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Help with cleaning and infections
(02-25-2014, 12:11 PM)retired_guy Wrote: It sounds like you're doing everything necessary, even more so, to keep your cpap sanitary. Are you using distilled water? That being true too, I think I'd look around at other sources for the problems you're describing. You haven't mentioned where you're from so I can't weigh in on whether or not I would guess seasonal difficulties. If you were here where I am, that's what I would do. Talk to the Docs and the sleep doc folks.

As far as Controll III, or other heavy duty things are concerned: I'm of the very staunch opinion that there still has been no better disinfectant than good old chlorine. So if you add a SMALL amount of bleach to a bowl of water and soak your stuff for an hour or so, nothings going to be alive. Just be sure to rinse everything well before you start sucking on it again.

Hi! Yes, I'm tried just about everything, but I didn't think about a little Clorox! And yes I do use only distilled water. Seasonal allergies could be the culprit and throw in a couple of long haired cats! i work hard to make sure I clean up the cat hair and All. I moved from the south to the northeast coast recently but I was having cpap issues prior to the move. Thanks for your response!
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(02-25-2014, 12:39 PM)trish6hundred Wrote: Hi Hunty,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
I have used Control III before, it's a good cleaner for CPAP equipment.
Now, I use a bit of Ivory liquid in warm water once a week to clean my parts, because it's convenient to pick up at the store when I buy groceries. But, if you feel you need something a bit stronger, Control III is good.
Best of luck to you and hang tight for more suggestions.

Thank you for your response. I may try ivory with a splash of Clorox when I run out of current cleaner.
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S9 continue blow air for a while after turn off machine to cool down the heater plate and that dry the hose somewhat
Me too, detach the hose and hang it over the bedroom door to air dry ... ymmv
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(02-25-2014, 04:29 PM)mjbearit Wrote: Hey Hunty, I've been doing this for a long time and I am probably the WORST example of what not to do! Smile I hardly ever dump my water, I top it off when it gets low. I do not disconnect my hose after use and clean everything every day. Every night I use disinfectant wipes on the mask, let it dry and put it on. About every couple of weeks I tear everything apart and wash it in hot soapy water, rinse well, then I disinfect using a disinfectant from the local business supplier (their initials are S&FI in case we can't put the name here!) the disinfectant is used in the bar & restaurant industry. I let it soak for about 20-30 minutes, rinse twice and hang up to air dry. I have never "caught" anything from my machine. Contrary to popular belief, you can't get sick from your own germs, so really all you have to worry about is mold or anything growing in the machine. I theory some foreign germ could find my mask, make it's way up the mask, into the hose and down into the water tank where it could multiply, waiting for me to put it back on...but that has never happened. I get my flu shots every year and I got my pneumonia shot. Now I still have colds sometimes, I had a doozey this year that triggered an acute asthma problem, but that was all from picking up germs while taking my grandsons shopping after Christmas and finding a WalMart germ! The asthma is an existing condition that was aggravated by the cold. You may want to talk to your doc about getting a pneumonia shot. I had pneumonia 3 times in my teen years, plus I am diabetic, so even though I am not the age my HMO usually gives them, they corralled me one day and stuck me! This winter has been really bad for the flu and colds so everyone really should consider getting a flu shot, and there is no way it gives you the flu regardless of what people say! Just my thoughts on it.
Good luck,

While I was in the hospital I rec'd a pneumonia shot so hopefully I won't get that again. I regularly change out all the parts including hoses and humidifier unit. I had not considered stomach acid, and I do tend to eat late. I'll try to modify that practice and see if it helps. I don't take anti acids on a regular basis...I have talked the matter over with two pulmonogists as well. One suggested not using the humidifier at all while the other suggested another sleep study. I can't do either! Can't sleep without the moisture because the air is too dry. My insurance probably will not pay for another study since it's only been 14 months. I'll keep working with the docs. Thanks for your response.
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(02-25-2014, 05:41 PM)Hunty Wrote: My insurance probably will not pay for another study since it's only been 14 months. I'll keep working with the docs. Thanks for your response.

