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Home test and more
Hi, new to this site and fairly new to OSA. In the past 12 months or so, I had a couple of times during the night when I could not breath as my tongue was blocking my throat. Not one to panic, I realized what was needed I sat up and and pushed what air I had left, out and got back to breathing. All good.

A month or so later, same thing so decide to force sleeping on my side as both times I was awoken, I was on my back. Still all good. Had a few rare instances where I had rolled on to my back and got the blocking. Again I didn't bother about it, but last night, I got the blockage and awoke and I was lying on my side. Uh oh!

OK, so time to do something. Not a fan of the idea of the mask and noise, but also not a fan of sudden death either. I read up online and find that several tests, doctors visits etc are the startng point, but that ain't gonna happen. I am old, we live out in the country and any medical crisis that doesn't involve free flowing blood or missing body parts, is handled at home. Smile

So, no lectures please. I am going to self-deal with this or die trying, pun intended, so I will buy a machine and mask and wing it. However, after reading a lot here, I heard mention of a home self test. How or where do I get that started?

Given my pretty clear cut examples of the "O" in the "OSA," I am figuring I can skip ahead to the buying machine stage.

Also read here, there are vendors selling used or returned stuff but cannot find where to look. Both mentions of that topic said "at the top of the forum," but these tired old eyes are not making it, it seems. No vendors pages have revealed themselves to me. I looked in the "Commercial," forum section, but nothing jumped out in that vein.

I sit, I wait eagerly to spend meagerly for knowledgeable guidance.

Thanks a lot to the people that started this forum. Knowledge is power and I have gained a lot of knowledge reading here and Online, but then in the greater scheme of things, it may only be regarded as a little knowledge and we know that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Smile

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Supplier #10 on the list -- see top of page, has a home test kit for $249.
For that, they will:

"We will mail you the ApneaLink™ Plus home sleep testing kit along with a brief medical history form
Follow the instructions included in your package and sleep with the testing device the night you receive it
Return the device via the return shipping label included in the package.
The data from the sleep testing device is downloaded and interpreted by Board Certified Sleep Physician
The results and recommendations are mailed to you as soon as they are interpreted.
If you have a positive test for sleep apnea we will send your prescription along with your interpreted report."

You need that Rx. We cannot advise you to try to acquire a machine without an Rx.

Then look at Supplier #2. They have lightly used and open box specials at good prices.
They require an Rx (or copy) and you will have that after doing a home test.

Edit: Just saw your: Where's the list plea...
it's at: http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-...plier-List


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JustMongo passed away in August 2017
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Thanks for the quick reply. $250 for the home test. Gonna have to pass on that.

I am finding confusion in pricing as being any sort of guide. The XT-Auto looks good, but then it is $200 less than the next nearest. Bad choice, good choice? Found some used Resmed S9 Elite, (recommended here over the Escape) but no idea if it is an auto or not. I'd rather buy an auto and not use it, than buy a "CPAP" and need an "APAP" after a week.

I guess to summarize, I'd like recommendations of what I need and of course, I would not hold anyone else liable for my decisions. At this stage, I am going to jump straight in feet first relying on my reading and others experience with similar type of OSA to hopefully make a somewhat informed purchase. Lead, follow or get out of my way. Smile
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Let's try this. Supplier #30 offers a "CPAP Prescription Package" and will send you a questionaire. For $99 will have a physician evaluate your answers and write a prescription. This will get you access to machines, masks, supplies, etc for 8-years. An alternate program is the home sleep study and prescription, but the questionnaire is about as cheap as it gets. Their home sleep test and prescription is $299.

If you have a family physician or PCP that is flexible and on your side, you can ask him/ her for a prescription for CPAP and supplies. Mine does this, but I am pretty aware of my needs and have a sleep study to back up my diagnosis. The point is, if you want insurance coverage, you will need a little higher level of diagnostic; either a home or clinical sleep study. If you are paying out of pocket, you only need a prescription. Your physician can do this, or if he isn't cooperative, Supplier #30 gives you that option for $99.
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Sleeprider: What's that PR auto machine that's reduced in price due to the DreamStation coming out?
Might that be a good choice for the OP?

