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Poll: How many times you get up at night to pee?
This poll is closed.
43 40.57%
One Time
38 35.85%
Two Times
18 16.98%
Three Times
2 1.89%
Four Times
4 3.77%
Five Times
0 0%
Over Five Times
1 0.94%
Total 106 vote(s) 100%
* You voted for this item. [Show Results]

How many times you get up at night to pee?
Same as everyone else... Before CPAP, typically once, maybe twice. Plus many times, once I was up, going back to sleep was tough, so I'd stay up and do something. With CPAP, typically zero. It's nice to sleep a solid 7-8 hours again. Thanks
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Before CPAP, 5 or more times per night.
After CPAP (and again now that I have new pressure settings), twice per night.
I fantasize about the days when I used to sleep through the night. Sad
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(02-25-2013, 02:15 AM)Moriarty Wrote: I am aware of a number of men who were sent to a urologist by their doctor and wasted months and hundreds of dollars in not solving the problem - only to end up discovering OSA because they talked to some one else who suggested OSA.

Sorry - one of my several hobby-horses... I'll get off it now. Smile

I am aware of someone who had prostate surgery because of waking frequently to pee. After the surgery, he still woke up the same number of times. Only then did his doctor check him for sleep apnea and he got a CPAP. And guess what, he doesn't wake up 5-6 times per night any more.
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(03-11-2012, 12:52 AM)zonk Wrote: This is a poll to determine how many times you get up at night to pee since started CPAP therapy
Please add a comment how was it pre-CPAP and has it improved since starting CPAP therapy.

Our answer isn't linked with our name I hope. Nervous

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Just 0-1 per night before and after I started CPAP, unless I've had a few adult beverages, then maybe twice. Whew! Be right back, y'all.......
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Before CPAP several times a night...on CPAP zero!!
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(02-25-2013, 07:15 PM)Ugly Wrote: Our answer isn't linked with our name I hope. Nervous
none of my polls are made public
rest easy, no one to know

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before treatment started i would waken every hour or half hour to pee so average of 7-8 times a night

after treatment it is now 1-2 times a night and i have gone one night without waking

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Before 4-5 times a night. After 0 (OK maybe once but rarely).
I find this one of the more satisfying things about CPAP.
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Well, I get up several times every night even with my CPAP, I´m trying to find out the reason. May be the mask does not fit well and the pressure goes down, then I have some apneas even with the mask on, etc. But I still do not know.

I am new to the forum, any suggestions? I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow to check on this situation
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