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How is owner name recorded in Resmed 10s, Autoset and Air Curve?
How is owner name recorded in Resmed 10s, Autoset and Air Curve?
How can one determine the internally recorded owner name for ResMed xPAP machines; apparently there is one?

I bought an Autoset from a private party a couple of years ago and was only recently confronted by my new MD's assistant; she was puzzled that her reading of my card showed a different name, fortunately the name of the fellow I bought the Autoset from, whose name I could recall. Sure, if a ResScan or SheepyHead profile or dataset shows a name, no question, but with it being my card--instead of his earlier card, I'm 99% sure--and me, not always filling out profies, it suggests a more hidden record that is visible with appropriate software.

I'm concerned about the (67-hour-used) Air Curve I bought through an online service. I asked for the previous owner's name but have not received it, but I do have copies of the message thread that show the site name--a site that relies on its buyer and seller protections to facilitate cross country transactions. 

As we are aware, in buying online we take on the risk of buying stolen property and what that entails--that in addition to whatever degree of health risk one takes.

Thanks for any help,



I just noticed need to update equipment in my profile and will do so when I find the right spot again.
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RE: How is owner name recorded in Resmed 10s, Autoset and Air Curve?
The other name is registered in the ResMed Corp registration data base. The identification number in your machine and SD card is the machines serial number.
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RE: How is owner name recorded in Resmed 10s, Autoset and Air Curve?
There is no name recorded in the machine. But if the DME is using Resmed cloud based software the serial number of the machine may be linked to another patient, if it is a used machine
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RE: How is owner name recorded in Resmed 10s, Autoset and Air Curve?
Thankyou, bonjour and jasWilliams.

The truth is I took on the risk that the unit was stolen without first inquiring of ResMed.  While the matter is fresh, I will inquire of ResMed or asking an MD to do so. The seller is active selling other goods at the source site with a decent rating, but he is ducking my request for info. 

I may well wind up losing what I paid as, I would hope, the victim recovers his loss. If so, an expensive lesson, regarding a deal that may also have been too good. 

All said, using the device and advice from you two, SS, and crowtor, I've found that the Air Curve has (99%?) eliminated snoring that persisted for this forcibly-side-sleeping sleeper, has reduced my flow limitations in a major way and, thereby (along with a data logging motion detector) has shown that many if not most breathing irregularities indicated by FR and TV curve spikes are the result of or are associatedwith bodily movements and are not likely from RDs, FL and snoring. 

Cognitive dissonance here: I had considered paying what seemed to be the $200/mo going rent to try VPAP. 
But then the MD was opposed to VPAP for me, as I mentioned elsewhere at AB, and it would have been a hassle to get an Rx for the rental.  Yeah! Yeah! That's it! My loss Crying-into-tissue would be the MD's fault . Gotta keep up with the times. Rant. Rant.  Lolabove  .

Earlier in the year there were two reportedly new AirCurves for sale at $200 each on CL in Eugene, Oregon--those two with much lower and out of line prices I did avoid. At the time I asked a local relative, a retired deputy sheriff who had long been scruffy looking under cover in the drug scene, if there were any local centers, examples, where claims could be searched or filed to check on local thefts. There was something similar for stolen agricultural equipment, but not for household items. As we know, they hold and somehow dispose of things confiscated as evidence.

Of course, it would mean nothing significant for my case, just idle curiosity I guess, while I mulling the situation, but I do wonder what either of you or anyone else has observed, in these AB or CT forums or elsewhere, regarding stolen CPAP units. 

Thanks again,

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RE: How is owner name recorded in Resmed 10s, Autoset and Air Curve?
How have you concluded that the machine is stolen? Many people choose to quit the therapy and sell their machines. When they do, the registration on the Resmed database is not changed. The big problem is if they sell the machines and then find out they didn't own it, rather it is owned by the DME until compliance is demonstrated and insurance pays off the machine. Someone that finds themselves in this situation might claim the machine was stolen. I would be very doubtful that CPAP or VPAP machines are high on the list of item for a burglar to take. Think it through. I doubt your machine was stolen.
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RE: How is owner name recorded in Resmed 10s, Autoset and Air Curve?
Thank you Sleeprider. 

Flaky behavior by the "agent" and failure to follow through, as agreed, for the benefit of the (claimed) distressed widow principal raised red flags. She reportedly had lost her son prompting some distressed sales of items she co-signed for. I became concerned when he would not respond to my follow through to sweeten the deal for her a bit, providing only that he would hand the phone to that widow to arrange my additional payment with her (and--an ulterior motive here--to thereby assure me she might be real, not clearly an accomplice). Neither has he replied to a request for the name (first name, last name initial and zip code) of her recently deceased son. 

Guess I'll let it lie and salve my conscience re the openly touted distressed low price using as cover such possibilities as you mention. Intent was to pay forward some of the incredible kindnesses I've been blessed with, naivete or not.

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RE: How is owner name recorded in Resmed 10s, Autoset and Air Curve?
It's not a problem. Contact Resmed via email and ask them to remove patient and DME information. You can't use the MyAir anyway and they won't reregister. If you switch providers, the info isn't even transerred (i.e. Lincare did not transfer the info to my current DME). It is unlikely that CPAP theft is common - it's more an issue of techs selling out the back door of the place they work from.
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