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Help Sought: Finding Oximetry Data on SH
RE: Help Sought: Finding Oximetry Data on Sleepyhead
Thanks for your post.

I'd be glad to see photos, so I understand better what you're seeing.

Both machines (the ASV and the Autoset) were used -- one purchased, one given to me -- but both are 10s, so they can't be very old. The modules were purchased separately, one new, one used; but it's hard for me to imagine there really is a mismatch there between those and the machines.

Re. Rescan, I'll consider that. Where and how do I get that, and what's involved in setting up that software?
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RE: Help Sought: Finding Oximetry Data on Sleepyhead
To get ResScan you need to go to the private files portion of the forum. When you're reading this thread above the text there's something that says Apnea Board Forum / Public Area / Main Apnea Board Forum...

Click on the first part of that, "Apnea Board Forum" then you should see the private area and files section. One of the posts there will tell you what to do.

I'll try to post the pictures later tonight when I have more time.
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RE: Help Sought: Finding Oximetry Data on Sleepyhead
Here's a picture showing the various screen, HTH. I hope you figure out what the issue is.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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RE: Help Sought: Finding Oximetry Data on Sleepyhead
Thanks very much. Four items follow. The first three (1-3) are just comments and FYI's. The last item (no. 4) contains questions, which I hope you can respond to.

1) Re. the images you sent -- very interesting. On my machine, I see the first screen (the one that says "Oximetry SX 489 0200") when I first plug the Resmed module in, but don't get any of the others screens that pertain to the oximeter.

2) Re. Rescan -- I will consider giving that a try.

3) In continuing to try to debug my system this morning, I swapped out the Xpod. That was the one piece of hardware in the set up (module, Xpod, and finger sensor) that I had not yet swapped out as a way of testing. (I tried this Xpod swap even though I had been getting the red light in the finger sensor; I still did the swap on the odd chance that there was a break in one of the internal wires that did not disrupt the light but did disrupt the signal). But to no avail: I still didn't see any additional screens about oximetry on my machine.

4) Re. Oscar -- If I wanted to install and try Oscar without overwriting, harming, or otherwise preventing me from accessing Sleepyhead, or the historical data I have already uploaded to it, is that possible? Or would installing Oscar automatically take the form of a revision (and thus eliminate) my existing Sleepyhead program? (And if it did "revise" and replace my Sleepyhead program, would it automatically retain all the sleep historical data I currently have in my Sleepyhead program, or would I lose that?--As mentioned, I need to retain that data.)

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RE: Help Sought: Finding Oximetry Data on Sleepyhead
Just responding to your last question - Oscar and SleepyHead can happily live alongside each other. When you install Oscar you will be asked if you want to migrate your SleepyHead data - accept that option. Oscar will make a copy of your SH data in a new folder but the SleepyHead program and data will be untouched.

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RE: Help Sought: Finding Oximetry Data on Sleepyhead
I just tried unplugging the xpod from the ResMed oximetry module and was able to reproduce what you are seeing - ie no mention of oximetry in the menu. So it does sound like your issue is the connection between the two. Since you are getting the red light on the sensor and there's only three pins I'm thinking two are power and they're good but the third data line is not getting a good connection.
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RE: Help Sought: Finding Oximetry Data on Sleepyhead
Deep Breathing -- sorry for my slow reply. For some reason I was not notified by email about your post and just saw it now. 

Three questions follow:

1) I see that, for Macs, Oscar requires OS 10.12 or higher (I assume that's the "+" means or higher). Unfortunately, both my Macs have older versions of OS. My Mac Air has 10.10 and my Powerbook has 10.11. I may have to wait till I can get to an Apple store to upgrade these, as I've run into trouble previously when trying to revise the OS and don't want to attempt it unassisted. Am I right to assume that I should not even try to load Oscar till I complete these updates?

2) Just to confirm: Is it worth getting Oscar even if I already have Sleepyhead (v. 1.0.0-beta-2)? is Oscar better / more stable / easier to work with than Sleepyhead? Thanks for any thoughts. If there's not point, I may not bother upgrading my OS.

3) Finally, can Oscar run on a Chromebook? (I don't know what operating system those have.) I don't currently have one but have wondered about getting one as a back up computer.

Thank you.
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RE: Help Sought: Finding Oximetry Data on Sleepyhead
Aishayed - sorry for my slow reply. I only just saw your most recent post now. What is confusing is that I have tried the set up with two different modules and two different XPODs on two different machines! So the idea that I have a bad connection is hard for me to comprehend. If you have any additional thoughts, they're welcome. I'll do my best to try Rescan over the weekend.
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RE: Help Sought: Finding Oximetry Data on Sleepyhead
VX, I don't really have any other suggestions. It does seem strange that you would have issues with two sets of hardware. Have you looked at the pins connecting the xpod to the ResMed oximetry module to verify all three appear straight and undamaged? When I got mine and plugged everything together it just worked without any drama.
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RE: Help Sought: Finding Oximetry Data on SH

  Did you ever get your oximeter running. I recently purchased used parts through ebay and got the same warnings you did. I talked to Kevin Cooper at Supplier #19 and he sent me parts so that I could figure out what was wrong. I still could not get it working. I was ready to return every part and  give up on it. I probably spent 8 hours researching and playing with it. At times it did work then it would stop working. 

I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT! I HAVE REYNAURD'S SYNDROME. I was not getting blood to my fingers. Once I warmed up my fingers , blood started to flow and the oximeter worked properly.

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