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[How to] How to achieve the perfect mask fit - GUARANTEED!
Brand new to the board and the elite hosehead club (gf giggled at that name and I'm sure will tease me forever on), nice to meet you all and wish you all the best health you can attain.

jeffy1958, Awesome info here, though you may have plagiarized Napoleon Hill... all is forgiven. I knew I'd heard that quote but wasn't sure who said it originally. Finally got my equipment and tried your suggestions only to awaken with a VERY sore nose, I'm sure the upper straps are too tight, will readjust. On the positive side, last night was the second night I slept with it (apart from lab titration), and I was able to keep it on for nearly 7 hours... big improvement from the 1 hour 20 minutes I made it the first night (neck strap was so tight I felt like I was being half choked). TIGHTER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER. Will adjust tonight again to try to avoid the morning broken nose (as long as it's not too sore to even use the mask).

It was suggested that I set my machine to cpap at 7 cm by the doc, but I don't like the constant pressure so the clinician set it to apap 4-7. I believe I get 0 result from 4 and may need more than 7 at times, so I am upping the pressure to 5-8 tonight and will view my AHI in the morning. I don't know how some of you handle 18, my stomach was filling up with air at 4-7. I also turned on EPR at setting 1 and would like to turn that up but am not sure if it will adversely affect the treatment. I WAS going to ask permission from my clinician to tweak settings but as you say, we tend to know more about ourselves than a random guy. Will up the humidity too as I woke up with a pretty dry throat still.

I also thought that the machine reports leakage, but am unable to find that data using Rescan and that the machine has a "Mask Fit" option, though am also unable to find that OR even the auto on/off feature. Will dload the pdf for the machine this morning, though I glimpsed it briefly last night. Of course since I only have medicaid insurance, they gave me the cheapest mask (Drive), I can request a new one if I can't get it to work for me within a month.

I agree that we should all strive for the MOST comfortable treatment possible and if I can afford it will probably purchase the special pillow and climate controlled hose. My titration study was semi-incomplete (IMO) since I only "slept" for a couple hours and didn't even achieve REM during that time, the original PSG didn't have too much info either... as you all know sleeping in a strange bed with all that crap hooked up to you isn't ideal. This post is full of convoluted unpuncuated questions, since my mind is not quite up to the task of coherent conversation, but mostly wanted to introduce myself (Hi, I'm Mike) and wish you folks the best... I now belong to an elite group, cool. AHI is VERY low, many of you strive to reach the numbers I'm showing so far, 4.5 being about the average and 6.96 being the upper level pressure last night (which is why I will up it 1 cm tonight).

new hosehead
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(08-08-2012, 07:59 AM)jackazz76 Wrote: I also thought that the machine reports leakage, but am unable to find that data using Rescan and that the machine has a "Mask Fit" option, though am also unable to find that OR even the auto on/off feature.
Hi Mike and welcome to the board
According to the S9 series specification ....The only bit of efficacy data S9 Escape Auto shows is AHI but No breakdown of AHI (AI, HI, CAI) or central apnea detection. Also NO leak or mask fit or stop/start feature
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Zonk, Thank You... I had found that info last night, went to the med supply place to beg them to let me trade up even if I have to cover the extra that insurance won't. He said he'd see what he could do, small town, local shop... he might hook me up. Handed him a printout of Jeffy's guide and he looked it over and seemed very interested... so he may be published on Eastern Long Island as well. Might have to start thinking about writing a book.

I followed all advice, went a bit looser than I thought was right even... but I think no amount of adjustment can make up for a crappy mask (Drive), bridge of my nose is all red and feels bruised. Though I did make it through my first night without ripping it off after a couple hours, getting there. Switching over to the mask they used for the titration study tonight (respironics, with adjustable forehead tilt thingy)... except it is a large and doesn't fit great.
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Well, this sucks, kept mask on for 4 hours, now the red patch has white bumps all over it... hurts, itches and burns. Found many different opinions about treating it, but I think I'll just keep a wet hot facecloth on it until the white comes out then hit it with alcohol. Looks like no cpap for me for a couple nights. Patience, the man said... he wasn't kidding!
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On my first night of treatment on a new machine, and with a new nasal mask, (I had used pillows for the month previous) my nose turned red and felt like it was sunburnt (tight skin, soreness when I applied pressure to the affected area) across the bridge of my nose and one side.

This effect went down when I increased the air temperature up to 86 degrees. I dont know if temperature was the cause, or newness, but I am still using the nasal mask - although two nights agao, I reduced the temperature by one degree, was fine that night, but noticed slight redness (no soreness) after last night.

Hope you get to the cause of it, so you can continue treatment.
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Thanks Greg, sounds like we had the same problem, only that it felt more bruised to me. DME gave me these funny sticky rubbery pads called Geckos (I believe). I didn't take a break when I said I was going to because I know myself, if I give up in the begininning... I don't typically come back. But I NEED to feel better, I continued treatment but with a neosporin, bandaid AND Gecko pad... wasn't going away so I went on a two day unmasked tour and it's mostly healed up... going to restart tonight and take all the same precautions. If it comes back, I'm getting a new mask!

I have the S9 Escape... haven't noticed a temp setting on it, only humidity controls which I keep at 4 and throat isn't dry like it always was pre-machine (also using distilled water... so no chemical or bacterial problems there). Strange that that one degree can make such a difference...OHHHH, just realized you have a climateline... that's why I can't change temp settings!!!
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WOW! Because of a possible power outage the past two nights (and because, I confess, I do tape 3/4th of my mouth shut when I wear my Swift FX), I've worn my Quattro FX believing I wouldn't suffocate if the power went down (one foot of snow and -13 this morning). So, last night I followed Jeffy1958's advice. SO SIMPLE, really, and what a difference in how the mask fits and how I slept. Incredible! Cheers to Jeffy1958
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Bumping this thread for folks who haven't read it.

Apnea Board Administrator


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Thanks SuperSleeper some great advice for us newcomers - wish i'd come across this thread six weeks ago.

So good it deserves to be made a sticky
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Thanks for the repost SS. Wow, long but good read. I agree, worthy of a sticky. I think masks may be the cause of people who don't persevere with CPAP therapy.

Going to try this tonight!
APNEABOARD - A great place to be if you're a hosehead!! Rolleyes

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