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Hello! Also, I could use a reccomendation...
I didn't know whether to post this here or in the commercial forum, I chose this one because I'm seeking advice as a CPAP user and not trying to plug a product or therapy. Also this is my first "formal" post that'll actually count towards post count (my previous post being in off-topic,) so I suppose I'll introduce myself.

My name is Travis, although my username makes that fairly obvious. I'm a 26 year old systems administrator by day and a horrendous snorer at night. When my wife complained that my snoring was getting worse, I arranged to get everything checked out and so my story began...

First I went to my PCP. They gave me a Pulse Oximeter to wear to bed overnight. Apparently I dipped below 90% 30-something times during the night and even managed to get near 60 for a short period, that or the thing came off my finger a bit. So they put me in for a sleep study.

The bit of sleep I got (while trying to deal with the 6+ probes against my skull, the 6 on my face either 2 or 4 on my chest and 2 on each leg) showed that I had an AHI of around 67 untreated. They stuck a Fischer and Paykel Simplus on me (which I had chosen earlier in the night as the most comfortable of the three masks they had me try on) and it seemed to fit pretty well and was comfortable. I went back to sleep.

Got my results: Untreated AHI of around 67. Went down to like, 2 or 3 when they stuck the CPAP mask on me. Okay, CPAP it is then. I was excited! I-love-CPAP I've heard about the pleasant side effects of CPAP... more energy, more attention, feeling all-around better, etc...

Well so far it's been hell. My DME was great, but they don't carry the F&P Simplus and the other F&P mask they had didn't fit me that great. Of the ones I tried there, really only the Mirage Quattro fit me very well at all. I'm worried I don't actually know how the masks would really have performed because I was sitting for these fittings, there is no bed there or a recliner to test a laying position.

I'm dead set on getting the Simplus because it was very comfortable (in comparison to the Quattro) and didn't leak much at all. I've contacted my DME to see if they can special order it, but if not, I'm probably going to buy it on my own, out of pocket.

I know we can't post direct links to vendors, and that's fine. I was just hoping someone might be able to point me to a good one off the suppliers list. I'm looking for the best combination of price + shipping speed that I can get, because if I can't get an exchange done for little/no cost at my DME, I'd like to get the mask+headgear I want as quickly as I can.

Thanks for any advice you guys can give! Fixing to game a bit until I'm nice and tired (makes going to sleep as a new user easier) and then it's off to dreamland. Hopefully tonight's dreams aren't nearly as weird as last night's... Dreaming
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I buy most of my equipment/supplies from Supplier #1. Whichever supplier you choose, you'll need to provide them with a copy of your prescription. Most online DMEs require you to file the paperwork yourself if you want reimbursement from your insurance.

BTW, Welcome
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Also you can find the sizing template for the Simplus there at vendor #1.....it's a pdf file that you print out and it will tell you which size cushion you need (S,M,L).......when you print the template be sure and set your printer to print 100% so the template is accurate.

Good luck, everyone is different, but the Simplus fits my face better than the other four or so FFM that I have tried in the past.......it's very dependent on the patient, someone else might say it doesn't work for them. You just have to find what works best for you.
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Welcome TravitoDLM,
I have purchased from Supplier No. 1, 18, & 26.
Compare prices...although you will find the mask prices running similar between the vendors.
What I watch for are the shipping charges, and most important the free 30 day trial, which makes it easier to return if it doesn't work out for you.
Good luck!
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Hi TravitoDLM,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Suppliers #1 and #18, (on the suppliers list, here on the board at the top of each page,) offer a 30-day trial on masks; to gives you a way to try several different ones 'till you find the one that works for you. There are other suppliers on the list I'm sure, that offer this same thing.
Hang in there for more responses to your post and much success to uou with your CPAP therapy and finding a mask that works well for you.
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Thanks everyone for the responses so far!
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Welcome to the board! I had great luck with Supplier #18 and their customer service is awesome. Best of luck with your therapy!
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Update: Went to the DME today. They've ordered a Simplus for me, which I'll pay for out of pocket when it comes in a few weeks (apparently Fischer and Paykel are terribly slow, according to my DME provider.) Not only that, but after $%(!*ing with that damn Mirage Quattro last night for a full hour, following the "Taming the Mirage Quattro" blog post, I finally broke down and admittedly ended up shedding a few frustrated tears before sleeping without the mask on at all.

So while I was at the DME provider today, I swapped the quattro for an AirFit F10, which is AWESOME compared to the quattro. My mask tests so far have shown only very minor leaks, and I don't feel the constant need to screw with it like I did the other!

I'm still planning on getting the Simplus, if I don't end up using it as my main mask (instead of the F10) then the simplus will be a very good backup option, because I remember it working well at the sleep center.

Edit: I should also add that even after only a few nights using CPAP, I can tell the difference. I felt like CRAP this morning.
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