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Help interpreting OSCAR data!
Help interpreting OSCAR data!
Hi all,

I have started using PAP therapy for a few weeks and am looking to improve my AHI. My AHI isn't much better than what it is without my CPAP, and empirically I don't feel much better on days where I used CPAP and days where I do not. From the numbers, my sleep apnea is very mild (UARS); yet, my cognitive symptoms are very bad. Started when I moved into a new apartment that I was allergic to (I've moved out since then, though it didn't help), which enlarged my turbinates in my nostrils permanently.

Basics: Resmed Airsense S10 Autoset (APAP) with Dreamwear Full Face Mask. 
Sleep study, AHI: 3.2 and RDI: 8.8 (mix of central and obstructive and hypopnea, lots of RERAs). Titration study (constant at 5 pressure), AHI: 0.2 and RDI: 0.7.

From recommendations in this forum and other forums, I started off with min:4 max: 7, EPR 2 (I know now that the EPR here makes no sense). This was before I received an SD card, but it yielded:
Day 1: AHI of 5.2 (3.1 Obstructive, 0.6 Central, 1.5 Hypopnea)
Day 2: AHI of 0.6 (0.5 Obstructive, 0.1 Central, 0 Hypopnea)
Day 3: AHI of 0.9 (0.3 Obstructive, 0 Central, 0.6 Hypopnea)
Day 4: AHI of 3.1 (1.3 Obstructive, 1 Central, 0.7 Hypopnea)
Day 5: AHI of 1.3 (0.6 Obstructive, 0.6 Central, 0 Hypopnea)
Day 6: AHI of 1.7 (0.3 Obstructive, 0.7 Central, 0.7 Hypopnea)
Day 7: AHI of 1.6 (0.3 Obstructive, 0.5 Central, 0.8 Hypopnea)
Day 8: AHI of 0.6 (0.1 Obstructive, 0.25 Central, 0.25 Hypopnea)

Then, after more recommendations, I went to min: 5 max: 8, EPR 3. This yielded:
Day 9: AHI of 0.4 (0.2 Obstructive, 0.2 Central, 0 Hypopnea).

Then, I went to min:6 max: 8. This yielded:
Day 10: AHI of 0.8 (0.4 Obstructive, 0.2 Central, 0.2 Hypopnea)
Day 11: AHI of 6.3 (4.5 Obstructive, 0 Central, 1.8 Hypopnea) ---- WTF happened here?? That was worse than without a CPAP! Link: https://imgur.com/a/ss7Hphx 
Day 12: AHI of 2.5 (2.5 Obstructive, 0 Central, 0 Hypopnea)
Day 13: AHI of 0.5 (0.5 Obstructive, 0 Central, 0 Hypopnea)
Day 14: AHI of 1.0 (0.3 Obstructive, 0.4 Central, 0.4 Hypopnea)
Day 15: AHI of 0.9 (0.2 Obstructive, 0.6 Central, 0.1 Hypopnea). Link: https://imgur.com/a/H9kdN8S
Day 16: AHI of 2.0 (.7 Obstructive, 0.9 Central, 0.3 Hypopnea). Link: https://imgur.com/a/L24g6C2

I'm having a hard time putting these results together since it varies so much by the date. I've attached some specific screenshots (not all, since that may be overwhelming) and I think inspecting the specific graphs may help. 

I'd love any advice from you experts Smile)! I'm curious about how EPR, flow limitations, leaks, and anything else are leading to the results I've been getting, and how I can use intelligently use that data to optimize my parameters. Thank you so much
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RE: Help interpreting OSCAR data!
Day 11 you tucked your chin resulting in a form of positional apnea. Don't worry about it unless it occurs consistently. The rell is how your obstructive events are clustered together.

Oh and welcome to the forum.

On your charts, we WANT the left sidebar less the calendar and pie chart. You can use F12 to accomplish this and take the screenshot. Why? The left screenbar contains stats and settings we use for our evaluations.

On the whole you are doing well.

EPR is a comfort feature that provides a differential pressure between inhale and exhale. This differential pressure is very effective in treating Hypopnoea, flow limits and RERAS. Numberwise EPR works by subtracting The EPR from the current (inhale) pressure. To allow the full range of EPR to work we typically recommend a min pressure of not les than 7. This results in an exhale pressure of 4, the machines min, with an EPR of 3.

Overall your numbers are looking good and are in a range where we pay more attention to comfort than numbers.

So try these settings and tell us which is more comfortable and why.

Min pres=7
Max pressure=15. Note that this is a cap and I doubt you will go anywhere near this pressure, and if you do it is better to eliminate the cause of the pressure increase than to stopt it artificially.
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