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How can I stop air coming out of the mouth ?
A Full Face Mask will not balloon your cheeks since the pressure is equal on both sides. I use a FF Resmed Mirage Quattro and that is not something that ever happenes. A FF mask will allow you to mouth breath and that can cause dry mouth. You can reduce that by using your humidifier. Full face masks are recommended for mouth breathers and/or people with nasal restriction problems.

Even so, some people have had success using nasal splint devices that you can get at most drug stores. There are two types, external adhesive and internal. I prefer the internal since the adhesive of the external ones irritates my nose. The ones I use are called Sleep Right and I get them from Walgreen's, 3 for $6. They allow me to breathe exclusively through my nose without any distress or discomfort. I use them along with my full face mask and never have any dry mouth issues. I rarely need to use the humidifier except in cold winter months when the furnace is running.

I also use Nasacort daily to keep my nasal passages open as much as possible. It's approved for daily use and year around if needed. My ENT doctor approves of using it as needed. It works great for me where other nasal sprays have failed. Beware of any nasal spray that cautions against using it for more than 3 days. Those types will do more harm than good.

I have used a full face mask for over a year now but have just this week started testing a nasal pillows mask. So far I haven't mastered the mouth leak problem but I sure like the comfort it gives as opposed to the FF mask. I may have to resort to the mouth taping method since I've tried every trick with tongue blocking and it fails as soon as I get close to falling asleep. A chin strap doesn't help since the air goes right out by blowing my lips apart even when teeth are clenched together.

The reduction of the pressure range on APAP is a good start, stay with that and if you must change to a higher pressure, change both the low and high settings accordingly. Consider this: There is no sin in running the pressure below what is required for therapy. If you have to do that to allow you to buy time to get acclimated to the discomfort of the therapy, so be it. That also allows you to slowly inch the pressure back up when you inevitably find that it no longer bothers you. That also allows you to get the leaks under control and master fitting the mask to minimize leakage so that eventually you can make it work at higher pressures. All that comes with time and effort.

Of course the nice software you get here will be very useful for checking the effects and measuring progress as you go forward.

I hope some of this helps you. Good luck with your quest for relief. Keep trying and you'll find what works best for your particular case.

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Thank you so much for your encouragement and great tips !!

surferdude2 : Appreciate your detailed comments and advices. I'll pay attention when trying a narrower pressure range . Thanks

Ghost1958 : Fitlife total face looks very promising ; I'll try it out if I get a chance. Thanks

BKeeper : Narrowing the pressure range is quite easy in Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset . I' ll definitely try this hint . Thanks

Dagmar : I'll continue to try out different chin traps for a while more . So far, the air was pushed out of my mouth quite forcefully , even when I used tapes ! Thanks
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Tommyngo, I have also had some issues dealing with this over the past few months. At the start of CPAP it didn't seem to be an issue but once I started feeling relaxed (3 months in) I seemingly unconciously didn't keep the "pressure seal" in my mouth and my leaks started to sky rocket. I initially used tape but that was only a stop gap. I have, over the past month or so, virtually removed all mouth "excape episodes". The way I have done it is I first used a "ruby" chinstrap. I found this when cinched down (by itself) worked but it wasn't sustainable as I had it tightened too much.

I then attempted the tongue technique previously mentioned but didn't really get the hang of it for a few months as it really only works by feel. I then tried my "version" [how I think of it] of how to get the tongue technique to work for me (since I can be a little slow I think).

I first practiced opening my mouth with the cpap on and stopping any air rushing out of my mouth. You will find if you open your mouth you should be able to block the air coming out with the what I assume is the back of your tongue. Truthfully in my instance I cannot feel the tongue actually do this but I do achieve a seal and no air rushes out unless I speak (so I assume its my tongue as what else is there?).

Once you have mastered that you will feel a pressure difference (for lack of a better expression) between your throat and your mouth. I also continue to keep my jaw slightly adjar (ie my top and bottom row of teech are not fully closed) although lips are closed as this seems to help with sensing the pressure differential. Then you should have minimal air lost of out of the mouth. The only negative of how I have worked this out is you might (as I did and do a little) is swallow a bit of air in getting it working. I still use the chin strap but I only use it to "assist" so its not super tight or anything. Thats my 2c, and hopefully what I have said makes some sense as reading over sounds like I might be a bit obsessive Confused
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If you can't keep your mouth shut you are losing any benefits to be gained from the CPAP.
The whole idea behind the FFM is so you can breath through your mouth as well.
Lose those nasal mask things, turn up the humidity and learn how to tame the FFM.
(find one that fits right and then you only need to work on keeping leaks down.)

Clear? Simple? Easy?

"With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable." - Thomas Foxwell Buxton

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[quote='Dafod' pid='130736' dateline='1442124936']

You propose a very interesting technique . I 'll definite try this one out ...

Thank you very much.
[quote='Shastzi' pid='130743' dateline='1442143600']

Thanks for your comments.
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Does anyone have a suggestion for a good brand or type of side-sleeping pillow, to take the pressure off the edge of the FFM and hopefully prevent it from getting dislodged and leaking?
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(09-12-2015, 06:56 PM)Ghost1958 Wrote: You will likely need to up pressure a bit but im beting a Fitife total face is your answer.
No cheek ballooning , the pressure is equal alm over your face. Doesnt feel so " pressury" sas other masks and makes no difference if you mouth is open or closed.
Used one for quite a while.

I searched "Fitife" several ways and can find no such thing. Can you post a link?
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Try "Fitlife."
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(10-08-2015, 07:46 AM)Snowbird47 Wrote: I searched "Fitife" several ways and can find no such thing. Can you post a link?

$119.00 from Supplier #1

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With the FitLife you can finally get that Capt. Zammo of the Space Commandos look you always wanted!

Couldn't resist.
"With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable." - Thomas Foxwell Buxton

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