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Poll: How many tries took to find the right mask?
This poll is closed.
11 28.21%
7 17.95%
5 12.82%
5 12.82%
2 5.13%
1 2.56%
More than six
8 20.51%
Total 39 vote(s) 100%
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How many tries took to find the right mask?
For some might be their first mask while others might took few tries to find the right mask wearing all night every night.
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Took me about 3 tries... first was a dumb gel mask that they gave me (useless) and next was the Ultra Mirage nasal mask (which I still use occasionally), and then I found my current Mirage Swift nasal pillows (later updated to Mirage Swift II) that I currently use [see my review of the Mirage Swift here].

Very infrequently, I'll use an Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask (FFM) if I'm completely stuffed up and unable to breathe from my nose-holes. Tongue

It takes a while to find the right mask and it can make ALL the difference in the world as to whether or not you'll continue with CPAP therapy, I think.

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It took 5 tries (ResMed masks)
Quattro: Overall was OK but very bulk and uncomfortable.
Quattro FX: First few days were fine (beginners luck) but kept riding up my nose.
Mirage Liberty: Tried once, couldn't get both pillows to fit and didn't like the air directed up the nose.

2 Nasal masks
SoftGel: It was OK but felt a bit heavy but seal good.
Activa LT: Lighter than the SoftGel and very comfortable with good seal.

Recently tried a couple of nasal masks:
Mirage FX and Mirage Micro both didn't work for me.

Okay Activa LT is the best mask worked for me and don,t think gonna find a better one.

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I admit that I voted for only 1 mask because I've only slept with one for the entire night. During my first sleep study I was given several different masks to try for 10 minutes each. That first night I wasn't put on a CPAP machine. When I came back for the tritation, I also tried several different masks, but only slept with one. At the DME office I tried on 5 different masks. All but one leaked. It was the same one that I slept with during the tritation study. My insurance will pay for a new mask in 5 weeks. I'm going to go back to the DME and ask to try several of the masks that are highly recommended here. I like my current one but I don't have enough experience with other ones.
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In 10 years of CPAP therapy I've used about 5 or 6 different masks. Two of the masks had pillows and the rest were nasal masks. I didn't have a problem with any of them. The only reason that I changed masks was that every couple of years the Sleep Tech would tell me to try a new mask that was the best mask ever. I would try the mask and make the switch to the new mask because it was the best mask I ever tried. I guess I'm an easy sell.
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over the 12 mostly non-compliant years or so i've tried countless nasal, full face and in between masks. i'm not sure i've found the right one yet.
my wife just got a new quattro fx that nearly fits me and i like it. i think that will be my next one in a month or so.
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I didn't vote because "ignorance is supposedly bliss" and I started with the one that they gave me and wore it for about a year.. It was as I became more knowlegable about different CPAP equipment and masks, that I changed to different models of mask along my 7 year history. I suppose I have used about 5 masks in all. I don;t consider them as "tries" , but as upgrades over the last one I used. I have used the one in my signature the longest and it is quite comfortable and leak proof for me..

So back up to the top I go and will vote for 1.
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It took me four tries:
1) Swift FX - Very comfortable but I had mouth leaks. Tried chin strap and mouth guard but neither worked. No desire to tape.
2) Mirage Liberty - Since I had mouth leaks, I figured I'd try the FFM route and started with the least instrusive which was the Liberty. I liked it, but I could not consistently get a good seal on the nasal pillows. They would start leaking after awhile and wake me up during the night.
3) Quattro FX - Next least instrusive FFM since it just covers the nose and mouth, without any forehead support bar. Very low leak rates. Good AHI results. Very comfortable.
4) Mirage Quattro - Intrigued by a survey I saw on another CPAP forum asking which was better, the Quattro FX of the Mirage Quattro. Votes were evenly split, so I looked for and found a good deal for a Mirage Quattro on Craigslist. I actually get a very good seal with it, but the shape of the mask and cushion at the bridge of the nose seems to be more narrow and I wake up in the morning with redness and soreness on the bridge of my nose.
I sold my Swift FX and still have the other 3. And my current mask of choice is the Quattro FX. So I actually went through 4 masks, but the winner was the 3rd one I tried. I added a Padacheek liner to it which makes it slightly more comfortable against the skin without adding much in the way of leaks. Many people seem to have a hard time eliminating leaks with this mask, but it's been an excellent fit for me.
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I voted for 3 times because I'm on my 3rd mask type, but honestly the first mask worked for me. I switched to nasal pillows so I could itch my nose without lifting up the mask. During my last Dr visit he showed me the latest nasal pillow mask that a rep had dropped off so I gave that a try and currently use it, if I had to I could go back to the original mask. I will continue to look at new mask designs and try them when appropriate.

The poll probably ought to have asked how many tries to find the 1st mask to be tolerated.
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