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Help me pick from 2 cpap machine options!
I have two choices ahead of me for machines in my price range.

I really wanted to not spend a ton at first in case this is something I quit then I wouldn't be out a bunch of money. But at the same time I don't want cheap equipment to hinder me. I really wanted to keep my purchase under $400 max!!! Preferably less - that is like all my savings.

Respironics M Series Auto Cpap
3 generations old...
1062 hours!, Very Clean, Non smoker, attached humidifier and water chamber.
Carrying case included.
Nose Face Mask (may or may not fit me)
Mask Might be additional $100

S9 AutoSet with H5i humidifier
0 hours (brand new), humidifier included, NO MASK, NO CASE, NO MANUALS
$100-$150 extra for mask

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IMHO your Option #2 is so much better that the whole thing isn't even a question!

Worst case scenario, you can sell off the S9 and recover most of the money.
Case? Do you travel a lot? I'm sure it will fit in one of the cases you already have.
Manual? Few seconds with google and you get the user manual. From here, you can get the clinical setup manual and all the help you need.

Remember, xPAP is not a disposable machine - you are going to be stuck with it for next few years. Get the best you can afford.
Everything I post on this board is nothing more than an opinion expressed by an apneak. Normally, it's based on facts and experience but sometimes, I may get things wrong or not have all the facts.
I reserve the right to change my mind. Why? Because tomorrow I may know better.
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I was thinking that too but $300 + $100 for mask is going to break the bank and leave us with no savings to fall back on. It means living penny to penny for a bit.

My thought with the cheaper one is I could use it, make sure I am going to stick with it (I quit everything I try), then save to upgrade later (next year). Then keep the cheap one for travel (we go out of town once a month).

I don't know - super up in the air on what to do.

Lady with cheaper one says she has people calling and wanting it and I need to decide. She will also show me how to use it, adjust pressure to my prescription, etc -- which the other store won't - they just sell them.
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Agree that Option 2 is better. Just hope your buying off someone you trust.

If you shop around, you can buy a mask cheaper than 150.00. There are deals quite frequently with some online suppliers for as little as 69.00, depending on mask style.

Also realize that just because you purchase a mask, it may not fit or work out for you. Buy with a 30 day trial option.

I know money is tight, but Cpap therapy doesn't come cheap and even a new mask (depending on style) would have to be replaced every 6 months to a year, along with nasal cushions, filters for machine, hoses, etc.
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If your apnea needs treatment, quitting the treatment is like quitting on living !!!
Everything I post on this board is nothing more than an opinion expressed by an apneak. Normally, it's based on facts and experience but sometimes, I may get things wrong or not have all the facts.
I reserve the right to change my mind. Why? Because tomorrow I may know better.
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I wish that was motivation...

Doctor also said lose weight or die but haven't been able to lose a pound yet in 15 different tries over 10 years. Just get heavier and heavier.

I have mild sleep apnea and he said it was my choice whether I wanted a machine or not.
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The thing that bothers me about machine #1 is that it's 3 generation old.
I do not know if it has an SD card that can be used with software to track therapy.

The S9 is only one generation back; and many people are still using them.
The instructions for setting the S9 are available here on apneaboard.

If you truly cannot afford the S9, then do something -- i.e. go with option 1 if you must.
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I hear ya - I am asking now about whether it tracks sleep/therapy.

My doctor says he uses the older one himself and loves it. Great budget machine he said.
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Everyone is motivated differently. I also have a weight problem, but keep trying. Smile

I believe the real motivation for you will be if you realized the damage that untreated sleep apnea will do to your body. Mabye not today, or tomorrow, but it will kill you little by little with various diseases, like heart disease, high blood pressure, possible diabetics, etc.

I have a feeling I'm a lot older than you, but I'm motivated to stick around not just for myself, but for my family.

I have read all your posts, and the one thing that sticks with me is your comment that you quit everything. Please don't go into this thinking that way, because you will likely fail.

This is a caring community here, and we can help you. So whatever machine you purchase, someone here can help you set it up.

Good luck!
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Just called - turns out those resmed s9's are used (not new like I was told) and have high hours. And they want more than the volunteer told me on the phone.

They did want to stress they are a retail store and can give NO HELP with picking out machines, masks, etc.
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