Don't be too sure. Insurance companies are all different and if the doc tells them you need it, they very well may pay for it! You lose nothing by asking! Just a thought!
As always, YMMV! You do not have to agree or disagree, I am not a professional so my mental meanderings are simply recollections of things from my own life.

PRS1 - Auto - A-Flex x2 - 12.50 - 20 - Humid x2 - Swift FX
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My insurance company paid for a sleep study in October and again in November of last year. YMMV but that is a good thought but not sure that will answer why you have been sick. I couldn't do without my humidifier either.
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Hi Hunty, just a thought here, what type of surface do you sit your machine on ?
If you are sitting it on the floor (carpet) then you might be sucking little critters in from the air inlet.
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Hi again Hunty, it just dawned on me that upper respiratory infections and pneumonia are often caused by mold, it might be good idea to have a look around your home.

eg. rising damp, roof leaks, moldy plaster, leaking shower screen, leaking pipes inside cupboards, the mold could be under floor coverings tiles ect. some people can be very allergic to mold.
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(02-26-2014, 07:20 AM)comatose Wrote: Hi again Hunty, it just dawned on me that upper respiratory infections and pneumonia are often caused by mold, it might be good idea to have a look around your home.

eg. rising damp, roof leaks, moldy plaster, leaking shower screen, leaking pipes inside cupboards, the mold could be under floor coverings tiles ect. some people can be very allergic to mold.

Hi.. Thanks for your posts! I keep my unit on the nightstand so shouldn't be any carpet or vent critters. I had no mold that I know of in my house and nothing noticeable where I live now. I guess I just need to keep my doctors looking into these issues.
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Hunty I was just doing some online shopping and I came across a CPAP bacterial filter at supplier # 10, here is the blurb

"Philips Respironics In-Line Outlet CPAP/BiPAP Bacteria Filter

This filter is used to help alleviate allergy symptoms and deliver the cleanest, freshest air possible. If you suffer from allergies you know that allergies and CPAP don't mix well. This Respironics manufactured bacteria filter cleans the air as it leaves the machine and it does this without reducing the pressure at your mask. Some bacteria filters will make you have to re-calibrate your CPAP machine because of the pressure being reduced. With the Respironics in-line outlet bacteria filter no calibration is needed.
This bacteria filter has a universal CPAP tube connection on each end. This makes it compatible with all CPAP and BiPAP machines and masks. Please note: This filter will work with brands other than Phillips Respironics.
It is recommended that this filter be replaced every 4 to 6 weeks."

Supplier # 4 has cheap disposable ones also, I didn't check the other suppliers.

The problem I see with this is that your machine supplies the same air that you breathe by day, so it may help if your illness is coming from a bug that has somehow set up camp in your machine?

So maybe you need to have the machine professionally cleaned to eliminate that possibility?

I know I am just shooting in the dark here but it looks like you need to cover all bases.

I take daily, 4000 mg of vitamin C, 2000IU vitamin D, 1000IU vitamin E, CoQ10 and a sublingual vitamin B.
I probably get a cold or flu once every 3 or 4 years and I have never had a flu shot, everybody has their own ideas on vaccination and the science behind it but my theory is that your immune system needs to be strengthened and not weakened, I have serious doubts about the safety of the thimerosal (mercury), aluminum, formaldehyde and whatever else is slipped into the vaccination witches brew.
I know "some" vaccinations are necessary but in my opinion they are well and truly oversold, when they manufacture the flu vaccine they don't even know what strains of flu are going be predominant when the flu season hits, they guess.

Your own immune system is very powerful and if it is helped along and supported you may overcome your illness.

ps. I am a mechanic/welder, tiz only my 2 bobs worth and I wish you good heath Sleep-well

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