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Help, Sleep paralysis nightmare devastating
RE: Help, Sleep paralysis nightmare devastating
The best way to get a handle on the problem is to use software to visualize what is happening in the minutes prior to your arousal. It would not surprise me if the data shows some breathing irregularity or event that could be prevented or treated using your CPAP, or one suited to the specific problem.

Post information on what machine you are using, and if it is compatible with Sleepyhead software, we can get better information to you. http://www.sleepfiles.com/SH2/
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RE: Help, Sleep paralysis nightmare devastating
Hello, sorry to hear about your predicament. I have had sleep paralysis since I was young. Thought I was possessed for a long time till I found out what it was. Funny thing is though that since I started on the cpap therapy I have not ever had SP while using the machine. The latest horror for me though is to have an apnea attack during SP, your basically cognizant and you stop breathing and can only lay there paralyzed waiting to start breathing again. Happened this morning, got up to pee last night and when I went back to bed I guess I forgot to hook the hose back to the mask..
I might direct you to waterloo university, they did a big survey on SP. I basically learned to live with the SP as through research I found that little of what you experience during it is real. Myself though I never experienced much unusual happening short of sometimes feeling the covers were being removed or a large weight coming down on me. Also good to remember that like I said a lot of what you experience during SP is not real. I thought for years I could pull myself out of it by breathing deep and fast and asked my wife to wake me is she heard me doing that. One night I woke up from SP that way and she was right beside me reading, she said I wasn't breathing different at all.
Did you have the nightmare state of SP before the cpap therapy and how often? I found in my own case that I could have SP a number of times in a week or maybe not for months.
Not sure what to suggest in your case as it suppressed SP for me. Maybe stick with it for a bit and see what happens remembering that SP is mostly smoke and mirrors on top of the actual medical problem. Also do some research through google, it is a real problem and I believe there are even medications that will help. Although every time I mention SP to a medical professional they look at you funny. I'm sure they wouldn't if they experienced it a few times.
Anyhow I hope this helps alleviate your fears a bit or at least know that we are far from alone.
PS: Maybe do yourself a favor and stick to accredited sleep studies. I checked out you tube and it is mostly demonically associated crap.

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RE: Help, Sleep paralysis nightmare devastating
(08-17-2015, 04:45 AM)quiescence at last Wrote: @Mjungle773 - ... It definitely sounds like it is related to REM sleep, and how you particularly do REM sleep...

The relationship is that it is a natural part of REM sleep. The problem is when that "feature" doesn't "shut off" properly. That is an entire class of sleep disorder on its own; whether it can be aggravated by xPAP therapy may be something you have just proven.

The good news is that you are in therapy and likely have a sleep doc. Tell them, and let them treat it for you.

I used to have this every 6 months or so, until about 8 years ago, when it stopped. Started in my 30's, and I would for a long time have one every year or two. None since xPAP, either.

But they are no fun at all. Being chased by a bear would be more fun. But lots less dangerous, as they are essentially harmless.

Mine usually happened when I had a dream where stuff started to go wrong, such as light switches not working or elevators opening onto unfinished floors. At the moment I realized that I was dreaming, I probably decided to wake up, and that was when the fun began.

You feel like your falling down a deep well for miles, and that if you give in to it you will die, so you struggle to fight it. It seems to take a few minutes to emerge, and your first thought is that you hope that never happens ever again.

Please let us know if your sleep doc can connect this to xPAP treatment, and how he deals with this.
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RE: Help, Sleep paralysis nightmare devastating
(08-23-2015, 02:42 PM)Daniel Hodgson Wrote: ...Thought I was possessed for a long time till I found out what it was....The latest horror for me though is to have an apnea attack during SP, your basically cognizant and you stop breathing and can only lay there paralyzed waiting to start breathing again...

There are numerous reports of people associating this with alien abduction. Not that this actually occurs, but there is a feeling of a presence in the room, and maybe they have somehow immobilized you. It's very common.

I am not sure what an "apnea attack" would even be. Apneic event occur, but characterizing them as an "attack" seems incorrect.

Also, SP does not paralyze your breathing. Since it is natural during REM, none of the human race would have survived if it did paralyze your breathing.

But it sure feels like it, doesn't it? It is the scariest thing I have ever experienced, and I have been through the eyes of hurricanes and menaced, not casually, by convicted (eventually) murderers who were heads of biker gangs.
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