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Help Please w/ S9 Pressure change
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Machine: resmed S9
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Gross Help Please w/ S9 Pressure change
Hi all,

This is my first time posting here.. but am in need of some serious help..I have had my Resmed S9 autoSet for quite awhile now but a few months back I got a terrible sinus thing and since then I have not been able to use my machine..I could not afford the humidifier so never got one..I have started to use the machine again and have been able to change the pressure setting so I could keep it on using the directions on your forum but i want to be able to change the setting from cpap to auto so it will adjust itself to the pressure i need since I still can't sleep next to my wife at night ( she says that i make horse neighing sounds while I sleep that keep her awake so the pressure setting must be too high says the air is very loud like it is leaking which i have checked for and found no leaks, she did record the noises so i could hear them and I understand why she can't sleep!) so I thought if I could set it to auto that would fix the problem. Please if anyone can tell me how to change this setting I would appreciate it..i can get into the clinicians menu to change the pressure and etc. but it wont let me change that setting plus the quality of sleep menu has also been locked out. i can't afford another sleep study so i have to change these myself or stop using it all together. thank you again!.

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08-21-2013 06:22 PM
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Machine: ResMed AutoSet S9
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RE: Help Please
To change the 'clinician' settings on the S9, puch an hold the Setup Menu button and the Push Dial together for a few seconds. The "leak" you're hearing is probably the vent on the mask that alows your CO2 to be exhausted. It's a feature of the mask.
08-21-2013 07:09 PM
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RE: Help Please
Hi rball4,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
You could try a full-face mask, I know they can be proned to leaks but maybe since you are having problems with your sinuses,that would help. Hang in there forother ideas.
Best of luck to you in dealing with this problem.

08-21-2013 07:16 PM
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RE: Help Please w/ S9 Pressure change
Go here and get the manual for your machine. It will be helpful down the road, as well. Instructions on how to get the manuals start about halfway down the page, although the information before that is well worth reading.

The Swift LT is a good mask but it can be easily knocked out of the way. I don't think the vent makes that much noise so it must have come loose. The flapping lips is air coming out your mouth vs going into your throat. It is a common problem. It does not mean the pressure is too high, it just means you have some work to do to fix that. It sounds as if your body needs to readjust to the CPAP after being away from it.

Sit and open your mouth then breathe through it. Then move your tongue so you find the position you need in order to stop breathing through your mouth and switch to nose breathing. Now, close your mouth most of the way and do it again. Once you get it figured out, put on the mask, turn on the machine, and try it that way. Once you figure it out, you can practice as you go to sleep, training yourself to keep your tongue in that position. It won't happen in just one night! It can take a while.

In your case, since your mouth is closed, a chin strap won't help. A full face mask might. Since you like the nasal pillows, there's masks called "hybrids" which has nasal pillows and a part that covers the mouth.

You are probably going to need the humidifier half. Supplier #2 has them fairly cheap. They are handy to have for when sinus issues crop up. I never stop using my machine, no matter how congested I am. The air pressure prevents my nose from getting worse and it usually clears it. It all clogs back up within just a few minutes of taking the mask off in the morning. Sometimes it is hard to get to sleep but it is well worth it!

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08-21-2013 07:57 PM
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