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Hello from a new BiPAP user
Hello all! So the night of May 24th I raised my EPAP Min from 11.0 to 11.5. Here is the data from May 23rd, the last night at 11.0:
[Image: qWXlACEl.png]

This shot is from May 24th, the first night at 11.5 for EPAP min:
[Image: MLUexbbl.png]

May 25th:
[Image: hnWOlhjl.png]

May 26th (not sure what happened this night. I know I was very restless for some reason. 
[Image: tSkIZ1fl.png]

May 27:
[Image: Pd2ScaFl.png]

May 28th:
[Image: bi64g0xl.png]

May 29th:
[Image: bVukj24l.png]

And last night, May 30th:
[Image: 5PP1SZNl.png]

Also, here are my statistics as of this morning, May 31st:
[Image: JPbkE61l.png]

Overall, I feel very good and am getting the best sleep I have had in many years. I did not realize how bad I must have been feeling until I started this therapy and am feeling better. Another interesting side effect is that my dreaming has gone off the chart! It's really amazing.

Thanks for any and all feedback and advice. And to anyone who is on the fence about CPAP or BiPAP therapy like I was for years, I just want to encourage you to get a good sleep study done and follow your doctor's advice - your health and quality of life will be so much better for it! I put it off for way too long and as a result suffered for it. But it's never too late - get it done and begin to enjoy sleeping once more.
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By the numbers, you are doing very well, and I would be reluctant to do more setting changes. Your description of getting the best sleep in years is more than enough to tell me you have "arrived". The summary statistics also show these settings have reached the best results. Congratulations. I would expect results to vary day to day, and I also think you will experience AHI less than 1 at any time. I sure would not be concerned with your results being consistently less than 2 AHI and having comfortable sleep.
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Thanks Sleeprider! I will definitely leave things as they are for now. If for some reason, my numbers would go back the other way, I will post more then. 

Thanks again!
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Also, I wasn't sure if I should have started a different thread about the clicking noise I hear occasionally since I've upped my EPAP Miin to 11.5 but I did since I felt it was a completely different topic. Did you happen to look at it and if so, any ideas?

Thanks again.
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Hello to all! Just a quick update on my progress and a few shots from SleepHead for this post. 

I had to get a new machine from my DME due to a noisy humidifier lid on the first one. Thankfully, all was quiet last night so that was good. 

Regardless, my AHI has been running very low recently with now several nights of less than 1.0 or just above it. Here are a few recent shots from SleepyHead starting with my most recent statistics.

[Image: 0NdaMoq.png]

[Image: Cb7nNoG.png]

[Image: lcn50Nb.png]

[Image: FU5Clm4.png]

[Image: t6HbmYa.png]

If anyone has any suggestions or advice regarding any other changes to my settings, please let me know. i am sleeping so much better and feeling like a completely different person now that it is hard to describe. I wish I had started this therapy years ago!

Sleep well!
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It appears that you have found your "Sweet Spot". Enjoy!
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(06-16-2017, 07:39 AM)Crimson Nape Wrote: It appears that you have found your "Sweet Spot".      Enjoy!

Thank you Crimson! I think so too.
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If it were my chart, now that the AHI is tamed, Going by the statistics column, left hand side under the AHI,  I would look at the pressure support for the  insp and exp time, tidal volume and respiration rate. I'm wondering like with the pressure that has to be closed in on for effective control, the same needs to be done with the auto PS. 

I have a manual PS, so I had to set it up for my needs. Everyone would be different, a PS:5 is the minimum that works for me. So if I had an auto I would start it at min PS:5 and let it adjust from there

Ventilation should be improved with more pressure support. If you are overweight or a bit of COPD, the default PS is 6 to 8,  the normal lung is PS:5 Page 22
I would try min PS:6 for a few nights and adjust from there, to see the difference in my stats on the left hand column. I would be looking for more tidal volume, shorter insp time and lower resp rate.

you can't set your tidal volume, but this is a target ventilation for size and ideal weight and a guide for what is normal.
[Image: ciLBxT8.jpg?1]
new http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...re_success
mask fit http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...ask_Primer
From machine or charts for auto-cpap, set the min 1cm below median pressure, or 2cm below 90/95%. max at 20cm for now. Forum will help you fine tune settings
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Based on advice from ajack, I bumped up my PS to a 4.0 minimum. Here are the results since doing so:

Last night with PS at 3.5 (June 30):
[Image: QBcTPQh.png]

July 1
[Image: ZLLWshD.png]

July 2
[Image: YgigIIs.png]

July 3
[Image: i8CTJXP.png]

And last night, July 4:
[Image: 20S1S6a.png]

Here are my statistics since June 15:
[Image: 6G5lAGO.png]

I have a some questions... 
1. Should I increase my PS minimum more? 
2. Should I increase my PS maximum (still on 6) more? I have not adjusted that at all yet.

Overall, I am sleeping very well and feel so much better. I don't want to get caught up in chasing numbers and since my AHI is hovering around 1.0 or even less sometimes, I don't know if I need to make any changes?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
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Your data looks very, very good in terms of AHI, leaks, and usage. So the big question is: How do you feel?

Are you waking up feeling reasonably rested? And do you have enough energy to get through your days without feeling tired, exhausted, or excessively sleepy?

You ask:
(07-05-2017, 10:08 AM)Raven87 Wrote: I have a some questions... 
1. Should I increase my PS minimum more? 
2. Should I increase my PS maximum (still on 6) more? I have not adjusted that at all yet.
If this were my data, I would NOT change the PS settings. You're doing great right now, particularly since you also write:

Quote:Overall, I am sleeping very well and feel so much better.

So my advice is this: Stick with your current settings since they're working, you're sleeping well, and you're feeling good.
Questions about SleepyHead?  
See my Guide to SleepyHead
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