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High SPO2 readings?
High SPO2 readings?

Hi everyone. I am a newbie with the CPAP stuff and I am trying to get along with the hardware & software. I began therapy on 6/25/2016 with an Airsense10 with a full facial mask Mirage Quatro. I bought an Oximeter CMS50D+. I am using the SleepyHead software because I like more than Resmed software. My settings go from 4 to 16 cms. of water. As I said, I am grinding the way in this new world for me, and still got a lot to learn. I got a home study done and the results were 9.9 AHI, using the Airsense10 the AHI goes down 5 almost every day. I tried to do the night sleep study @ the clinic but I was so scare of all the wires and hardware that never did it.
I most improve:
1- Hours of use: more than 7 hours every day.
2-Leaks: about 2 lit/min.
3-Cleaning of hardware.
4-Use of software.
5-Interpretation of data & graphics.
The forum have been a very nice help for myself, because I realize that I am walking the same problems that must of the user of CPAP have walked. I realize that my problems with getting along with the hardware if a matter of patience.
Today post got to be with the SPO2 readings

As you can see there are two very nice periods of high SPO2 readings (about 98%).
I used the Oximeter for 1 hour 45 min. The first nice period is about 5 minutes and the second period is about 30 minutes. I tied to correlated this graphic with the SleepyHead graphics and did not found any correlation . I am asking for some answer about this correlation if any, and how I can reach this very nice high values of O2.

Note: I tried to attach a screen shoot of the graphics, but the forums says that I only got 200 kb and is not enough for the screen shoot.
Trust on me: In 1 hour and 45 minutes I got one 5 minutes period of 98% O2 and another of 98% O2 during ½ hour.

Thank you in advance.
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You seem to have a pretty good attitude about all this. Keep it up =)

You can try posting your images on an image hosting site like http://imgur.com/

I'm curious what was scary to you about the wires & hardware for the sleep study at your clinic. Did it make you feel claustrophobic? Were they uncomfortable?

98% sounds great for your SpO2. What was your lowest reading? I would focus on the low readings & their durations to see if there are any problems that need addressing.
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I think your focus on this is misplaced. Anything above 94-95% is normal and healthy.
[commercial link removed, instead, do a Google search for "amperordirect How to Interpret Pulse Oximeter Readings"]



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Hi natyprueba,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Much success to you with your CPAP therapy, hang in there for more answers to your question.
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-I will try with the graphics. Tks for link.
-Nothing wrong with the test, I chickened up with so many stuff, did my best to fall sleep and after 1 hour spin around I quit.
- I got sleeping 75% of time with around 92% O2 and 25% of time with 98%.
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(07-12-2016, 06:53 PM)natyprueba Wrote: shawn42.
-I will try with the graphics. Tks for link.
-Nothing wrong with the test, I chickened up with so many stuff, did my best to fall sleep and after 1 hour spin around I quit.
- I got sleeping 75% of time with around 92% O2 and 25% of time with 98%.

I've yet to discuss it with my doctor since monitoring my SpO2 at home, but 92% doesn't sound alarming. My O2 desaturation nadir was 74% at my initial study, and my report mentioned being under 88% for over 30 minutes. Based on that, I'm figuring the 88% mark is somehow worth noting, but I don't have a great grasp on this yet.

If I was in your situation and still concerned, I'd consult my doc to see how the numbers look.

Also, did you think of getting yourself very tired before your sleep study? It might help you to look past the discomfort. I know I could sleep on a hard rock simply if I'm tired enough =) Maybe try waking up extra early that day or even skipping a night's sleep altogether. In that case, it might be a good idea to have someone drive you. I believe you'll always get the best results from a clinical study since they have so much additional equipment that provides valuable insights into your sleep structure.
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I am sorry because I am really busy with the windows10 stuff and This got me away from the forum.
Everything began because I was trying to find out a correlation between the AHI graphic and the SPO2 graphic. I will tell you my thoughts:
The SPO2 measurements are made using an infrared lamp. This is an optical measurement. I am retired, but I studied and worked all my life with measurement equipment , controller, computers, etc. About this optical methods I know that they are very slow and usually got a very big transport delay, that means the equipment does not "see" a fast change in its input (my AHI events are really fast). For that, I can not find out this correlation , even I am sure it is over there. The Oximeter that I got is a cheaper one with an absolute error of +- 2%, meaning that what it reads can be really +- 2 units up or down. The good ones (in the sleep clinic) I don't believe that can be better than +-1%, because they use the same optical measurement principle. About the error in the equipment that I got, CMS50D+, I think that the real error is bigger than the 2%, because these are cheap equipment and doesn't come with a calibration chart or certificate.
I am answering my own question, because I think that is good that everybody knows the limitations of the SPO2 and get the readings of these equipment with caution.
I will follow your advise, I will speak with my doctor about all my worries. I got an appointment next week with him. I don't have any kind of medical education or medical knowledge, for that the forum has been a very nice means of knowledge. As I said I am a newbie trying to cope with the mask, tube & related stuff. I know that the therapy is doing good in my case, because I am sleeping less hours and don't fall to sleep watching TV or during the day time. I must keep going.
Tks for your time.
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