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[How to] How to achieve the perfect mask fit - GUARANTEED!
RE: How to achieve the perfect mask fit - GUARANTEED!
I read the original post (post number 1) four days ago and adjusted my mask as directed. The mask fit so well that I then realized that I could increase my pressure without any problems, so I adjusted to 17.2 CM minimum which is the minimum required for my throat to stay open no matter my head position on the pillow. The results of the mask properly-fitted now and at this new pressure are *0* AHI for two of the past three nights! I'm psyched!

I also decided to lower my maximum to 18.6 to narrow down my range of therapy to see how that does.

Thank you for the wealth of information!
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RE: How to achieve the perfect mask fit - GUARANTEED!
Seven years later, learn how to choose and place the mask with a very satisfying ultimate. 0% of daily leakage

1.- Select a size smaller than prescribed or recommended.
2.- The heavier it is, the gravity will help the adjustment.
3.- that is completely manufactured with silicone, without polycarbonate structure. I have two APEX WIZAR 210, they stopped making them in 2012.

The silicone ones, when you turn the head in the pillow absorb the movement and keeps the mask twisted but without leaks,

The rigid polycarbonate with silicone ring, move and we already have leaks secured.

I have in my possession more than twelve types of masks different from all brands and like those manufactured by APEX until 2012 none is so efficient to my old silicone.
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RE: How to achieve the perfect mask fit - GUARANTEED!
Stumbling into that fingernail marking technique was a big advance for me. 

Also, rather than keep having trouble using a ruler, I found that folding the back of the head gear in half to lay, say, the left side strap exactly, smoothly (and without tension in either strap) over the corresponding right side strap would show any difference in your setting of strap length. If lengths differ, the first step is to make them equal by adjusting only one strap. Then test whether leaks are acceptably improved. If not, use fingernail marking to lengthen or shorten both straps equally.

I do the exact fold over and matching on a flat surface and then carefully pick up straps and turn them, always as if glued together, to view them edgewise and compare positions of strap ends and loop ends.

If one side has become longer as a result of stretching, then make the loop ends that hook to the mask match; velcro strap ends won't match.

As face muscles relax and/or tissue fluids diminish the leaks can still increase before falling asleep if adjustments--done first-- above were a bit off. I found I can often make slight changes that help while lying down with mask on (Airfit F10 or Amara View). 

I learned to not just take hold of the strap-end  velcro tab with one hand and move it ("blindly"). I must also use my other hand to grasp and pinch the loop end at the mask frame post (or its connecting plastic clip) so the strap motion can be stopped as I separate the velcro fastening.  Then, relaxing the pinch a bit,  I allow a slight movement/slipping of the strap around the post (or through the clip) before I re-hook the velcro fastening--doing this the same, best I can, on both sides, most times, whether lengthening or shortening the straps.

Hope this is understandable and helpful.
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RE: How to achieve the perfect mask fit - GUARANTEED!
I had folded my straps after reading the post number 1, and found that I cannot rely on the lengths of the straps themselves in relation to the seams where they join the headgear web as an indication of being of equal lengths. I quickly found, when folding and comparing, that one strap is actually about 1/4" shorter than the opposite strap and had been making my mask tweaked a bit tighter on that side versus the other.
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RE: How to achieve the perfect mask fit - GUARANTEED!
Thanks  A great instructional on mask fitting. Sounds like I kinda lucked into my mask choice and fitting it; certainly it wasn't skill. And if I may say so, it seems like a must read to prevent ulcers, headaches, other frustrations that life gives us anyway. So why add more? Do yourself a favor and read/follow this info.

Have a  Coffee or  Coffee  Coffee !

Standard OSCAR Chart Order
Mask Primer
Dealing With A DME
Soft Cervical Collar Wiki
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RE: How to achieve the perfect mask fit - GUARANTEED!
I think that Jeffy did a nice job of putting this together. There are some things that need some further explanation though. I am wondering if his instructions should not be put into a wiki and let some adjustments be made.

I will give a for instance. Jeffy says to lie down on your back while holding the disconnected and strapless mask to your face with one finger with just enough pressure to hold it in place. According to him, this is how your mask should feel when properly adjusted. This is absolutely not so if you are using a full face mask at higher pressure.

Jeffy says that, if you have a leak, you should not automatically tighten the headgear. He does not enumerate any of the other options and how to deal with them.

These are just examples of some areas that need some further clarification hence my thought that we should put it in the wiki with Jeffy's name as the author and add whatever info needs to be added to make it work for more people

Best Regards,


Admin Note:
PaytonA passed away in September 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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RE: How to achieve the perfect mask fit - GUARANTEED!
Read "Mask Primer" ans I would be happy to add any specific suggestions that you have.
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RE: How to achieve the perfect mask fit - GUARANTEED!
Smile I appear to be on a real roller coaster after 2 months on this machine.  Your article is clear, informative, and inspirational.  If I can solve one bit of frustration, perhaps others will follow.  This forum has helped immensely while the "experts" say be patient, have more studies, and do nothing.  I am realizing that I need to be proactive in this journey.
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RE: How to achieve the perfect mask fit - GUARANTEED!
In case it may help someone...in learning to use the ResMed Airfit P10 for her, I got to these steps:
1. Put the whole thing around my neck like a necklace.
2. Grab hair like making a ponytail and lift one one strap to top of head, while moving pillows under nose (not in yet) leaving other strap below hair in back. .
3. Arrange straps over ears and cheeks for comfort.  Moving the top strap forward or back adjusts tightness
4. Breathe through mouth so machine doesn't start yet and gently insert pillows with a slight up angle.
5. Breathe through nose to start the machine.  If it feels right (not tight) and is pretty quiet, you're good to jump into bed.  My impression is that no air should come out from the top or sides.  Slight air coming out on the bottom by the exhale vents is ok.  

When I started using it with both straps on the top of my hair I couldn't position it well and I think that it slid around a bit as I slept, but this works for me.  
I also practice the tongue technique, found here on the forum, where you put your lower jaw forward and your tongue towards the roof of your mouth behind your front teeth and gently suck the tongue back towards your throat to make a slight vacuum seal.
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