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Help. Old CPAP user coming back, Oxygen needed?
Me(history from 2015):
  • Had a Resmed A10 autoset with p10 nasal pillows and Fischer Paykal Simplus.  Simplus because 1/3 of the time it was really hard for me to breath through my sinuses.
  • Tried the above for about 8 months on and off.   Whenever I tried it consistantly I had trouble sleeping and felt worse during the day.
  • End up giving up in Nov. 2015.
  • I was diagnosed the above from a Pulmonologist.  Regular daytime breathing was normal or above normal.  Same with daytime O2 back then.

Oct 2016, Went to an ENT because I felt like the biggest problem for me was my sinuses.  I frequently had trouble breathing through my nose.   Breathright strips seemed to help me quite a bit, but my skin got irritated so I couldn't use them every day.   I had already trying a bunch of sinus sprays and pills.  They helped somewhat during certain times of the year.  Had an alergy test.  Mostly came back with Grass/weed allergies.  Ended up getting Turbinate Reduction surgery, Tonsilectomy (they were huge) and Uvula.  I guess this is called UPPP but didn't know this until recently.  Tonsils were pain-full!!

Anyway..I think removing the Tonsils was good.  The turbinate reduction didn't seem to help.  It is still hard for me to breath through my nose.  I notice it mostly sleeping but occasionally walking around.  Then I end up breathing through my mouth if I can't breath well through my nose.


-ENT wanted me to do a sleep study, to see if the UPPP surgery helped with the Apnea.   The results were actually worse.   Although it could have been the actual place/day of the study that contributed.  I wake up very easily (noise and movement) and it's hard for me to get to sleep unless I do my usual routine at home. 
-ENT looked at results and found it hard to believe, and I told him I was hesitant to try CPAP again because it was hard for me to sleep the first time.  So I was going to see how things went for a few months.

June 2017:  Was having a real hard time sleeping, so I contacted the ENT.  Again, sinus breathing issues.  Probably worse because of spring time/allergies.  They prescribed an APAP with humidification.  They also prescribed 2L Oxygen, because the sleep study from 2/2017 recommended it.  They said my O2 was below 88% with CPAP and no oxygen.  I didn't notice that prior.  Worried about whether I really need Oxygen, or if it was just because I slept so poorly.

July 2017:  While I was waiting for the CPAP/apap, I tried the old Breathright strips that I hadn't used in 12 months.   Slept much better.  In fact, since that time, I have felt very good (sleep wise) and while awake.  Makes me think the biggest issue is still my sinuses.  I'm a little bit skeptical of the Oxygen, but the Dr. wants it.  I figure I can try the CPAP with and without it, to see how it helps.  Hoping that it's just an adapter that I can take off if I want to try without the Oxygen.

I did get a Contac CMS-50F so I could check my Oxygen level during the night with the Breathright on my nose.   Seems like I'm still dipping below 90% while sleeping. (attached).

Anyway...  looking for some opinions in a few areas.  I get the machine in a week:
  • Think I should try the CPAP/APAP without Oxygen, or only with oxygen?   I was thinking of trying it both ways and testing my oxygen levels.  Will the equipment they give me allow this?  This is Apria and supposedly they are supplying all Resmed stuff.
  • Suggestions on facemask type?  I still have my old P10 and Fischer full face mask.  The p10 was good, better for me than the full face mask, but sometimes I found the nasal pillows hard to breath through even at the largest size.  I was thinking maybe Resmed N20 Nasal.   During my sleep study, they tried a P10 and a Fischer Nasal mask and said I did better on the Nasal mask.
  • Is there anything else I can do for my sinuses?  To help?  I have sinus rinse that I use occasionally and/or sinus saline spray bottle.  Flonase type stuff.  Really wish the Turbinate surgery had helped.  I'm assuming losing weight/exercising would help.  I've been walking about 10k+/day and bike ride on weekends.  I can breath through my mouth.  If I do this, my O2 levels stay higher when sleeping, but then I dry out a lot and I cough a lot.
Any other suggestions...Rambling, I know..but put out all the info rather than people asking...

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I've been there with Oxygen and it's not a big deal. They give you an attachment that fits to your mask hose. It's removable so no problem going without oxygen. I recommend you stay on oxygen as your Doctor ordered. Your levels drop below 88% a lot. However after you've been on CPAP for awhile there's a good chance the Doctor will take you off oxygen. I was on oxygen for about two months and than my O2 rate improved from the CPAP treatments. I no longer need oxygen. I wouldn't be surprised if the same was true for you.
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Thanks. I'll give it a try.
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Going in to get my CPAP/Oxygen today. Apria.

anything I should watch out for? I think I read something in the forums that I shouldn't give them CC. Does that mean I should bring a check for my copay, or just make sure they don't keep it on file?

anything else I should double check?
My copay this month is supposed to be $200, but after this month, my out of pocket max should be reached...so I shouldn't have any payments for 10 months..I think..and then I can purchase hopefully before the year is up on my insurance...
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I don't know how your insurance works. But I wouldn't pay until the insurance has paid their share. Also I agree don't give them your credit card.
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It is your choice how you pay, but Apria has been known to use credit card information to keep an open charge account. I think you need to be clear you will pay invoices on receipt, but will not authorize an open billing account. That gives you the opportunity to review and challenge any billed amounts. With relatively high copay or deductibles, be sure you do not authorize automatic dispensing of consumables like filters, mask parts, hoses etc. You should authorize any supplies before they are sent.
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Looks like they didn't include the Climateline heated tubing. Damn... I have to wait for them to deliver the oxygen concentrator also.

Is the Climateline not compatible with the Oxygen concentrator? Sitting on hold with Apria now.
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The O2 adapter piece they give you will work with the Climateline.
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(08-21-2017, 02:51 PM)Walla Walla Wrote: The O2 adapter piece they give you will work with the Climateline.

My prescription said heated and humidified APAP, but they claimed that I need a special prescription for the heated tube.  I threatened to return everything and now they said they will send it to me.  Hopefully they aren't blowing smoke.

It's extremely hard to get in touch with Apria.    I tried to call the local office, but kept getting routed to the main call center.
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btw...going through all this stuff with a DME helps me understand why people just purchase their own stuff.
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