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Hello from a new BiPAP user
(05-02-2017, 11:38 PM)ajack Wrote: I'm not familiar with your machine, but I would assume, that If mask fit doesn't show on the screen it should show on. The provider may have it turned off in 'clinical settings'  The 'cpap setup manuals' link at the top of the page may have the clinical manual for you.

Thanks ajack! I bet you are correct so when I get home tonight, I will do that. I reviewed the 'How to' part of it after reading your post so I'm going to see what everything is set at. 

I also will be trying my first attempt at transferring data from my SD card to SleepHead tonight so I hope to have some graphs to share. 

I also adjusted the straps on my mask a little more last night and that helped a lot with both comfort and the occasional small leak near my nose. I definitely slept better based on how I feel this morning.
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Ok... so I got SleepyHead installed thanks to the help of Marillion's links - thank you! I think I have the chart organized so here is the info I have so far (if it attaches and posts ok - fingers crossed). 

This first screen shot was posted as an attachment. I will work on getting things set up with Imgur asap.

Please look it over and let me know your thoughts? Thank you!

Attached Files
.tiff   SH2.tiff (Size: 418.04 KB / Downloads: 37)
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Hmmm. Sorry I can't seem to be able to open it. Once you get Imgur going I'll take a look. In the meantime maybe someone else can view it.
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Marrillion - I had to download it first, then I could open it.
It is a tif file and can open with Microsoft Paint.

I'm not sure how bipap pressures are adjusted, so I'll leave that to the experienced folks. I am wondering, though, if the lower limits need to be increased slightly.
Please organize your SleeyHead screenshots like this.
I'm an epidemiologist, not a medical provider. 
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With BiPAP settings of 22/10 over 2-6 PS, You are experriencing a 4+ AHI with obstructive apnea, hypopnea, flow limitations and RERA. The OAI is 2.39, and normally we would advise higher EPAP minimum pressure. It appears to me your obstructive apnea is mainly positional, and might be resolved with a soft cervical collar, ergonomic pillow or similar. The problem is likely caused by the airway closing when you tuck you chin or put yourself in a position that causes the airway to close. Most of the night you had pretty good results.

I could see increasing EPAP min to 10.5, but I think a lot of your solution lies in preventing a posture that closes the airway.
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Ok, so I got set up on Imgur - let's see if this works? This is from Tuesday night and is the same chart I posted as an attachment. 

Also, I tried to link the BBC code per the instructions on how to link to the image only and not the full Imgur page but when I click 'paste' to the reply, it doesn't show the code to edit per the instructions and automatically displays the image. I must be missing something?

I haven't downloaded last night's data yet but my AHI this morning was down to a 3.1 (and I have not made any settings changes yet) so it's going in the right direction. After work today, I am going to up the minimum pressure per Sleeprider's and Beej's recommendations. 

I don't know if there is any positional issues but that very well could be. For me, it seems the mask (Quattro Air) seems to become more prone to a leak by early morning just before I wake up. I've tightened the straps and it has a good seal it seems but again this morning I woke up before the alarm went off with a slight leak near my nose yet I had not changed anything all night. Does this happen often? 

I am going in to see my DME about trying different FFMs just to see what might be a better fit (if there is?) but overall, I have been satisfied for the most part with the Quattro Air. I just don't have anything to compare it with yet. I also think I need a chin strap because I have woken up with a very dry mouth a couple of nights. 

[Image: xxGZt18.jpg]
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When I saw this chart yesterday I thought the events at 01:30 and 04:30 looked like they could be resolved with a soft cervical collar. That might also help with the leaks. All events are obstructive, and what I said in the previous post $15 is unchanged.

Nicely done on posting the graph, but you could eliminate the pie chart in File/Preferences/Appearance. When in Imgur, you can use the pull-down menu under your user name to see Images. When you select one of those images, the menus for how to post them appear on the right. All you need to do is copy the URL as shown and paste it in your post, and the image or linked image will appear. I tend to use the huge thumbnail size.

[Image: imgur01.png]
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Thank you so much for your advice Sleeprider and also to all who have replied to my initial post. I will definitely remove the pie chart and use the method you described when I post last night's data later this evening after work.

This forum is invaluable!
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Hello once again. Here are some results from last week. I haven't downloaded the weekend yet but the numbers were similar to these days. Last night's numbers according to DreamMapper gave me a 2.3 AHI. I'll post this weekend's sheets later tonight once I download them to SleepyHead. 

And, I apologize for the pie chart still being in there. I had forgotten about changing my settings but I will definitely get rid of it tonight for the next download. 

My machine (DreamStation Auto Bipap) is still on the settings from the DME so I have not changed anything yet. I thought maybe more data would help to determine what  you wonderful people may recommend? I am also looking at getting a chin strap and possibly a cervical collar for positional-related events.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

[Image: c3RrzHcl.jpg]
[Image: GoXIxrFl.jpg]
[Image: VwKHmkgl.jpg]
[Image: PyxJuJFl.jpg]
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I think the results are encouraging in that there is very little CA to worry about, so we have more flexibility in our options to address obstructive events and the RERA. Generally for obstruction we increase EPAP. In your case, I think increasing EPAP by 0.5 cm may have some positive effects, but the clustering of events still has me thinking you could benefit from a soft cervical collar or ergonomic pillow. Due to the hypopnea and RERA being high, I think increase PS min by 1 to 3.0. Overall, your settings are pretty good, but increasing EPAP by a .5 and PS min by 1 should address those specific issues, at least partially.
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