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Horrible bleeding sores from nasal pillows
I am a new CPAP user and this is my second mask. The first mask was the wisp nasal mask but it caused blisters on my skin over my nose. They switched me to the Nuance nasal pillows with a small and medium size. I have tried loosening. Tightening. Applying KY and neosporin. I switch between the medium and small to try and get relief. I even turned my humidity down to 1 to see that helped. This morning, I took the nasal pillows off and sores started to bleed heavily. I have Medicare and the dr said I must sleep with it at least 4 hours a night to stay in compliance. I use a chin strap because I have always been a nose and mouth breather. Is it just the way my nose is built or do I just need to go to a full face mask? 
I wish there was a way to upload a picture to show what I am talking about Sad
Thank you.
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It sounds like you could be allergic to silicone as am I. Nothing I have tried so far has helped and I'm feeling desperate and helpless. Will be interested to see what responses you receive.
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You can post a link to a picture posted on an outside site. Just add a couple of spaces in the address you are linking to. You can post links directly a few minutes after your fourth post. Respond to ihatesleepapnea20's and my posts and you will be well on your way. It does take a while for your membership status to change after getting the required posts, so don't give up.

It may sound counterproductive, but you might try the large size pillow. Soreness is a common complaint when first starting out with a nasal pillow mask. The pillows should rest mostly on the outside of your nostrils. I use Lansinoh, which is a HPA Lanolin when my nostrils get sore from using my nasal pillow mask. It is used by breastfeeding mothers and can be found in the baby aisle in most retail and drug stores. A little bit goes a long way. It will help the sores heal and also help prevent the soreness.

As ihatesleepapnea20 stated, you could just be allergic to the silicone as well.
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Panamamomma and ihatesleepapnea2017,

You both sound like you could benefit from using mask liners.  This will protect the area between the silicone and skin.

You can search from the supplier list at top of page, like Supplier #1.  Check around for best prices.  They have liners to fit most masks and they even have liners for nasal pillows masks.

Don't know if it will help, but worth a try.  

As far as bleeding sores, I suggest you see a doctor.  They need to be given a chance to heal.
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If you are indeed allergic to silicone, using a cloth mask like Sleep Weaver should solve your problem. Definitely talk to your DME about trying it out. Blisters and bleeding are not normal reactions to getting used to a mask. Redness, soreness, yes, but not what you describe. Best of luck to you and hopefully you can get help right away with this issue.
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I added more humidity and heat, went up a size to P10 Large and have had no chafing issues since. My nose had blood in it the first night I used a Nasal mask when I started and it didn't even touch my nostrils.
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Hi Pajamamomma,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
You could try a nasal mask instead of the pillows mask and see if that will help you.
The nasal mask gose over your nose. There are so many masks out there so don’t be shy about asking to try different ones ‘till you find one that works.
Good luck to you with your CPAP therapy and finding a mask.
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Fisher & Paykal Eson nose mask works great for me.

My clinic set me up with a Medium, but it gave me a deep painful mark on the bridge of my nose between my eyes.

After posting a pic here comments where made that the mask was to large for me... I downsized to the Small mask and have had no issues with it since. 

I trialed the pillows, but they gave my nostrils so much irritation I couldn't use them.
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It is very important to not overtighten the headgear. Once the pressure is on, it compensates for a lot of looseness. Try setting it to a looser setting.

Use Lansinoh in the morning, during the day and before bed. If you can trial a nasal mask while the sores heal, it would be a good idea.

Edit: I found the Airfit P10 the easiest and least painful to adapt to from a few nasal pillow masks.
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It is my opinion that the raw nose and slight pain endured during the first two weeks of using the P10 was very much worth the lifelong change. Don't give up, your skin will toughen up soon, hang in there till the sores heal.
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