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Help me pick a FFM please
I agree with Paula on this. You can get suggestions, but there are too many differences in face shapes, and that certainly will make a difference on fit, seal and comfort.

There doesn't seem to be any way to really know unless you try a few different masks.
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Wow, you guys are spot on. I went to a DME today (after walking out my dr who wants to act as my DME dictator) and tried on various masks. You are totally right that it really depends on a person's individual face. Some fit me well in the mouth area but not the nose, and some were the opposite. Very interesting experience, actually getting to try them on. They even had me trying them plugged into my machine, so I could get the TRUE idea of how they are when being used.

I had an exhausting day, so I just tried on the ones he brought in to the room (which were conveniently the ones that I also had wanted to try, which many of you recommended).

Simplus - I liked how it felt. By experimenting with sizes, we were able to find the size that worked for me. I did not like the bar between the eyes... but then again, I don't sleep with my eyes open, so that probably wouldn't matter.

F10 - It was nice, too. It didn't fit the curvature of my face as well. But I could see it being a good mask too. Maybe if I would've tried a smaller size, it would've fit me well; but by that point I'd already realized I wanted to take the Amara home!

Amara View - I really liked how it hit my nose like the DreamWear, and covered the mouth in a similar way, without bridging the nose. I think this was pretty much exactly what I was hoping for. It fit me well, too. So this is the one I got!

Kudos to the DME for giving me the cushion replacements up front, so I can go the next few months without having to call them for those. (Far better customer service than from my dr DME.)

Thanks for your input, all. I appreciated the tip that it really depends on the individual's face. And I also appreciated you giving me input on best-guesses for what I was looking for. It all helped!
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I would recommend the ResMed F20.  It is a big improvement over the F10, which had a leakage problem.  My only problem with the F20 was irritation at the bridge of my nose where the mask rested.  I solved that with a small piece of plastic adhesive tape covering the area of my nose where the mask rested.
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(02-01-2017, 02:10 PM)bonjour Wrote: Take your machine with you and try them under pressure, preferably lying down as you do while sleeping.

Each of us is different, each of us has a different facial structure so what works for me may or may not work for you.  You have to TRY them.

I have to ask, why a FFM?  are you a mouth breather?  (sounds like you might be.)

Try the Amara View because it is a different type of FFM, it does touch the bottom of your nose but does not go "in" the nose nor does it rest on the nose like a typical FFM.  It has nothing above the bottom of your nose.

Bonjour - Thanks!  Yes - the DME had me try the masks with my machine, and the guy even advised me to lean back in the chair (it was an office chair, but with quite an ability to recline), and it was remarkable how a mask would fit while sitting up but then fit differently while leaning back with my head more at an angle it would be while sleeping.  I can see how much even more beneficial it would be actually lie on a bed at the DME.

While I really do like my DreamWear nasal mask, every now and then I really need to breathe through my mouth... so I want to have the FFM option in my nightstand drawer.  Also, at the time I wrote this, I wasn't getting enough air from my machine (it was at too low of a pressure) but I didn't realize the pressure was the problem, so I had hoped that a FFM would help me get more air since I'd be able to breathe through my mouth.

What you said about the Amara View is exactly why I ended up picking it.  I like those features a lot (not going in or over the nose).

(02-01-2017, 02:25 PM)bonjour Wrote: I know it's against your stated goal of staying away from your nose but,

IMHO the lightest, least intrusive, most easily sealed "mask" is the ResMed P10 pillows.  They should be on your nose, if they go in you need a larger size.

I know it totally does go against what I said I was looking for, BUT I actually think the P10 is going to be what I order when my DME lets me know it's time to re-order.  Since they don't go IN the nose, but just rest on the nostril, then I think it'd be worth a try.  With all of the pillow endorsement here on this forum, as well as from my friend who is a longtime CPAP user, I figure they're worth a try.

(02-01-2017, 06:54 PM)PaulaO2 Wrote: Really, suggesting a mask for you isn't possible. We're all so different. What works for a dozen of us won't work for a dozen others.

As an example, you can read my journey as I trialed a number of FFMs a while back. Everyone helped me figure out what size I should use for each mask, etc. I eventually settled on the Simplus because of the shape of my face and nose.

