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How do I get my Sp02 down, yes, down?
Here are the results of Sleeprider's pressure change suggestions. Using lower pressures.
I should have gotten back sooner but my results seemed to be mixed.
Date          Hypopnea Index        CA Index        OA Index       Pressure
2/20            .84                          2.87               -0-                6.0 - 8.20 (before change)
2/21            .57                            .34               -0-                5.4 - 6.6
2/22          1.28                            .85               -0-                5.4 - 6.6
2/23          1.64                           2.08              -0-                6.0 - 6.6
2/24          1.08                           2.40              -0-                6.0 - 6.6
2/25            .87                             .99             -0-                 6.6 - 6.6
2/26            .75                             .37             -0-                 6.6 - 6.6
2/27          1.16                            1.54             .13                6.6 - 6.6
2.28            .64                              .64            -0-                 6.6 - 6.6
3/1            1.28                              .51            -0-                 6.6 - 6.6
3/2            1.02                              .79            -0-                 6.0 - 6.6
3/3              .26                              .39            -0-                 6.0 - 6.6
The lower max pressure has reduced my CAs but my Hypopneas have increased. (I think that is what the trend is showing.


This is March 2 graphs.

I am thinking about going lower or at least using the EPR feature.
I am sleeping better and feeling better the next day. I think I am getting very close to my final adjustments but I want to make sure I get the settings the best I can.

Sleeprider, What are your thoughts?
Dont-know  I am an accountant so any advice given here is not medical. If I give any financial advice, you can take it to the bank. However, you will have a hard time cashing it in. Okay
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I'm glad to see things are working out for you.  I'm sure this makes everything easier.  Your decision making is sound, and at these pressures I think there is some natural variation in events from night to night and with pressure in this tight range, it's hard to know if there is any correlation  to pressure.   The main thing is that you're succeeding and getting better rest.  In recent nights my own AHI has been going up to 1.8 or so, which is kind of unusual.  My timeline for trends before making changes now is months, not days.  If this trend continues, I might look at making changes.  On the other hand, maybe it's because I have stopped eating carbs and drinking beer to peel of some pounds. Dont-know

Nothing wrong with making changes to get better, but as you can see, it takes time to see a meaningful trend when you approach your low AHI.  You have the added difficulty of dealing with mild complex apnea with a CPAP machine not ideally suited to that purpose.  Safe to say that lower pressure has been your friend.
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Good questions and good answers. Thanks to all, Chicken dinner on me.

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Rcgop, one question. When you use a pressure range, does the machine go up and down, or stay pegged at the upper limit?
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Yes. Wide open (4-16) my 90% was 8 cm. As I narrowed the range, (6-10), the 90% stayed the same at 8 cm. Pressure changes fluctuated between both limits. I think my first graph in this thread shows the reaction. If I lower the min pressure, the machine will go below 

Is this what you were asking?
Dont-know  I am an accountant so any advice given here is not medical. If I give any financial advice, you can take it to the bank. However, you will have a hard time cashing it in. Okay
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Exactly, thanks. For most people that intentionally lower pressure, the APAP will continue to hit the highest pressure anyway, making it essentially fixed pressure. For complex apnea, you have to get below that pressure the APAP will try to impose due to the hypopnea. So a pressure range, becomes moot.
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