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How bad is my Cheyne Stokes breathing?
Hey everyone, I am new to this board, but been a cpap user for 8 or more years. In the past year I appeared to have developed periodic breathing which I dont recall having before. My last sleep study was about 4 years ago, and having trouble getting my new sleep doctor to order a new one.

What I wanted to know is how bad my sleep data appears to anyone that has the time to look at it? I am tired all the time and hardly feel rested unless i sleep 10 to 12 hours. I feel like total crap if i sleep 7 or 8 hours. I am 36 years old and weight 320 pounds and have been using a auto cpap with pressure setting of 15. Since I am feeling tired all the time I am wondering if its the cheyne stokes breathing? I have another appointment with my sleep doctor in about 2 months, but I am tired of waiting and am thinking of buying a used vpap adapt system by resmed to treat it myself. If I need to upload more data I can do that if anyone can tell me about my data I greatly apprciate it and thank you in advance!


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Welcome to the board the ahi doesn't look all that bad. I don't know enough to help you with stroke breathing issues but hopefully someone will be along in short order, staty tuned.
If everyone thinks alike, then someone isn't thinking.
Everyone knows something, together we could know everything.
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edit .. meant know offence I said it poorly .. I'm sorry !

I will leave, good bye.
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I would have said something about his weight if I thought it would help. However, as we have just as many skinny apneacs as fat one's I don't see the difference, or how his weight is making the difference. He has sleep apnea, he's fat, he could be skinny and still have sleep apnea, so what?

Why do you guess he can't sleep on his side? Do you feel fat people can't sleep on their side?

Apologies in advance but I take offense at these comments, yes I am fat, yes I have lost 100 pounds, but yes I am still fat, and I fail to see how telling fat people they are fat will help them with their apnea issues.
If everyone thinks alike, then someone isn't thinking.
Everyone knows something, together we could know everything.
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Sleephead with me using the same machine as you I dont think ever calls it CS breathing. Calls it periodic breathing. Unless it something that never shows up on me that it would show. It shows PB on me once in a while which is no big deal.

Puzzling I have the latest version of Sleepyhead and I cant find anywhere it specifically

Your leaks while not good on that chart arent but at one point over the threshold for your machine. The PRS1 shows total leak. Threshold for large leak according to what the machine flags on both Sleepy Head and Encore is about 70 liters a min.
Your pressure raise doesnt seem to correlate with the pressure rises so Im guessing your bumping the mask somewhat and disturbing the seal for a moment.
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My understanding is the PRS1 will only record and sleepyhead will only show an event that happened, so if there is say no RERA's they will not appear, so to get CS breathing to report it needs to happen otherwise SH will not show it.
If everyone thinks alike, then someone isn't thinking.
Everyone knows something, together we could know everything.
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G'day Eric, welcome to the forum.

I don't know a lot about Cheyne Stokes but I know it is often associated with conditions like congestive heart failure. I think it would be a good idea to get any underlying causes eliminated before self-treating the symptoms.
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Hi everyone, well thanks for posting some ideas for me. Yeah I am overweight, I had lost ton of weight and use to weigh 170 at that time i never had sleep apnea, i developed it when i got around 270 pounds. Of recently I did gain 20 pounds, so I defiently agree that has to do with my sleep apnea getting worse. I think if i would not feel tired all the time I could make right eating choices and have the energy to exercise like I use to. So for now I wanted to do all I can with my sleep apnea so I can feel refreshed and start losing weight.

As for the Cheyne Stokes breathing, I was calling it that because the new sleepy head software I got is naming it that instead of the old name which was periodic breathing.

I was still wanting to know if anyone had answers about the periodic breathing, just how bad it is? It seems to be like this daily, and I know the only treatment for it is the VPAP adapt, which I feel I need since that supposedly cures the periodic breathing.

The vpap adapt is very expensive machine, and my sleep doctor does not seem to help me, saying to me insurance wont pay for another sleep study, even though i had one 4 1/2 years ago. I feel I need a new sleep study as I am getting that tiredness back that I use to have before I even started CPAP therapy. I am not dosing off yet, but am finding in the past few months that I need to take a nap everyday which is unlike me.

So if anyone knowledgable about Periodic Breathing and can tell me how bad it is, I would really appreciate it.

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If it has been that long you should have another sleep study done.

You're chart shows pressure rising often, it is possible you need to raise the pressure below the graph there are numbers indicating min max and 95% etc., what do they say?

Also that leak rate looks a bit high which could be adding to the unit recording events.
If everyone thinks alike, then someone isn't thinking.
Everyone knows something, together we could know everything.
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The little I know bout CSR or PB is that brain injury can cause it. Congestive heart failure can cause it. I have neither though some folks say I may have been dropped on my head at birth lol.

That said I occasionally show it on my version of SH as PB for longer stretches than you are though never more than once in a night and rarely show it then.

I was in a sleep lab and had a home sleep test also a little less than 3 months ago. Even wired up I had none of it. On either test.

So Im not sure exactly how accurate the machine is on flagging it. I do see a running rise and fall in wave form on the rare occasion it flags PB, but not sure that is truely CRS or PB. Ive been on a lot of heart monitors and stuff monitoring my respiration over the years for as high as a week at a time and no medical monitoring ever showed it.

Might make a visit to a cardiologist just in case. Be alot cheaper than a new machine if you dont need it.

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