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Help with hose management
Help with hose management

I need suggestions on how to manage the hose when using Dreamwear. Here's my current setup:


As you can see, I am using 2 different products. One is attached to the library's side panel. It is an elastic band like structure attached with an adhesive. It can be used to control where the hose will pass from but it doesn't give a lot of freedom for movement, hence the second product on the center, which has 2 retractable cords with velcros. With this setup, I can move in the bed and the hose never comes in contact with the front portion of my face, however, due to the acute angle the hose makes with the mask it isn't always easy to turn in bed. Also, due to that angle, the vents end up turning towards the pillows, which makes a lot of noise (I sometimes wake up and think there is a mask leak, but it is the air from the vents hitting the pillow:


Can you recommend a better placement for the hose control devices? Is it possible to change the connector to the mask, so that it doesn't make a very acute angle?

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RE: Help with hose management
You could try moving the suspension point for the 2 retractable cords with velcros lower, toward the light. Doing so would turn the vent elbow enough to prevent the pillow restricting, partially blocking the vent holes.

I don't know if there's an adapter/accessory to change the vent elbow's discharge.
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RE: Help with hose management
The Hose buddy type jobbies on [Commercial Link Workaround Removed] Amazon don't ship to us in OZ and with the exchange rate and Covid... no good.

My son does a lot of sound recording and suggested a mike stand.

The ones he had in this studio have wide tripod type feet, no good for me, no space.

So at my local Super Duper MegaMusic store** I found one with a flat round cast iron base, and a boom arm.

At the moment it resides between bed and headboard.

It adjusts for height, reach and tilt, and so I can reach up and adjust it during the night, and allows to me utilise the whole bed space.
I also now attach a small magnetic LED torch to the pole for those nocturnal urges to read Robbin's textbook of Pathology! (Not!)

I can also place the stand *next* to the bed and so have the hose connector further away from the headboard, so no vent noise whooshing up against the headboard. This might be an idea for you to consider.

**Off topic:
I sneaked in to the music store and asked the young chap to show me his mike stands, and he asked which type of  microphone etc. I leant forward and in hushed conspiratorial tones explained, no its actually for a CPAP machine, you prolly don't know what that is but..... Oh yes he said my Dad has one and took it with him when he took the family on 3 month safari through Africa battery pack and all! The guy at the local bed store is on CPAP and so is his partner, seems there is a whole closet community out there!! LOL.

Best wishes with whatever works for you in the long run!

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RE: Help with hose management
I use the Hose Buddy System.  


Yes, a little expensive, but to me worth every penny.  I was constantly fighting with the hose prior to this.  The base fits between your mattresses, is adjustable for height, and pivots left or right as you move in your sleep.  

Just google Hose Buddy Systems.
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RE: Help with hose management
I fabricated a hose holder myself. It mounts on top of our bed's headboard, on my side of the bed, directly above my head. 

By having it directly above my head, it works great. The arm that holds the hose swivels back & forth as I shift from one side to the other. I'm a side sleeper. 

The hose for my CPAP is 6' long I believe. My machine rests atop a bedside file cabinet that is as tall as our top mattress. The hose runs uphill to the holder and I never have any rain-out issues. 

When I get up for the day, our headboard is wide enough that the hose rests nicely on it, out of the way, tucked behind the hose holder.
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RE: Help with hose management
+1 for the Hose Buddy, though I can't tell whether the little shelf overhangs the top of the mattress. If it does, a better choice might be the Arden Innovations hose lift, which works well tucked into the side of the mattress next to your pillow. It is collapsible and very light-weight; in use, it is also flexible. I use a hose cover, and I think that helps to keep the hose in position where it passes through the loop at the top of the lift. I use it for travel, or did when travel was a thing.
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RE: Help with hose management
Thanks for the suggestions. My actual setup isn't very different from the ones mentioned on the posts. The problem with Dreamwear (and probably the N30i equivalent in Resmed) is that it works better if the hose is horizontal instead of vertical, and all of the commercial solutions (including the one I am using) are geared towards a vertical use. I think lowering the hanger could work better in that case, however it would also be nice if there was a 45 degree or straight elbow (the connection piece between the hose and the mask), which would make it more compatible with vertical hoses.
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RE: Help with hose management
I went above & beyond to keep mine as simple as possible. The fewer parts, the better. My hose holder is mounted solid to the top of our headboard. No flex or movement what-so-ever. 

I do use a hose cover and that makes it all that much better. It's makes the hose virtually silent and allows it to move more smoothly. 

I'm using an AirFit F30 mask and a ResMed Quiet Elbow. Prior to making my hose holder, it was a real chore to manage the hose lying on me as I slept. I did that for about 7 nights or so, and said enough was enough.  Oh-jeez
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RE: Help with hose management
I wonder if it is possible to use a hose-cover with a  ClimateLine hose. Would it mess with its functionality?
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RE: Help with hose management
It will not hurt anything to use a cover with your ClimateLine hose. Many of us do. I think you are on the right track with lowering your hose from vertical to horizontal. The cover will make the hose quieter as well as making it more comfortable if the hose comes in contact with your face.
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