Paula - I read your thread and it was a fun read!  I'm glad you finally found one that works well for you.

(02-01-2017, 11:49 PM)Russatrice Wrote: Another Simplus user, besides my P10. I just want to add that I felt like you in that I absolutely didn't want anything going up to my forehead but when I tried the Simplus mask I found out that it doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I prefer the straps to not go across my cheeks as I mostly sleep on my side and the Simplus straps bother me less than the P10 straps, and leave less noticeably marks.

As I've thought about this over the last month or so since posting (yes, I'm ressurecting an old thread... but I have really benefited from re-reading it; and now that I'm not living in chaos of moving, selling houses, etc., I thought I'd reply to some of you, since I very greatly appreciated everyone's responses)... I'm in agreement with you on the Simplus.  I only put my mask on as I'm putting my head on the pillow to go to sleep; and I take it off as soon as I'm awake.  So really, who cares about the forehead part.  And like you said, when I tried it, it was actually quite comfortable. 

I hadn't thought about it, until I re-read what you wrote here, but after having tried the Amara View for a short while, I think strap placement may be more important than whether or not something is at my forehead.  The straps going across my cheeks/teeth/jaw area are annoying on me (and I readily admit to being Princess-and-the-Pea).  So perhaps my next FFM should be the Simplus!
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(02-04-2017, 09:22 AM)jerrydaw Wrote: I would recommend the ResMed F20.  It is a big improvement over the F10, which had a leakage problem.  My only problem with the F20 was irritation at the bridge of my nose where the mask rested.  I solved that with a small piece of plastic adhesive tape covering the area of my nose where the mask rested.

Thank you for that tip!  It's nice to know there's an improved version of the F10.  I'll definitely put that on my to-try list!
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If you try the F20, be aware that in addition to the cushion being available in 3 sizes, the headgear is also available in three sizes. There is a fitting template in the package for the cushion but nothing on fitting the headgear. It appears that the prepackaged mask comes with the same size headgear (i.e. lg cushion with lg headgear, med cushion with med headgear, sm cushion with sm headgear). A medium cushion was right for me so I was given a box that contained mask frame, med cushion, and medium headgear. My DME did not mention headgear sizing. It seemed to fit OK when I tried it, but after using it for a couple of nights, I wish the strap that goes across the top of my head were a little longer as it tends to pull the mask up a little too much.

It may be the large headgear would have been better for me. My DME doesn't seem to know the headgear comes in different sizes and is not willing to consider an exchange.

That strap is adjustable on the Amara View. Resmed should have done the same.  I think I can modify the F20 headgear to make it more adjustable using pieces from other headgear I have saved but It would have been nice to have had it sized properly from the start.
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I'm glad you found what was comfortable for you. It's very personal. I posted in another thread how different headgear affected the comfort and fit. The only way is to try it. Then as we get used to using an xPAP and wearing a mask, it might all change again.
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I would recommend the Airfit F20 without reservation. It is about to become my favorite mask. I am difficult to fit with a full face mask that does not leak. A comment that Melman made about the F20 rings true with me. The more I use the F20 the better it fits once I got the initial adjustments out of the way. I like the design. I like that there are only a few pieces that comprise the mask. The swivel works great and the elbow is very easy to remove. I was initially concerned about the elbow, swivel, and anti-asphyxiation valve all being one unit that does not appear to come apart but after having thought about it for a while, it is not so bad and it will be available as a spare part. I have also grown to really like the magnetic fasteners on the lower straps. At first I was a little skeptical but they work great and I have never once had one come loose unintentionally.

I initially tried the F20 for 3 nights and was having to constantly fiddle with it to prevent leaks. I went back to my Mirage Quattro for a while. I then tried the F20 again and everything improved to the point where I now just put the mask on and do not have to fiddle with it. I do not have to fiddle with it during the night either and I am predominantly a side sleeper. I think Resmed really used their heads when they designed this one.

Best Regards,


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Were you ware of the different headgear sizes? That's my only gripe with respect to the F20.  I think the large headgear with the medium cushion may have been a better fit for me.
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Thanks for the tips on the headgear. I suppose I'm spoiled with the headgear of the Amara View.
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