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Help severe central apena and dry mouth
RE: Help severe central apena and dry mouth
G'day Drymouth, sorry to hear you're having so much trouble with this.

First, lets get your actual condition diagnosed: An apnea is a cessation of breathing for 10 seconds or more. So 400 central apneas and 80 obstructive apneas adds up to 4,800 seconds - but there are only 3,600 seconds in an hour. Something doesn't add up! Maybe it's 400 events per night? That's still severe apnea (eg 480 events over 8 hours sleep is still an AHI of 60, which is very severe). You need to get hold of your sleep study records - if you went to a private practice they are required under APP-12 of the Australian Privacy Law to provide it to you unless doing so would endanger your health or sanity. See here: https://www.oaic.gov.au/individuals/faqs...lth-sector

With all the other medical issues it's not surprising you don't feel too flash.The apnea may be making some of these issues worse, or it may be the result of some of them. Either way, I think it's for certain you're going to need an ASV machine to treat your central apnea. The ResMed S9 VPAP Adapt or the new Resmed Aircurve 10 CS Pacewave are excellent machines. Alternatively you may try the Philips Respironics Bipap ASV Advanced (I think that's what it's called). These are all expensive machines - your talking around $4000 or more, maybe less if you can find a pre-loved machine at a reputable seller such as dealer #2 on our suppliers list: http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-...plier-List

The HC150 is a stand-alone humidifier which is separate from your CPAP machine, but which is advertised as being compatible with most cpaps. I suspect it is superseded as it's no longer listed on the Fisher & Paykel website. If you're looking to import one, ensure you get the proper voltage, as the American version is noted as strictly 110 volts only. Now, having said it's compatible with most machines, I would have my doubts that it's compatible with an ASV. These machines rely on continuous real-time monitoring of your airflow and respond instantly if there is a disruption to your breathing. I don't know how well they would work with a big bulky humidifier in the circuit. (In fact the Aircurve probably won't work at all as it has a built-in humidifier which the HC150 is not compatible with).

As mentioned above, can you tell us which model Resmed S9 you have now? It will be printed next to the on/off button and will be something like Escape, Autoset, VPAP Adapt etc. Also, download the SleepyHead software (link at the top of this page) and upload some screen shots so we can get a more detailed look at what's happening.

Hang in there mate - we'll help you through this.
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RE: Help severe central apena and dry mouth
You might want to talk to a doctor about supplementing testosterone, and you can take 5000 iu of vitamin D over the counter.

Central apnea can be caused by many different things, but what many people don't realize is that it can be caused by positive air pressure therapy as well, so the cure for OA can be the cause of CA. This is known ad CPAP induced complex apnea, and it is only apparent in a study of the patient under PAP therapy, and will not show up in a diagnostic sleep study. Relatively few doctors and clinics seem to be proactive in recognizing and treating complex apnea syndrome, so finding the right doctor, or self-medicating is key. Since you're in Australia, this is going to be even more difficult. We often have ASV machines available here in the U.S. through used and secondary channels, but this kind of machine is rare and expensive in AU.
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RE: Help severe central apena and dry mouth
Reviving an old thread....

I am researching dry mouth and came across this thread. I hope this guy found some relief. with the help of the members on this forum, I am currently using an ASV machine and it has been a game-changer. I had many of the same symptoms mentioned in this thread.

currently experiencing major dry mouth. I think it is because we do live in an extremely dry climate and my wife loves the bedroom at about 50 degrees with outside temps below freezing and windows open. I'm sure its humidity related. 

not sure what to do. it's not keeping me awake, just stinks peeling my lips from my gums in the morning.

I appreciate all the incredibly helpful people on this forum.

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RE: Help severe central apena and dry mouth
I use nasal pillows and lately I find my mouth opens slightly causing leaks and dry mouth. I have a chin strap to try and keep it closed. Just another thing to consider.
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RE: Help severe central apena and dry mouth
(02-15-2016, 04:04 PM)Drymouth Wrote: Hi i am new to this forum and need help. I have central sleep apnea of 400 per hour and obstructive of about 80 per hour. 2 years ago i got a ressmart machine. The trial machine was fine so i brought it. Every time i used it i would wake up with a severe dry mouth and feel like im choking. Sent it back with no luck so i stopped using it. Fast forward till now and i have gotten worse. I am now trialing a resmed s9 it has the same problem. No matter how high i put the humidifier i get severe dry mouth. I tried boiling water in the chamber and some water in the tube which seemed ok for about 30 min then started to dry out. Please help.
My next step is to put a hole in the tube and have water drip into it some how. Everyone has told me they dont know what to do. I feel like im dying im a zombie all the time i can barely drive. Some times i cant get out of bed.

Hi, my apnea problem is not as serious as yours but I had cancer surgery several years ago which means I have very low saliva production. I have tried a few of the over the counter remedies for dry mouth and they didn't work very well.  At times I chew a piece of chewing gum then once it is soft I jam it between my teeth and upper gums....it helps and it also allows me to create a bit of a suction effect in my mouth that stops mouth breathing. However, my dentist recently gave me samples of a new product XyliMelts. they are pill sized tablets that you tuck in, and stick onto your gums...you can use two at a time, one on each side, I find one is adequate. there is some sort of adhesive on it to reduce the risk of choking and they take about 6 hours to dissolve to nothing. But they work fairly well. You can by them online from the manufacturer Just google XyliMelts  ...I got several packs from Amazon about $10 for a 40 pack.....might be worth a try.  Good Luck
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