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How often do you review your data?
How often do you review your data?
I'm just curious about how people use their SleepyHead/Oscar data. Do you review every day? Each week? Randomly? Only when experiencing an issue? When I first started using SleepyHead I loaded data and reviewed it every day, but since I am now in a comfortable "steady-state" I just transfer data from my SD card once or twice a week and usually don't even look at it. I do look at my AHI every morning on the machine display just to see how it looks. It's almost always under 1.0. Am I missing an opportunity to benefit more from the detailed analysis or am I typical in just going along on cruise control when things seem to be going OK?
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RE: How often do you review your data?
Currently I review every day, since I got my new ResMed ASV - prior to that I was using the Respironics ASV for 3 years, and after the first year, I would only randomly check. . . the reason I am looking at my stats more is because I am trying out different masks and seeing how that impacts my stats . . . also, I am part of a insomnia/sleep apnea study, which requires me to do daily journal of sleep, and it is nice that in SleepyHead I can find things like time I went to sleep and time awake . . .
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RE: How often do you review your data?
I think when your just starting out, it’s normal to look at your data almost every day.

After awhile, I backed off to once a week, then once a month and now after 4.5 years, I only check it if I see my AHI is higher than normal.

Lately, it has been a bit higher due to different medications I’m taking. That’s normal, so I don’t get too concerned over it.

One thing to consider is that looking at your AHI and graphs more often helps you to understand what is going on with your breathing while you sleep.
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RE: How often do you review your data?
For all of us, with very few exceptions, the answer would be that we initially pay close attention to what our devices are doing/not doing for us.  Daily inquiry would be the norm across new users.  Then, over time, as we gain confidence in our machines and in our abilities to interpret what they tell us, and to alter what they do if things begin to slip, we look at the results less frequently.  Currently, 16 months into PAP therapy, I download and look at the card's data about twice a month, sometimes every three weeks.  It's no longer an urgent need when the display on my AS10 Elite tells me I'm good to go for the rest of the day...two green smilies.  I hear weeds growing....gotta go!
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RE: How often do you review your data?
As with other posters, I initially looked at detailed data every day for the first year. As I became comfortable with picking the best sleeping positions and minimizing unintended leaks, I cut back to monthly and then quarterly downloads to SleepyHead (and now OSCAR). I looked at compliance data each day from mid January 2019, when I got a new (replacement machine) until the end of the Medicare compliance period. I am now back to monitoring from the front panel on most days, and doing downloads from the SD card each quarter.
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RE: How often do you review your data?
I check my AHI each morning but only refer to the detailed data if it is high for no obvious reason, or I experienced a problem during the night.

My AHI is stable otherwise and almost always within acceptable limits, so there's no need for frequent checking.

That said, I plan to buy a better machine sometime soon, partly in the hope that it will provide better therapy and my daytime fatigue will improve. I will then of course be paying closer attention to the data.
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RE: How often do you review your data?
Great responses.
I check my machine when I wake up. If I feel awful in spite of treatment, I resort to Sleepyhead.
Confess I waited too long this time to check sleepyhead; the machine results seemed fine, but i had significant mask leakage. Sleepyhead would have shown this.
I've switched to OSCAR; it works faster, works well and even reminds me to take my SD card out of my iMac!

Using OSCAR allows me to manage my OSA treatment, and gives me early warning of mask leakage or other problems like mouth breathing.
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RE: How often do you review your data?
I used to check every day for the first few years as I was navigating my options and dialing in the treatment but I haven’t used sleepyhead for a few years. I go by checking the macro indicators now - how I feel, AHI and leaks
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RE: How often do you review your data?
The first year, I checked the data frequently, daily if not weekly. I'm going on 4 years now and just look at the data quarterly or if I seem to be having trouble. One time, it turned out not to record any information at all, so had to buy a new SD card. This is a critical issue if your driver's license or job depends on your sleep data results - I'd check it more frequently if that is the case.

For me, the AHI is always low (I don't have a cpap for sleep apnea), but will increase as leaks in my pillows increase. That clues me in when to toss my current set of pillows for a new one.
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RE: How often do you review your data?
Seven months in, and I look at my data every morning. I’d like to cut that back, though, because it feels a little obsessive and no longer serves any real purpose.
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