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How often is MyAir inaccurate?
I'm a newby with just 2 weeks experience. I have not installed the ResScan software yet. I do check MyAir. How often is it inaccurate, in your experience? Last night I woke twice to find my nasal pillow mask, P10, off of my nose and hanging around my neck with the nose holes stuck to my neck and so not making much noise. I also stopped the machine and got up two other times for water or bathroom. But this morning MyAir showed 0 mask offs and 2.5 events per hour. Seems to me the mask stuck to my neck would count as an obstruction or a mask off, one or the other.

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I've never had an issue with the very limited MyAir telemetry data not matching the display or a detailed inspection of the full data set with ResScan. I only tend to use it occasionally when I forget to look at my results on the LCD display when I get up. I notice occasional big time lags before the machine pushes the data up to the server but I've never seen it push inaccurate data. Are you sure you're not looking at a previous night's data?
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The only thing that I have see that is different with mine is the leak data. Everything else has always matched. Leak data is always less than machine says but matches Sleepyhead.
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(05-20-2015, 07:52 AM)GeoffD Wrote: Are you sure you're not looking at a previous night's data?

It's possible. That makes me wonder if the date is for the night or morning?
Thanks, Suzanne
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I look at MyAir every morning (been on CPAP for about a month). I also load the data from the SD card into both ResScan and Sleepyhead software.

Here is what I have observed about the circadian rhythms of the machines and software:

A "sleep day" spans from noon one day until noon the next day. The date is taken from the afternoon date.
example: The 24 hour period identified as May 20 goes from noon on May 20 until 11:59 am on May 21.

The CPAP usage for the day is the total of all the time the machine was running in that 24 hour period. Let's say that on May 20 you take a one hour afternoon nap, then sleep six hours over night, and take another one hour nap at 10:00am on the morning of May 21. All of that counts in the same day for a total of 8 hours sleep on May 20. At noon on May 21 a new day begins.

Oh yeah... the time stamp is based on the clock on your CPAP machine. They don't seem to be smart enough to account for daylight savings changes (or maybe they're too smart to skew the data with DST changes), so it might be an hour off some time during the year depending on if your DME set the clock on daylight or standard time. In my opinion it's not worth fussing over, just don't fret if you went to sleep at 1 AM and the data report says it was midnight.

When you look at the data on MyAir it will all be summarized into your scores for that whole day. If you checked MyAir before the morning nap and came back later you would see the nap time was added into your statistics for the day.

Note that MyAir data seems to be updated about an hour after you turn off the machine. If you look up MyAir before the web site updates, then you will see whatever data it had from the previous update. In the example above, if you checked MyAir when you woke up in the morning you would only see the one hour from the afternoon nap.

In my experience (without an afternoon nap), if I go pull up MyAir right after I get up in the morning but before the machine has updated the website, what I will see is a message saying "you didn't use your CPAP machine last night". So it seems to be pretty good about not showing the previous night's data by accident.

Also the MyAir dashboard identifies the date of the "sleep day" you are looking at, and as you may already have noticed there is a little arrow on the dashboard that allows you to scroll back and forth through the two weeks of data stored by MyAir.

Saldus Miegas

p.s. Why use both programs? Glad you asked... Originally I loaded both programs with the intent of trying them out for a week and then choosing one. They both show the same detail information and allow drill down to a very deep level into the data.

It turns out that I like the daily display better on Sleepyhead, but I like the summary graphs better on ResScan. So I continue to use both. All three if you count MyAir.

If I had to choose only one of the two programs today I would probably choose ResScan. That opinion goes back and forth over time. Both are good programs.

PSA: Always write lock your SD card before you insert it into the computer and remember to unlock it before you insert it back into your CPAP machine.
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