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How do I connect the nasal pillow mask to the hose?
Ok, new dumb question - I was fitted for a nasal mask yesterday. Sat w/the tech discussing various things - never did it occur to me to ask about attaching it to the hose. I couldn't use it last night Sad I can't figure it out...
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Which mask is it? You will either connect the end of your main hose to the end of a short hose that's connected to the mask or directly to a 90 degree angled connector on the mask.

If the mask has a short, narrow hose attached to it, you would take the free end of the little hose and push it into the larger rubber connector on the free end of your main hose. If the short hose is a separate piece and is not yet attached to the mask cushion or pillows, then one end of the little hose will have a connector type thing, perhaps with the vent holes on it, that you need to install into your correct size cushion and then push the other end of the short hose into the end of your main hose. If you know the name of your mask you can probably find a video on YouTube showing how this is done for that mask.

If the mask just has a connector, you want to take the free end of your main hose and push it onto the end of that connector. The connector is usually a clear tube with a 90 degree bend in it that's hanging off the tip/front of the mask - it may also swivel and may have some vent holes at the end closest to the mask itself. ETA: this would be similar to your Quattro mask, so maybe you have one with a short hose piece?

You might go to one of the supplier sites that sells masks and look at any pictures or videos, especially if you can find your own mask. Or do a search for "nasal mask" in your browser and look at the images section - it will show real people wearing masks with the hose(s) connected to give you an idea of how your probably fits together.

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You probably left the gray connector from the Quattro mask on the end of your hose. There's a little connector on the Quattro that comes off the mask and stays on the end of the hose by accident fairly easily.

There's a page on how to disconnect a hose easily in the useful links in my signature line at the end of this post.

Pretty much any hose fits any mask, unless something is left off or assembled incorrectly.
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At about 5:34 in this video, it shows a SwiftFX pillows mask being reassembled after cleaning - maybe that will give you some idea of how yours works? Most masks are pretty similar in this regard.

ETA: Ah! That may very well be the problem, archangle. I also have a mask with a stray piece that likes to get stuck in the end of the main hose that way.
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Success!!! Very helpful Hootie and Archangle. Thank you very much.

I almost needed to enlist your aid to come to my room to help me find the mask! Sheesh. I couldn't find the darn thing - I thought I had placed it in the drawer - but found it instead in my CPAP case (scratching head...) I have new bedroom furniture with the built in drawers in the bed foundation. When the furniture was first delivered in November (I was diagnosed late December) I thought "Gee, what will I do with these four drawers in the bed. Little did I know I'd be using the drawers to store CPAP stuff! Lol

Thank you again!
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And, I meant to mention the new mask is an AirFit P10 Nasal Pillow. Ok, so I have it on now and I must say it is much less bulky than my other mask. Perfect for reading/watching tv and much less intrusive as far as contact with my face. I'm wondering how easily this will stay in place as I sleep.... I'll let you know in the morning Smile
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Look, I've been CPAP'ing for 18 years. I put my mask on when I am ready to sleep.

Pray tell why you'd turn it on when reading or watching TV?
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(03-02-2015, 08:24 AM)lab rat Wrote: Look, I've been CPAP'ing for 18 years. I put my mask on when I am ready to sleep.

Pray tell why you'd turn it on when reading or watching TV?

I fell into that awful habit of falling asleep to TV. I set the timer for 45 min and for the first half hour I usually watch Friends or The Middle. I know....also I am taking three classes - two literature and belong to a book club - squeeze some reading in before I fall asleep. Why I sleep with Shakespeare, Chaucer, Chretien, Twain, and several others Big Grin

Last night's stats with the new mask - slept for 7.5 hrs
Total AHI 0.2
OA 0.2
CA 0.0
Leak rate 0!
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Great way to get a poor nights sleep.
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(03-02-2015, 09:19 AM)lab rat Wrote: Great way to get a poor nights sleep.

It doesn't bother me - feeling great and rested - thanks to CPAP Smile
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