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Help please new user Resmed auto 9 VERY loud
First allow me to introduce myself... I'm actually not the patient but the spouse. I'm trying to trouble shoot for my husband who just purchased a resmed autoset 9 with humidifier without heated hose.

He did a trial with a local company for several months which went well. The machine was quiet and helped both of us sleep better! Unfortunately the price was astronomical!

I found the same machine with an online retailer for $2000 less! We've had his machine for a week now. The retailer was very easy to deal with and I will contact them on Monday but in the meantime perhaps we can get some suggestions...

This machine is SO LOUD. It's not the gentle whistle I've heard in online videos. It's not the mask - it's the actual machine. It makes this horrible loud hissing noise - so loud I can hear it in another room. My husband has also mentioned that in the morning it smells like a dryer vent... I'm assuming he means wet heat so something with the humidifier? It's set at 3 for humidity.

Because we aren't working with a local retailer we had to guess a bit at what to set it at. The APR is good now after trial and error and youtube, the ramp is fine, the levels are those of his prescription - the only thing I'm not sure about is the humidity and the NOISE. Oh also he's gotten sick now. It "could" be a cold but certainly nasal congestion which may be related to the machine not being set right. He's sleeping better than he did without it, so that is good, but it's so loud with this hissing that we are both struggling... I just stay up until 3am so I can collapse in bed as I'm so tired I can sleep with the noise. ANY suggestions are appreciated!
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Hi mom1mg and welcome to the forum!

Sorry to hear about the problem you are having with your hubby's new machine. Only thing I can think of is creating some more 'white' noise, like fans, or using a smartphone sleep app with gentle music or sounds to help drown it out. I sure hope the online retailer will quickly change out your machine for a non-defective one. Sounds like there is something wrong with the one you have.

Good luck and keep us posted!
APNEABOARD - A great place to be if you're a hosehead!! Rolleyes

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Agree, sounds like the machine is defective. You should have received a warranty which is usually 2 years. I would call the online retailer, and try to get a replacement.
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The S9 should be quiet as a mouse. When mine made any noise, it was because the humidifier lid wasn't fully closed and latched. Were it me, I'd run the mask fit routine (mask on) and feel around the machine, especially the humidifier to unit junction and humidifier lid, hose, etc, for air leakage. You may have a seal in the unit leaking (or missing).
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Check the gasket in the top of the humidifier. It's removable for cleaning; and has to be reseated just right.

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Disconnect the humidifier from the blower. Attach the hose directly to the side of the blower. Turn the machine on. Do you still hear the noise? If so, the machine is defective (or maybe the hose has a large leak). If not, you have isolated the noise to the humidifier. This is not uncommon. Carefully check and re-seat the seals. If you press down on the humidifier lid, does the noise reduce?
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This noise most likely is from a loose fit on the humidifier container, or even a mis-aligned silicone gasket in the humidifier tray. Take the humidifier container out of the humidifier and inspect all the seals. Try re-inserting it firmly, and turn on the unit keeping the outlet tube blocked. A leak in the unit will be noisy. If the noise continues, remove the H5i humidifier from the blower unit and hook up the hose directly to the blower outlet. If the noise continues, the blower unit has a problem. If the noise goes away, then again, it is the seal where the blower outlet goes into the humidifier.

Your unit is under warranty, but this sounds like a problem that can be solved with some simple troubleshooting and reassembly.
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Hi mom1mg,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
AS others have said, make sure the gasket in the humidifier lid is in correctly and it is closed snuggly. If it isn't closed tight, it will be loud.
I have had this happen to me and it is because I didn't press down firmly enough to close the lid.
Good luck to your husband with his CPAP therapy and to you with getting good sleep.
Hang in there for more responses to your post.
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Make sure the lid is fully closed and latched. It will still run when the lid is loose and when that is the case it makes a much louder sound. Also, make sure the hose is properly attached. May sound like a dumb answer, but my respironics is very quiet EXCEPT when I have added water and the lid did not latch and seal properly. While this may sound too obvious, it is the only thing I could think of that would make this loud noise.

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Sounds like something is wrong...

I'm pretty sure all resmed s9 machines have a little bit of air coming out the front.

If you unplug the machine and take off the humidifier and the filter cover and filter, you can plug the intake hole with one finger and blow into the out take hole and hear the air coming out of the front of the machine like a very slow leak. If you hear air escaping any where else, such as on top or on the sides, then something is wrong.

If it's the motor, well, I don't know what a defective motor sounds like. Does the sound change on exhalation or inhalation?

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