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(03-19-2013, 08:21 PM)Dest Wrote: Her insurance won't really even take a dent out of the cost of an additional sleep study, so we are trying to avoid having to do another one. I am sure that eventually we will be able to find a mask that will be fine enough to make it through a nights sleep with some practice/patience.

My main concern is having the appropriate pressure for the machine. Some have mentioned that 4 is probably way too low. I also remember when she had her initial study she was in the range where some doctors may not even consider her as having sleep apnea at 10/hr.

Any advice would be great. If the overall best option is to just bite the bullet and pay for another sleep study we will. I would really prefer to avoid it though as I doubt much has really changed since the last one. She was not diagnosed with any other side effects so I am really just concerned with pressure at this point.

If her machine is data capable, download SleepyHead or other software that can process and display the data. Then you'll know what her AHI is now. That can be the basis for some small, incremental adjustments in her settings.

Any chance of borrowing an APAP machine? If not, what would the insurance reimburse/ cost out of pocket for the sleep study? It might be much cheaper to buy a re-furbished APAP and do your own home titration. Not ideal since another sleep study would be a good idea but better than nothing.
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Sounds like a good time to invest in a recording pulse oximeter; could see if you are having significant desaturations without PAP and also if you are having them with PAP pressure set to 4cmH2O. If so, could increase pressure until desturations are eliminated/minimized. Recording PulsOx is fairly cheap (in comparison to sleep study). If you decide to go that route, post back and you'll undoubtedly get a lot of info on PulseOx models and what to look for in the readings.

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(03-19-2013, 09:57 PM)aehjr Wrote: [quote='Dest' pid='32166' dateline='1363742487']

Her insurance won't really even take a dent out of the cost of an additional sleep study,

OMG I keep forgetting that in some ways we're really spoiled out here in Canada where sleep studies are always "free" in quotation marks.
What I mean is there is no up front cost but of course we pay for it in our taxes.
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I second the oximeter. It is cheap enough to try. I suggest using it for several nights to form a baseline. Also use it during exercise and at rest, for further baseline. Blood oxygen saturation should be over 95% no matter what you are doing. If it dips lower than that during sleep, it would indicate a problem.

After that, if the O2 does dip low, the next suggestion is to invest in an autoPAP. Supplier #2 sells gently used and open box machines. All she would need is a prescription for it and a mask. Any doctor can write the prescription, it does not have to be a sleep doc. Look for any ResMed S9 that does not have the word "Escape" in the name or any Phillips Respironics that does not have the word "Plus" in the name. I'm not sure which one to get with PR but with ResMed, that would be the S9 Autoset. By getting a newer machine, you will be able to view the data. While the S8 Elite II may keep data, you have limited ways to view that. First, you'd have to get a proprietary ResMed card reader. They can be found on Ebay sometimes.

With an APAP, you can set the pressure range and it will determine the best pressure to use. If your previous pressure was set at 4 (gah, I could NOT sleep with that!), then set a minimum of 4 with the maximum of, say, 8 or 10. Wear the oximeter every other night or so to ensure the O2 rises.
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I might be the least qualified to advise you but I will say this: Follow what seems best for you. Try the c-pap while awake. I might even risk making the pressure higher at least while awake to see how that feels. An auto titrating machine I think is the best way to go because it determines the pressure for you. That would be how I would spend money for sleep health.BUT for now I recommend something that absolutely will never harm you. Eat lots of natural foods and avoid sodium and processed, for fresh. Eat lots of fresh greens like Kale. There are many recipes on searches and they should give you energy. A whole list of great veggies and foods and benefits.Consider your foods. Avoid sugar and high fructose corn sweeteners which are in everything except natural foods. This forum is awesome and the people here can help you. Visit daily. I, myself do not eat beef or any animal protein( no dairy) but chicken maybe once a month or less. I detoxed and ate very healthy for 46 days when my sister was visiting. I got energy, ate tons of good foods, never hungry and I lost 12lbs and had lost before her visit. I lost a total of 26lbs give or take. Also, NO salt, No Morton salt ever. if you must, use sea salt or the pink Himalyan sea salt. Salt makes me tired, and the water retention. So that is my suggestion. Diets never work, but changing food choices for healthy can. Needless to day, no colas or caffeine. You are young and should have energy and feel good. Good Luck, Oh, eat five times a day, small meals every few hrs. never go more than 3 1/2 hrs without eating something good for you. Give up bread and rice potatoes. Yams ok, for 3 weeks. Fats? Use olive oil for salads and coconut for cooking. It works.
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What in particular is uncomfortable about using your CPAP?
Get the free SleepyHead software here.
Useful links.
Click here for information on the main alternative to CPAP.
If it's midnight and a DME tells you it's dark outside, go and check it yourself.
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I'm with jgjones. Get the Pulse Oximeter (CMS50-F is a good start)
you might only be having 10 apneas per hour but if they are long enough in duration or in tight clusters, you might be going into deep O2 desaturations and that will make you feel like crap. (bad for you too in long run!)

Once you are armed with this data you can take printouts in to the Dr. and start getting some therapy going.

Hang in there!

"With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable." - Thomas Foxwell Buxton

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I did not expect this much valuable input. Thank you so much for all of your advice!!!
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