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How Was it For You ???
So, how was it for you? You've been told the news that you have sleep apnea, you have your machine and your about to put your mask on for the first time.

....so first night over and how did it go? Is your face sore, your mouth dry, leaked all over the place or did you lay there listening to the hiss of the mask and had trouble nodding off. Is your belly full of air and feel like your going to explode or did you rip your mask off without knowing? These are all common problems when you first start out on your journey but they do go away after a few weeks or sometimes days, some dont even encounter any of these but most do. So why not share the night you lost your cpap virginity, a problem shared and all that. Dont be shy, were all in this mask together Big Grin

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It was honestly so long ago I do not really remember. The memory of that is overshadowed by the sleep study which was pure torture!
BTW, I woke up[ the other night sitting bolt upright in bed with my mask in my hand, so not everything always goes away! On the other hand, I cannot remember the last time I did that before the other night!
As always, YMMV! You do not have to agree or disagree, I am not a professional so my mental meanderings are simply recollections of things from my own life.

PRS1 - Auto - A-Flex x2 - 12.50 - 20 - Humid x2 - Swift FX
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I'm sorry! It was a fairly easy transition for me.

I was in the Navy for several years, and you learned to sleep wherever and whenever you could. During my sleep study I fell asleep in 15 minutes, even with all the wires, straps, and such. I've also been a scuba diver for decades and I think that prepared me for the normal abnormal breathing pattern CPAP has. I still use the same mask model they used during my titration. The first night was easy.

Now, I did get skin irritation (wife's face cream helped that), sinus infection (bumped humidifier way up), acne (got stridex wipes for the first time in decades), and yanked my whole CPAP off the night stand a couple times (started routing my hose under the pillow). I had muscular back pain that took a few months to get to where the pain didn't wake me up at 4:00 a.m. and still have that to a minor degree. So, there was some adjustment.

Now it's just part of bedtime. Fill the humidifier, put on the tube and mask, and take a deep breath to kick in the auto start. Then lay back and look forward to some good sleep!
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My first night sleep with a machine was when they gave me a Resmed S9 Auto to check what levels I would be needing. It really did not go to well!! I tested with a nasal mask and although not too uncomfortable, as soon as I fell asleep, the CPAP would crank the pressure up to 17 which would wake me up. I did not have any major problems with leaking of the mask, but I felt as if I could not breathe out. Eventually the pressure was so much that it all leaked out my mouth. I felt like a balloon with a leak. I kept on having to reset the machine and start from scratch to try get some sleep.

It also gave a me a belly full of air, which was painful as I have had a hiatus hernia operation so there is no way to burp the air out. I got to work next morning but did not last 1/2 the day when my boss sent me home. (I should have taken leave to test this).

Fortunately with a full face mask and some practice most of the problems are sorted and I am now getting some decent sleep.
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well my first night was not bad at all, the mask was ok didnt bother me much but the pressure was set on 7 and i know thats not very high but still it was hard to get use to, in a little while after taking the mask off a few times i was able to go to sleep ,later i learned it could be set to start at 4 and for a few weeks i did that, now its set on auto and runs up to about 11 but starts at the low of 4 its set 4-14,the best thing i have done with the machine other than use it, is set it to auto that has worked good for me.
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Hi there Dreamcatcher, I knew I had apnea before I went in for my sleep study back in April or May, (can't remeber exactly which,) of 2008. My mom and dad both had it, mom treated hers after a stroke and dad has never treated his. For a couple years mom rebelled against the machine but eventually, she got fairly used to it.
Anyway, I didn't have too much difficulty getting used to everything. I have switched masks several times and for now, I am using pillows and will probably stick to that.
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In the beginning I struggled getting a mask that would seal, then a mask that wouldn't break down the bridge of my nose. Otherwise I don't remember. It was 4 1/2 years ago. I didn't have a clue about numbers, how to look for them and what they meant. I continued to have Excessive Daytime Sleepiness and took Provigil for a long time. I did have trouble getting titrated after I unfortunately changed from a great doctor to a drop dead gorgeous totally inept doctor. I am back to the first doctor and have been on ASV since March. All in all it's just been something to deal with day in and day out. it's just something that has to be done.
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I took to it like a duck to water. I also was a scuba diver and that might have helped. I started on a cpap set at 10. What took me a while to figure out was exhaling. I just fought the pressure. Once I just decided to relax and not fight it, exhaling became much easier. Finding a masked that worked was a bit of a struggle and I have a drawer with maybe 15 of them. Ultimately settled on the profile lite which was the first that was given to me. The dme never told me to heat it up and fit it to my face. Also didn't give me any written info for it.
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I'm going through the first times right now.

My pawn shop ResMed Pro with constant pressure gave me panic attacks cuz I couldn't breathe well against the back pressure. Like getting water-boarded.

Just received the S9 AutoSet today and tested it out. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! The exhale is smooth like velvet and the S9 adjusts to my breathing. Overall I feel like there's a gentle breeze on my face using the full mask. I KNOW I can sleep with this - and looking forward to tonight.

I have it set at 4-20 for now and will begin dialing it in tonight for the first time. Wish I knew how well these Auto-PAP's worked before. Would have done this long ago.

Can't wait to see the results on SleepyHead.

The full-face mask left some marks on my face/nose bridge after only 10 minutes, so will need to work on minimizing the strap pull and fit.

More later -


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The trick with adjusting the pressure is time. Don't make nightly changes. Make weekly or more changes. You need time to adjust. Your autoset is set to wide open meaning the entire range. Give it two weeks then you'll have enough data for a trend.

As for my experience, I had a heckuva time finding the right mask. I had a lot of leaking at the top of my nose, right into my eyes. I was determined to not use nasal pillows but the rep finally talked me into it. I slept the first night with it all the way through and never woke up until morning.
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Breathe deeply and count to zen.


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