GotIt: Yes, you definitely want an auto; and full data capable; plus one of the big two brands.
The S9 series is a generation back -- but still good machines. Avoid the S9 Escape as it's not fully data capable.

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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The Philips Respironics System One 60 Series Auto is identical in therapy to the Dreamstation Auto, but has been seen on Amazon and other places for under $400 new. Most buyers on Amazon report no prescription required. I bought one used from a private seller for $200, and got my BiPAP Auto for $350. Craigslist has its risks, but if you know what you're doing, it can be a good deal. Watch out for machines from a smoking household. The odor is difficult to remove. Also, I'm not a fan of used masks. New mask parts (headset, frame, cushion) can be purchased separately with out a prescription. Of course no one would ever think to put those parts together to make a whole mask which requires a prescription.

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Thanks everyone so far, should have mentioned that I have no insurance so it all comes out of my rather short pockets that Enrom seriously gathered from at their leisure. Local doctor charges $220 per visit so like to keep those at a minimum too.

I would of course like a new one and had checked Amazon but didn't exactly know what I was looking for. Now I am a little better armed I will go back and look again. I'll leave Craig's List for Craig to use. Never liked it.

Thanks to all for the tips, I had already decided I would buy a new mask. The one that appeals so far is the one with the tube outlet at the top of the head and the air through clear plastic straps. Dream-something I think. As an Engineer it sees to appeal rather than a trunk.

Amazon: Is this it?
Respironics dx500t11 ( Former Model known as 560HS - REMstar Auto with humidifier and SD card) -- ASIN: B017S0PDGA
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The model DX500T11 is the newest model Dreamstation auto with humidifier. standard hose and 60 watt power suply Model DX500T11 adds a heated hose and 80 watt power supply. Really can't go wrong with either one, but I LIKE my heated hose. It avoids any problem with condensation or rain-out, and is really nice in winter. Oh, yeah, the heated tubing is only 15 mm while standard is 22. Much thinner, more flexible, warmer and comfortable. The former series PRS1 60 (DS560xx) Series appears to be sold out most places.

The Dreamware Nasal CPAP Mask is an under the nose interface with the hose attaching at the top. The FITPACK comes with all 4 sizes of nasal interfaces, and for $60 you can't go wrong. Alternately, the Resmed Airfit P10 Nasal Pillows is very light and comfortable. Either way, if you are good to go with nasal therapy, these masks will be very good. Once you find one that really works, stock up when you see good prices.
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Thanks again Sleeprider, I very much appreciate the detail you go to with replies. More new terms to learn about. "rain-out?"

Where are you seeing the Fit Pack for 60-bucks? It is $109 everywhere I am looking.

We live in the AZ desert, so humidity is not a problem here. What's the idea behind the humidifier and the heated hose? I do like the concept of a smaller hose though. With these prices I am getting the feeling it might be time to break out the Arduinos and head to the machine shop, 4-20cm H2O is not that much air to pump. Smile Just finishing my home IoT using my own designed and built sensors and software, including some win8 software for monitoring with a webserver.

Back in my distant past, for a couple of years, I designed Medical Instruments at Corning. How hard can it be? LOL
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Welcome to the forum.Rolleyes

You are in the USA. Over here the insurances agencies help with all this CPAP stuff.
This is an expensive business, because there are a lot of stuff to change every 1,3 or 6 months: masks, filters, headgear, hoses, water tank, etc, Do not think that you will make a slump buy and that will be.
About buying a second hand machine, you will need to clean it ( if you got the knowledge) or pay for a professional cleaning to be in the safe place.IF you got insurance give them a call and found out how you can get a home test and know how much will be your co payment. I think that you must go at least for a home test to know what is going on and to get a prescription if you need it.
Good luck.
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