have all the books.


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If I recall correctly, Heathkit was available here in the UK, not the range you had, and it was a bit costly for us.

We were heavily into government surplus radio equipment, much of it former US gear from the war, anyone remember the old HRO receiver with the plug in coil sets, and the AR88 receiver.

Amazing to think that I used to build crystal set receivers, and when transistors first appeared I would go down to the local shop and buy a transistor that could be used in assorted circuits, today I am using the internet.
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You mean back when the CK722 or 2N107 PNP Germanium transistors were about $7 USD...
An experimenter needed a co-signer to buy one.
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I am thinking OC71, there was the OCP71 with the P standing for photvoltaic, to make this they removed a section of the black paint from an OC71.Dielaughing
Likely you were several years ahead of us in being able to buy kit like this as a hobbyist, I am talking about way back in 1963.
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I wish I could say that that was before my time... Big Grin

I remember buying at least one CK722, but I don't think the OC71 made it to this side of the pond. I seem to remember that from the British mags I bought.

Anybody remember Carl & Jerry adventures? I think they invented McGiver.
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In 1978 or 1979, they came out with a Heathkit computer, and then Zenith bought Heathkit, and changed the name of the Heathkit H-XX computer to the Zenith H-XX (XX was either 88 or 89 - maybe 90?). It was an all-in-one, with a monitor and a floppy drive, and you could get a 5mb hard drive for it.

It was the same as their H-19(?) video terminal, but with a CPU board between the CRT and the terminal board. They had kits to upgrade the terminal to an H-something computer.
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To see an ad for the Heathkit Microwave, put the http stuff on front of
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I like the ad for the stick on beard.

Using FlashAir W-03 SD card in machine. Access through wifi with FlashPAP or Sleep Master utilities.

I wanted to learn Binary so I enrolled in Binary 101. I seemed to have missed the first four courses. Big Grinnie

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