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How do I stop mask removal while sleeping?
Does any think this mask would be better?

 [Image: lnqFkwU.jpg?1]

DME says a free lightsaber with the mask; and I agree & I'll pass on the gorilla tape.
Sarcasm is a hobby of mine. I am not sarcastic on serious issues, implied or otherwise.
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Dave, Dave, Dave - First, yes small changes and in the best of all possible worlds only one thing at a time, but that said, we need to get you some sleep and keeping that machine. OK here goes off the top of my bald head ( and remember that what I say doesn't make it right, just that it works for me).

Mask - The AirFit F-20 is a great mask. It did have a tendency to slide around a bit and I would sometimes wake up chewing the bottom of it, before I pulled it off. Wash your face so that your skin is free of any oils and use a mask wipe daily on the mask surfaces touching your face. Might also tighten it just a tad more. I have just now switched over to the new AirTouch which is the AirFit but with a foam seal and it doesn't slide at all. AHI dropped on average by a point. (Prior to the F-20 I had done the F-10 and before that the Quattro, and each move up was an improvement).

Sleeping position and hose - Sleep on your side and think of the hose as your newest lover. I actually have my machine located slightly above head height (yeah, I know that is supposed to be a no-no) on a shelf that runs parallel to the bed, and adjacent to my shoulders. Depending which side I am sleeping on, the hose is either draped over my shoulder or just drops there in front of me. When in front of me I sometimes actually have arms wrapped around it (thus the lover analogy - lol). I found clipping it to the pillow or bed clothes would end up pulling on the mask if I was moving in my sleep. Also I use a CPAP pillow that has a half circle indentation on the each end and good neck support.

Pressures - I use ASV also (in fact just got my new DreamStation ASV). I have fairly disturbed sleep, being a very disturbed person (See, you are not the only one who is sarcastic) and have found that keeping a narrow range on the ESP helps minimize disturbances (at least from the machine). Also, we blame the masks for a lot, but really anything that we are not liking breath-wise can make us try to remove the mask in our sleep, which is logical, because the mask is the only thing that we can fight with when sleeping. If your ESP is too low you are going to be wanting air, and instinctively try to remove that which you think is stopping you from getting it. So, don't know what your report numbers are, but what would an ESP range of 10 - 12 or 11 - 13 be like for you? On the PS side I have no problem with the maximum number at maximum, but a PS of 2 is not IMHO enough to make you think it is time to inhale. Suggest you put that at a 3 minimum. Remember, an ASV is there to make you breathe when you don't.

Other machine tweaks - do not remember if the ResMed has breath rate and EPR adjustments when in auto SV. I found that for me the EPR or Flex was better set at the lowest number or off when I switched over to the ASV, and also breath rate in auto.

Getting used to machine and hours compliant. Yeah, I know that good sleep hygiene is to not read in bed. Well, if you won't tell I won't either. Get in bed an hour early, have a reading lamp that has a warm color temperature (no blue-white bright), put your mask on and curl up with a good book, and breathe. Part of what we need to do is train the body to accept this strange new way we are getting our air, that our face just grew several inches, and there is this thing we are connected to. And it will put another hour on the meter. Don't put it in CPAP mode. Keep it in ASV at your regular settings, and oh - turn the f-ing ramp off.

Hope something from these assorted ramblings here help.
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All the info is appreciated, thanks. I'll see about maybe getting the AirTouch F20 cushion sooner rather than later. Maybe it helps keep it in place.

Mask - check

sleeping position - check

Pressure - I'll see what dropping ramp to 0 minutes is like, I am debating on bumping EPAP min to 9, going up from 8

As for all pressure settings available upon entering clinical mode in my AirCurve 10 ASV Auto, there is EPAP min and max then PS min and max; that is under ASVAuto. Any other setting is comfort items like ramp time, humidifier setting, leak alarm, smart start, etc.

I'll keep y'all posted on progress.

Thanks again to all the input.
Sarcasm is a hobby of mine. I am not sarcastic on serious issues, implied or otherwise.
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(Yesterday, 11:57 AM)SarcasticDave94 Wrote: OK thinking out loud: can my EPAP min be too low? Does it make sense to try a bit more, maybe 9 to see if my mask removal is from an awareness of not enough air? BTW I'm either editing or eliminating ramp altogether, just not sure yet which, and I would rather have a space of time per adjustment so I know if it was a good or bad adjustment. I'm assuming the ramp on my super blower is similar to other ResMed 10's. It starts with whatever it's set at upon pushing the start button whereas the PR DreamStation's have a dedicated ramp button to activate it.

I am positive I will beat this glitch. Thanks again for input.

Dave B.

Charts please?
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This is most recent attempt to sleep. It has a ramp of 10 min. Hope the chart is better, but I think I missed a correction. If you need other info posted, I will post it.

[Image: 8yx6rm6h.png]
Sarcasm is a hobby of mine. I am not sarcastic on serious issues, implied or otherwise.
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Dave, once you hit 03:00 your EPAP increases and things look pretty good. Go ahead in input the titrated, settings recommended by your doctor and ignore anything I have suggested. You seem to need the higher EPAP pressure. I'd rather see you follow those directions first. If they are a problem, then we can fine-tune from there.
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OK changing it now. Thanks and I'll update. I will focus on longer usage obviously. Good evening everyone.
Sarcasm is a hobby of mine. I am not sarcastic on serious issues, implied or otherwise.
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