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Poll: How long to feel refreshed?
This poll is closed.
After the first night
14 28.00%
Less than a month
9 18.00%
Around 1-3 months
8 16.00%
Around 3-6 months
2 4.00%
Around 6-9 months
1 2.00%
Around 9-12 months
0 0%
Over a year
3 6.00%
13 26.00%
Total 50 vote(s) 100%
* You voted for this item. [Show Results]

How long to feel refreshed?
For me, the first night was amazing. I woke up with so much energy my kids didn't want to have anything to do with me. Laugh-a-lot
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After almost exactly three months of turmoil finding the right machine, mode, and mask, yesterday was the first day I felt great in many years (and nothing else in the world mattered to me).
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I have been on CPAP since Jan. 31/12 and I am disappointed. I too had hopes that I would wake up in the morning and feel refreshed. Instead, when the alarm goes off I feel tired and low on energy. I'm still having problems trying to focus and concentrate. I qualify my brain to my co-workers stating that it can not be trusted. Less pressure on me. I have fewer days though where keeping my eyes open is almost impossible. On Saturdays I have a hard time getting out of bed even when I have things I would like to get done. I was thinking that was depression (something negativ ) but after reading this thread maybe it's my body trying to catch up on this sleep deficit (something good). Maybe I am getting better very very slowly.Thinking-about
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Its probably relative....when I first started....I felt great after the first night, and I felt pretty good after the second night. And, then it went downhill from there.

And, then there was kind of a bump around 6/7 months....but then I had my accident at 8 months, where I was rushing to work and I blinked and everything changed on me. But, my mistake was I jammed on the brakes....if I hadn't, everything would've been fine.

Then, I found my self having sleep attacks at work again after 9 months....and now I have no idea what needs to happen to get somebody to figure out what else is wrong with me.
You may be a dreamer, but I'm The Dreamer, the definite article you might say!
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Tonight will be my sixth night and I'm pleased with the results so far. I feel less exhausted and rather than nap all afternoon, napped only 45 minutes today and 2 hrs. yesterday. That feels like real progress!! I am more patient with barky dogs and molting parrots and ringing phones. There is energy enough to respond to email and read forums. Horrors, I'm even printing out yummy looking recipes. Dusting and vacuuming seems to take half the time as they did before. Obviously there has been a teriffic positive shift in my mood and attitude based on a small amount of physical recovery. If this is all there is, I'll take it but I'm betting there's a bit more to be squeezed out here. :-)

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Congrats Suzjohnson
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[/font]I've been a cpap user for all of 6 weeks now. Can't say I woke up one morning feeling wonderful but after about 2 weeks I noticed that I wasn't falling asleep on the couch every evening and when i thought about it I realised that I did feel better. When I checked my sleep times I realised that I was sleeping 7,8,9 hours a night (use to be luck to get 4 to 5) Now i wake up and my backs aching from being in bed to long. gota love thatSmile
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(04-25-2012, 11:30 PM)johnturner17 Wrote: [/font] Now i wake up and my backs aching from being in bed to long. gota love thatSmile

Yeah! Me too - for about 3 weeks after I started CPAP, my shoulder was *killing* me. I finally realized that it was from sleeping on my side and not moving, at all, all night. I don't think I've *ever* not moved in my sleep before. I finally figured out a comfortable position that didn't cause the same soreness, and after I started to catch up to sleep debt, I started to move a bit more in my sleep... it's not a problem now. Heh, at least now if a sleep position gets uncomfortable, I'm not so unconscious that I just don't move.
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(03-20-2012, 05:00 PM)zonk Wrote: Yes feeling better not getting morning headache or fall asleep at the movies but is it as good as it can get, not sure.
it has been few months passed since posted the above comment
now can say .. yes it can get better for sure
sleeping longer, waking up feeling more refreshed and more mentally alert
not even my nose congested. maybe its a turning point
hope its not a fluke ... touch wood

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I think you might be looking for a magic bullet. After nearly dying, I am happy to be able to wake up after a solid 8or9 hours, no trips to the bathroom, and numerous other health benefits. I was on oxygen for about 4months after my diagnosis as well, so it takes the body a while to catch up and heal. I suspect I have about 25 years of missed sleep to catch up on. My O2sats were 79%and my ABG's were 48%. If you continue to ignore the treatment for sleep apnea, then increased risk of cardiac disease, MI, diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, to name a few health issues. Hang in there. 4 hours of sleep will get you into REM sleep which is very important for body health and rest. I occasionally have episodes of claustrophobia, but I also will lay in bed awake with my mask on and simply enjoy the comfort of breathing.
Headaches, stuffed nose in the morning, falling asleep anywhere, any time, nonstop coughing, excessively dry mouth, all gone.
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