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Help understanding PR DreamMapper Info
I have had my Respironics DreamStation Auto CPAP for five days now and have been using it every night. I didn't sign up for the Philip Respironics DreamMapper app until after the first night so it didn't read my first day info, but I now have four days worth of info, but don't understand it. Plus the AHI number on my machine is always different than what the app says it is, at least double. Also my mask fit is always at 100%. Here are some screen shots of my four days of info. Anyone have any ideas on what this all means. Am I doing well? What #'s are more important Total Obstructive Apneas or AHI? Why is there a listing of Central Sleep Apneas? I would like to use the well recommended Sleepy Head software, but don't think it supports DreamStation yet. Sorry about the links, they did not embed properly and have to be clicked on to see images.




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Are you able to find somewhere on the DreamStation display what your 90% pressure reading is?

I don't see that many clear airways, but too many Obstructives, which indicates that your starting pressure is too low. If you could find that 90% pressure, that would help in determining a better minimum pressure and help eliminate some of those Obstructives.

I'm hoping that Sleepyhead will soon support this machine too.
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AHI is the number of apneas events (obstructive + central) + hypopneas per hour
They're showing total events you had during the night
e.g. Sat 31 October
Total central apneas 4 + total obstructive apneas 27 + total hypopneas 0 = 31 events
AHI = 31 events divide by usage 10 = 3.1

On my machine, period can set to 1 day to show AHI for last night data, also shows average if 7 days, 1 month, etc ... selected
I suppose the same apply to PR machines. PR started to use 'central apnea', previously, they call it 'clear airway'
If you spend some time in bed awake and not falling asleep, the machine can score events while awake
Awake events don't mean much but can skew the results

Mask fit excellent as well as hours using the machine. They don't seem shows 90% pressure (pressure at or below for 90% of the time) but the machine should show it. I would turn Ramp off, not needed to start at 4 for 30 minutes, since the minimum pressure set at 5

Edit: BTW, if you don't want your name shows on the images, you can edit the post and remove it

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On my machine it says my 1 day 90% is 11, My 7 day is 10.9 and my 30 day is 10.9. I have only been using the machine five days now and the DME and Dr set it up to start at 4 and max at 11. I guess my prescription is for 11. I increased the start pressure to 5 because I felt like I wasn't getting enough air when starting out. The machine is an auto CPAP.

Thanks for the replies.
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What is also confusing me is on my machine display it showed a AHI of 7.4 for last night, the 31st, but on the app it says 3.1 for today's AHI. It is like that for all days, meaning the machines display's AHI is usually more than double what the app says.
I also do tend to probably lay awake about 30 minutes to an hour with the mask and machine on. I can't judge how long I will take to fall asleep.
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See if rebooting helps, unplug from the wall outlet, wait a while, and plug back
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Definetly a start pressure of 4 or even 5 may be too low for you if your 90% pressure is at 11.
That means you were at 11 or below for 90% of the night.

If you feel better asking your DMR/Doctor first, but if it were me, I would set my pressure range at 7-12. It would be much easier to breath at 7.

You haven't been at it for too long, so don't make a lot of changes. Watch your numbers for a few weeks.

One thing I don't understand: what do you mean when you say your AHI was 7.4, but the app says 3.1.
Do you mean the app gives a different reading? I would go with what the machines readout says. Thinking-about

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(11-01-2015, 07:57 PM)pwgphoto Wrote: What is also confusing me is on my machine display it showed a AHI of 7.4 for last night, the 31st, but on the app it says 3.1 for today's AHI.

We haven't been very impressed by the DreamMapper app. But let's worry about that later.

The issue now is whether or not your machine is bumping up against the high pressure limit of 11.

Are you tolerating the machine well? Any problems sleeping with it?

You can try shortening the ramp time, or turning it off altogether. That will allow your machine to rise to a higher pressure faster.

Apnea Board Moderator

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So far I have tried not to mess around with the provider settings too much. I did change the bottom pressure end to 5, from 4 and unlocked the AHI display because the DME did not have it set so I could see it on the machine. I am not happy with the DME and feel she was rushing to get me out of the office because I was her last appointment for the day. I feel like she didn't give me enough direction on using the machine or understanding the info. She also left the provider manual in my case, which has shown me how to change settings.

(11-01-2015, 08:45 PM)OpalRose Wrote: One thing I don't understand: what do you mean when you say your AHI was 7.4, but the app says 3.1.
Do you mean the app gives a different reading? I would go with what the machines readout says. Thinking-about

Here is a screen shot of last night from DreamMapper and also a shot of my machines AHI display screen. The AHI is different
[Image: 22072539994_e0074fcc51_h.jpg]AHI by Paul Gillespie, on Flickr

[Image: 22507095540_8047624a8b_b.jpg]Saturday 10-31 by Paul Gillespie, on Flickr
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Wow, that doesn't make sense! I've never used DreamMapper. I would go with the machine readout. Wish I could be more help.

Hopefully, someone that has used that program can be of more help.
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